Lore Thresholds

Rank, Not Roll

Note that Lore Thresholds call for a skill rank, not a +roll. Possessing a general knowledge of something isn't left to chance. Lore rolls are good for things like research, or recalling specific details that one might otherwise not have committed to memory. But to know of the existence of a Threshold topic in the first place, we refer to the rank that represents a character's overall degree of knowledge.

It is a common error to assume one's character possesses knowledge of obscure lore. In some cases, a player may not even realize that the information is uncommon. This is where Lore Thresholds come in.

Throughout the wiki, you will occasionally find something that looks like this:

Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 4

This marker indicates that the topic in that section of the page is not common knowledge in the wizarding world. The skill and rank listed represent the level of knowledge at which a player can safely assume a character is familiar with the existence of subject matter. If there are multiple skills listed, separated by a slash, it means that either skill and associated rank will qualify a character to possess knowledge of the subject matter.

Note that Lore Thresholds indicate whether a character knows of the existence of a topic. It makes no assumptions about what sort of details the character knows. That should depend more upon just how high the appropriate skill is, and what the character might realistically know based upon the character's concept and level of research.

Background Skills that cover a more specialized area of the indicated skill can be substituted. For example, if a character possessed a Love Lore skill that covered knowledge of the magic of love, he could use that skill to gauge his knowledge of Sacrificial Protection magic, rather than Wizard Lore.

Circumstantial Knowledge

Sometimes a character might know of a topic by circumstance, rather than skill rank. For example, if a character with Wizard Lore of 2 has a scene in which a scholar tells her all about Unbreakable Vows, well, then she obviously knows that much about Unbreakable Vows. But be sure to log such a scene and post it, in case your character's knowledge is ever called into question.

Lore Threshold Topics

Many Lore Thresholds can be found around the wiki, such as in Magic and Spells. In addition, the following topics have Lore Thresholds:

The Deathly Hallows

To nearly all wizards, the Deathly Hallows are nothing more than a fairy tale. Some rare "crackpots" might believe there is more to the story, but it is one wizard in ten thousand that knows they are real.

Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 12

Hogwarts House-elves

They really do try to keep out of sight (and they're very good at it).

Lore Threshold: N/A (Can only be known of circumstantially)


Horcruxes are mostly forgotten lore, known only to the rare few that seek out such horrible knowledge.

Lore Threshold: Dark Arts Lore 10

Patronuses / Patronus Charm

Patronuses are not a common phenomenon.

Lore Threshold: Wizard Lore 5


These magical devices are usually known only to arteficers and those that might encounter them in their work.

Lore Threshold: Artefact Lore 4 / Wizard Lore 7
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