This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Galaxia Lunet passed away on July 4, 1941. Galaxia's Obituary.

Character Information
Portrayed by Phyllida Law
Name: Galaxia Lunet
Aliases: (guh-lax'-ee-uh loo-nay')
Birthday: August 22nd, 1857
Position: Retiree
Lineage: French, Half-blood


Galaxia Lunet, the Professor of Astronomy is a short, elderly witch. As a French half-blood, she has a rosy, sun-kissed complexion. Wisps of her silver and light brown hair escape the messy pile of curls she calls a bun. Her aged features show a life of peaceful smiles and deep concentration. Her light blue eyes always seem to have a distracted, far-away look in them. She wears simple, flowing white robes without any further ornamentation.


Born in Dijon, France raised in the same place and educated at Beauxbatons. Always with her head in the clouds, eyes tilted skywards was the usual way to find Galaxia. Very relaxed and laid back she has the philosophy about worrying. Things will happen when they happen. Best thing you can do is look at the right signs at the right times, be able to discern if something is coming. Prepare and enjoy it for whatever great tragedy or miracle it might bring. But all in all, they are but specks of dust in the grand scheme of things. The universe is a vast place, specks! We are but specks.

This Philosophy that all in all makes her always looking at the bigger picture created an excellent student at Beauxbatons. She was selected to be the Witch that would represent her school at the Triwizard Tournament that was held on her Seventh Year. During the Triwizard Tournament she surprisingly became very close to the Hogwarts contestant, Sparto McKinnon of Hufflepuff, he was as fair as a star and the love affair that grew between them during the competition became more covered by the media than the Tournament as a whole received. This Triwizard Tournament was the first ever to end in a Tie. Sparto and Galaxia would work together to get them through the challenges. In the final challenge both of their hands landed on the Triwizard Cup at the exact same time. This of course unfortunately cause a bit of a rift and bad blood between Hogwarts and Beauxbatons versus Durmstrang. It only got worse when it was found out that the Durmstrang hosts began working plots against the young lovers in order to break them up. But these plots failed and actually worked to make their relationship even stronger.

After they graduated Galaxia moved to Hogsmeade when she married Sparto. But she maintained her maiden name as she was the last of the French Lunet Family. They had a long happy wonderful life together, with many beautiful, talented children that Galaxia couldn't be more proud of. While most of them were named for their father, McKinnon, her youngest son asked his father when he became of age if he would bless his decision to take on Galaxia's family name, Lunet. He has since moved to Dijon and married a French Witch who's mother was Galaxia's best friend during school. Their son and daughter, Galaxia's grandchildren attend Beauxbatons.

The Great War (World War I) was a tragic time and the good heart of her husband, Sparto (who was a month away from retiring from being and Auror) wouldn't let him stand by and watch the world be destroyed. The wizarding side of the war was due to the rising power of a Dark Wizard, Grindelwald. In very sad irony, it was once again some upstart from Durmstrang that worked his evil ways to part Sparto from Galaxia. This time, they succeeded and Galaxia can only see the sparkling eyes of her true love up in the stars where he watches down on her until the day she joins him in heaven.

It was after she was widowed that she joined the staff at Hogwarts. Each of her students are treated like her own children, so while she loves, nurtures and educates her "children" she has no qualms about showing and giving discipline to them either.


  • Day Dreamy
  • Mother Hen
  • Famous - Back in her youth she was a participant and winner of the Triwizard Cup along with her future husband Sparto McKinnon, in the first ever Triwizard Tie. The love story that blossomed during that Tournament is legend even today with romantic wizards.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

Professor of Astronomy, good for advice no matter who you are. Contact staff for a scene of good advice giving, or an Astronomy class.


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Sparto McKinnon
Husband - Her true love, her soul mate, her best friend. He's waiting for her up in the stars.


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