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Character Information
Portrayed by Harrison Joron
Name: Lyall Lupin
Aliases: -
Birthday: February 20th, 1929
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-Blood


A young boy of eleven, Lyall still carries the traits of childhood. His complexion is unmarred by the imperfections that come with puberty, and is a pale alabaster, with only a slight reddening about his cheeks. His ears are a little overly large for his head, but only faintly. He wears his brown hair cut short and neatly styled in a quite respectable manner. His eyes are a deep brown with flecks of a brilliant green dusted throughout, and his lips are pink and usually upturned into a grin, given his usual happy disposition. His clothing is always of a high quality, cleanly laundered and folded, though given his affection for the outdoors, it is usually inevitable that he will end up with a bit of dirt on his hands and knees.


Lyall Lupin was born on a rainy February night in 1929. His father Edward was a wizard that owned his own Apothecary in a tiny community near Woodcote. His mother was a darling muggle woman by the name of Josephine. The two Lupines had a quaint cottage bordering the edge of a forest and overlooking the small village below.

Lyalls life was fairly uneventful in the first few years of life. He grew up at home with his mother, who was a housewife. He often spent his time outdoors, playing along the edge of the forest though his father had given him strict instruction not to venture inside, a lesson that he had learned to obey the hard way after more than one attempt to sneak past the first few trees. When he was old enough, he began attending the small muggle schoolhouse in Woodcote along with the other children. He was a fairly likable boy and soon had many friends, a few of which even would come to visit him on weekends and holidays, though they were quite careful not to let a single trace of magic greet the eyes of the visiting muggles. No, Lyalls life was quite ordinary. That is, until the werewolf attack on Woodcote in 1936. On that fateful night, one that would impact little Lyall for the rest of his life, a pack of seven werewolves journeyed out of the wood that surrounded their small village and began to wreak havoc. Many people died that night, many of the survivors bitten. The Lupins emerged from the experience unscathed, though witnessing the terror and brutality of the attack, as well as the deaths of some of his friends permanently scarred young Lyall.

Lyall received his letter for Hogwarts quite on time after turning eleven, but that did not do anything to lower the excitement for Edward and Josephine, who were quite proud and excited to see their young son off on the next great chapter of his life. They had moved to London following the attack on Woodcote, so Diagon Alley for his school things was not a trip to be put off. Soon enough, Lyall found himself boarding the train on Platform Nine and Three-quarters, and off to his new life at Hogwarts. Sorted into Gryffindor, Lyall found himself settling in quite nicely. The only

RP Hooks

  • Chess Club: Lyall is in the Chess Club at Hogwarts and has taken to it quite well given his logical nature, even at his young age. Are you in the club? Or do you just fancy a game of Wizard's Chess?
  • Creature Control Lyall is very outspoken in his dislike of Werewolves, and thinks that they and other dangerous magical creatures should corralled into camps, if not culled completely. Do you not agree?
  • Duelling Club Lyall joined the duelling club because he saw the merit in being able to defend himself. Care for a duel?


  • Prejudice: Werewolves - Lyall loathes these Dark Creatures more than any other. They do nothing but ruin lives and spread a disgusting curse. "They deserve nothing less than death."
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Chivalrous


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Edward Lupin
Father: Lyall respects and loves his father quite a bit, almost to the point of hero worship. He remembers how Remus protected him and his mother during the werewolf attack and that has no small bit to do with him joining the duelling club at Hogwarts. Lyall wants to be just like him.


Josephine Lupin
Mother: Lyall loves his mother dearly. Being a housewife, Lyall was around her constantly, cooking and doing other household chores, but that doesn't mean Josephine did not dote on him. They would often take trips to a nearby stream to fish during the day or to the fencerows to pick berries.


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