Lion in Snakeskin
Portrayed by William Moseley
Name: Lucian Pride
Aliases: Luc, Lucian Proudmore
Birthday: 10 February, 1921
Position: Transfiguration Tutor, Hippogriff Trainer
Lineage: Pure-blood

"Honour is the only thing that nobody can ever take away from you."
Lucian Pride


A tall, broad-shouldered young man with a strong jawline and a mane of golden-blonde hair. His thoughtful blue eyes are frequently narrowed in careful examination of his surroundings and options. He is tanned from plenty of outdoor work, and well muscled due to the same, favoring physical labor over magical solutions.

He is usually dressed in simple, sturdy clothing, suitable for stable work and riding. A button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, canvas trousers, and a heavy wool coat or cloak when the weather calls for it.


Actaeon Proudmore is the patriarch of a very respectable family, and a long line of Gryffindors. When his illicit affair with his brother's wife produced a son, it could have been a devastating scandal. But money and influence can buy silence, and young Lucian Proudmore grew up largely ignored by pure-blood society. Though a pure-blood himself, he was a bastard, and an embarrassment to the Proudmore family.

Though allowed to live in the family manor, Lucian was relegated to servant's quarters, and made to work for his keep, mainly as a stable-hand, taking care of the family's hippogriffs and other animals. He didn't mind the work — the animals didn't judge him. It was the fact that he had no choice in the matter that made him bitter.

In 1931, Actaeon was fortunate enough to play host to the Minister for Magic and her family at Christmas. Naturally, Lucian was unwelcome at the festivities, instead locked in the carriage house with his own private meal and some token presents. As the night wore on, Lucian's anger and frustration boiled over, and he caused a considerable mess in a fit of rage. Unfortunately, in the process, he knocked an oil lantern over, where it landed on a stack of old Daily Prophets. The fire spread quickly, with Lucian trapped inside. Though he passed out, and doesn't even remember his arm being burned, he was later told that it was Minister Gambol, not his father, that rescued him and placed him in St. Mungo's. Of course, two days later, his father pulled him out before his scars could fully heal (leaving his left forearm badly scarred to this day), insisting that he was "healed enough to work, and that was good enough." Lucian never forgot that it was his own blood that stood by while a stranger risked herself for him. It was all the proof he needed that true power was found in those that earned it, not those born into it.

Lucian had to rely upon his cunning to get by in a world that would rather he just disappear — a sentiment that only spurred on his desire to prove his own worth, even if only to himself. When he started his education at Hogwarts, he couldn't have been happier to be sorted into Slytherin, a fact that only caused further shame to the Proudmores. Here, he could rise above his lowly origins and become the great wizard he knows in his heart he was meant to be. Here, he would show them all…


Lucian's early years at Hogwarts were a struggle, at least socially. He was bitter, and prone to outbursts, which led him into all manner of trouble. It was the influence of another student that tamed the lion inside, and helped him learn to focus his rage and learn patience. Ria Sykes may have been from a prideful, moneyed family like the Proudmores, but she was anything but pampered. She understood what hard work and dedication were, and that made her alright in Lucian's book.

Though he excelled in Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration (with fantasies of one day learning to become an Animagus), where Lucian truly shined was in Duelling Club. After Ria helped him find more focus, he took to dueling like a fish to water. But it wasn't simply an outlet for his anger. He began to fancy himself something of a black knight — a warrior of honour, but fierce all the same. He took dueling very seriously, and whatever taunts and arrogance he might have in the halls of Hogwarts, on the dueling stage he was a spiritual gladiator, an exemplar for the younger students, a paladin.

After Hogwarts

Out in the real world, Lucian has learned just how ill-prepared he was for it. He had spent so much time focusing on his relationship and future with Ria. When that relationship fell apart, he was adrift. At least he had the Fawley Farm, where he had been taken in along with the Proudmore hippogriffs. But he had always been one to stand on his own, and wanted to build a life that didn't require him to rely on others.

Initially, Lucian set his sights on the world of professional duelling. But he eventually realised that his heart wasn't in it. He was still fighting to retain who he was, rather than changing to become who he could be. After a mediocre showing at a duelling tournament, he decided to give it up. He had his surname legally changed to "Pride" and set himself on a path to doing what he always loved best: teaching. He put together a small business, hiring himself out as a Transfiguration Tutor, hoping that his offer of "Animagus Consultation" would attract clients interested in the difficult field of study.


Fourteen inches, aspen, slightly springy, with a dragon heartstring core.



Prior to attending Hogwarts, Lucian befriended a crow on the Proudmore Estate, who he came to call "Odin."


Animagus Form

The irony of turning into a lion is not lost on Lucian.



Pyrophobia Due to traumatic events in his childhood, Lucian has a primal fear of fire.
Driven to Succeed Lucian has had to labour and scrape for everything he's got, while watching his family live in luxury. It has given him a need to succeed on his own terms.
Friend to Animals Animals don't judge. They don't care if you're a bastard. Lucian has always felt a kinship with beasts.
Animagus: Lion Lucian has trained to become an Animagus. In his animal form, he appears as a young, golden lion. He is registered and now publicly advertises his Animagus status as part of his tutoring business.
Soul Bond: Morgana Due to Morgana's exposure to the damaged Heart of Gold, a magical connection was forged with Lucian.
Wealth: Comfortable Lucian makes a decent living tutoring.

RP Hooks

  • Lion Foe: Throughout school, he had an irrational loathing of Gryffindor. It's gotten milder, but old habits die hard.
  • Bastard: Well known to be illegitimate, though it isn't spoken of openly in his father's social circles.
  • Duellist: At Hogwarts, he took Duelling Club very seriously, not only in terms of excellence, but also chivalry and respect.
  • Mentor: A whole different side of Lucian shows when someone needs guidance. He is a very patient and effective tutor.
  • Animal Lover: Lucian's true compassionate side comes out with animals and beasts.
    • Hippogriff Keeper: Lucian has been caring for the hippogriffs on the Fawley Farm since he was a young boy, and is very protective of them.
  • Ex-Magijunde: Lucian was a member of the Magijugend, but rejected the club, and suffered a broken wand as a result.
  • Transfiguration Tutor: Lucian hires out his services as a tutor for transfiguration to both students and adults. Among the services he offers is 'Animagus Consultation and Training'. He will assess those that wish to become Animagi, and if they are suitable candidates, teach them the art.

Character Diamond

A character diamond represents the core, unchangeable traits of a character.

  • Passionate: Lucian wears his heart on his sleeve, and his emotions often threaten to get the better of him, leading to impulsive behaviour.
  • Honourable: Lucian's sense of honour runs to his very core. He takes pride in living up to certain standards, and he will sacrifice without question to do what he feels is right.
  • Stubborn: Sometimes myopic in his focus, Lucian is as single-minded as he is driven and dedicated to his goals.
  • Paternal: Lucian feels a powerful need to hold onto, protect, and even teach and inspire the people he cares about.

School Performance


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Camilla is my real family now. She's given me everything I ever could have hoped for, and asked for nothing in return but help around the farm. I think she feels like she's a mother to me, but I see her as more of a big sister.


Josie's a tough little kid, and smart, too. She's had a rough life, and she gets that the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I'm doing my damnedest to make sure she doesn't turn into another arrogant Gryffindor prat. So far, I think she's doing well. I can't say I like the influence of that pretentious little "pirate captain" she hangs about with. He's destined to be the worst of their entire house.


We are such a blend of things in common and complete opposites. We're both bastards and we've both struggled because of that. But she can be so logical and cerebral, while I…I can be a little too emotional. But we also seem to balance each other out. I really believe we're good for each other, and I never saw her coming. She makes me happy. Unreasonably happy. I've never felt like this before. I really think she's the one.


Old Sluggy's a decent chap. Can't say I'm not thrilled to be in his club. Anyone who's "made it" is in the Slug Club. This could be my ticket to a real life.


One thing I can say about Soleil is that she doesn't have unrealistic expectations of anyone. Seems like that's a rare quality these days, but I appreciate it.





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