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Lucretia Black
Portrayed by Bailee Madison
Name: Lucretia Black
Aliases: Lulu, Lu
Birthday: July 24, 1925
Position: Slytherin Prefect
Lineage: Pure-blood



Near black hair falls in soft glossy waves around the delicate angles of Lucretia's face, the length of it kept to just below her shoulder blades with a heavily-cut fringe falling across her brows. Her face is sweetly vulpine; warm brown eyes set in a slight slant that tell of a mischievous nature, and this reinforced by a wide and brilliant smile. She's getting a little taller as she enters the middle of her teenage years as she stands about feet feet two inches, and her slenderness is turning from delicate into elegant.


Eldest child and daughter of Arcturus Black III and Melania nee Macmillan. Her mother is a celebrated potioneer in the Pure-Blood circles and has her own shop. It's there that she met Lucretia's father and after a year of courtship they decided that they were suitable for marriage and entered in a marriage contract. The lack of 'love' between her parents didn't effect Lucretia as poorly as many would assume. They have a great respect for each other and both give Lucretia and her little brother Orion plenty of love and affection.

Under her mother's wing through her childhood Lucretia spent a good deal of time at her mother's shop and picked up basic fundamentals that she took with her onwards. When her father would come home after work they would listen to the Wizarding Wireless. It is when she heard a violin solo in a symphony piece and saw the reaction on her father's face, pure serenity, that Lucretia made the decision to take up the violin.

After she was sorted into Slytherin at Hogwarts she earned the deserved reputation of being a bit wound tight, not quite the perfectionist her mother is, but certainly an over-achiever. For electives she chose Arithmancy, Ancient Runes and Divination. For extra-curricular activities she is a member of the Arts Club for their Musical faction and a somewhat enthusiastic member of the Duelling Club. Her rigid stance on upholding the purity of wizarding blood has seen her join the Magijugend movement within the school, her pendant always in evidence around her neck no matter her form of dress. It is this, perhaps, that has earned her a reputation for a coldness towards the muggle-borns within the school and this, more often than not, taints her reactions with half-bloods too. If Lu had her way, she'd simply refuse to deal with muggle-borns and half-bloods at all, but things as they are, she knows that's unrealistic and so settles for something that's more a simple disdain of their existence. Whilst her future plans are, at this point, not quite set in stone, she knows that whatever else she achieves, to play the violin professionally features somewhere there.

RP Hooks


Thirteen inches, ebony, unyielding, with a dragon heart-string core.



Gaston came to Lu on her tenth birthday. A keen student of french at the time, he acquired his Gallic name and has been her silent shadow since. But only when he's got nothing better to do.


Violin (Bernard)

Lu's 12th birthday present from her parents was a 1912 Paul Jombar violin all the way from Paris, France. Its older than Lu herself! The back is of lovely flamed maple climbing diagonally from lower right to upper left and she's named it Bernard. If you really want to upset Lu, just try touching it.

  • Member of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black.
  • Slytherin: If you were sorted here, chances are you'll know Lulu.
  • Music: Play an instrument? Lulu's weapon of choice is the violin. She's obviously the best violinist in school and nobody can tell her differently.
  • Over-Achiever: Lucretia cannot stand being second best in anything. There's some things she knows she's hopeless at, so doesn't even touch on them, but those that she does, she has to perfect. A sure way to wind Lu up is to point out her flaws and failings.
  • Blood Purist: Lucretia is a member of the Magijugend and she makes no secret of her antipathy towards mudbloods. Half-bloods don't fare much better.


  • Wealth: Rich
  • Precocious
  • Over-Achiever


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Friend - Pure Blood- Surprisingly, Lu hadn't really encountered Esther until a night of disturbed sleep put them together in the common room. She makes a smashing cup of cocoa and offered Lu advice. Also an ear, whenever she needs it. She's taken on the role of 'older sister' to Lucretia of late.


Cousin - Pure Blood - Might be a tiny bit of hero-worshipping here. Although Lu's not as set as him in his views on muggles, half-bloods and blood-traitors, there's potential to be heavily influenced by him. Of course, him being a sixth year and Lu being a third means he's more likely to actively avoid her than anything else.


Friend - Pure Blood - Sharp as a tack. There's a lot Lulu could learn from Medusa and probably a lot she shouldn't. Unlike a lot of older students, Medusa actually has time for Lu and doesn't treat her like a child. Of late, Medusa's been taking more interest in Lucretia, offering her advice and help in a number of matters and taking her under her wing a little.


House Mate- Pure Blood - Niles is in the year below Lulu, and seems friendly enough. She's quite happy to hang out with him and he had the good sense to choose her company over that of Madeline. Definite plus point.


House Mate - Pure Blood - Apparently Lu upset Genevieve, or so she heard. Something about her nose and Lu's offer to help her fix it. Lucretia's not sure whether Genevieve still holds a grudge against her over the whole nose business, but since Lu's now on the Quidditch Team they're going to be working together, so hopefully not.


House Mate - Pure Blood - Silas has apparently pitted himself against Medusa over Myrus' physical assault on Lu. Its going to be interesting.


House Mate - Pure Blood - Lulu heard that Peyton dislikes her, probably because she told Medusa what Peyton had said about her. She started up the nickname Baby Black for Lu, though it seems not to have stuck.


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