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"For your acts of courage in the face of danger; for living up to the creed of the Auror - for honor and duty."
Auror Initiate Rena Odori, awarding Madeline with her Junior Auror's badge.

Junior Auror
Portrayed by Sylvia Todd
Name: Madeline Evans
Aliases: Maddie, Mads, Squirt, Mad Maggie, Copper
Birthday: March 11, 1927
Position: Second year, Gryffindor
Lineage: Muggle-Born (really Half-Blood)


Madeline is a young Hogwarts student with an eager smile, and a level of enthusiasm that she is, occasionally, able to rein in. She has blonde hair with brown tones and a faint wave to it, cut just below her shoulders and sometimes tied up in a pair of braids. Her eyes are an unremarkable shade of brown. Rather diminutive in size, she often moves quickly and grows impatient when trapped behind groups of slower-moving students when she isn't able to weave her way through them. On school grounds, she almost invariable wears her uniform with it red and gold showing her house, her shoes often scuffed from climbing trees.


Madeline is the only child of Cecil and Gladys Evans. She's lived a fairly typical muggle life, out on the small country farm her father had purchased after returning from the first World War. Maddie has grown up in Buckinghamshire, splitting her time between going to school, helping with the farm, and her hobbies. She is close to and fond of her parents, who are tolerant to their daughter's enthusiasm and many… eccentricities. She enjoys going out game shooting with her father, learning about stalking deer, tracking animals, and shooting birds, sometimes with horses and dogs in tow. She is also fond of her uncle Perry Evans, who lives in London and does 'Government work.'

It was only after Madeline received a letter delivered by owl that she learned her uncle's government work was for the Ministry of Magic and not the Prime Minister's government at all. Having grown up with a younger brother who received a similar letter, Madeline's father had been expecting the news, and uncle Perry was of course delighted, swooping his niece off to Diagon Alley to help her with all of her shopping for school. As for Maddie - it came as something of a surprise, but a surprise that made /perfect/ sense.

Though lonely for her family during the school year, Madeline has always remained a hard working and enthusiastic student. Despite her initial gullibility due to her inexperience with the wizarding world, her perceptive and cheerful attitude and the guidance of her wizarding uncle helped her to adjust through the first difficult months - and never once did she pause in telling her unlikely tales, often trying to pass them off as truth, or elaborating creatively on events that did happen.


10 inches inches, Dogwood, Swishy, with a Unicorn Tail Hair core.



Aptly named, Mischief the raven is either asleep, or up to no good.


Jr Auror

One of Maddie's most prized possessions is her Jr Auror's badge - which is identical to the real thing in every respect, other than the words 'JR AUROR' across the top. She received it from Auror Initiate Rena Odori for demonstrating courage, honor and duty.



  • Bold: Fearless, straight-forward, and often lacking in social graces, Maddie will blithely plow into situations she has no right to be in.
  • Grit: Stubborn, determined, and hard-headed - when Madeline makes up her mind to see something through, there's very little that can deter her. If she can take on Headmaster Flint and the Magijugend, what can't she handle?
  • Impractical: Why go for efficiency, when there are more fun and exciting means? Why avoid nonsense, when nonsense is such fun? If there's an unlikely way to accomplish a task, Maddie will find it.
  • Theatrical: Maddie loves to tell stories. Exaggerated stories. Ridiculous, over the top, unbelievable stories. It's best not to get her started - if you can manage it.
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Muggle-Born: Madeline is the second wizard born to her family - her father's younger brother also attended Hogwarts and now works at the Ministry.
  • Outdoors Woman: Maddie loves to climb, swim, and sneak. She goes game shooting with her father, and knows how to track game. Given a choice, you'd find her outside more often than inside.
  • Sci-Fi Novels: Maddie loves to read science fiction, and keeps several books tucked away in the trunk at the foot of her bed. Go ahead and ask her about the War of the Worlds radio drama. She'll tell you all about it.
  • Junior Auror: Sure, most people think it's just a novelty badge, but Madeline knows different. She's earned her title, and takes it very seriously. An Auror's job is serious, and she now knows enough to be certain she never wants to be a full Auror. Madeline sees her badge as an obligation to do what's right and protect her classmates and the school.


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Father. Muggle farmer and veteran of The Great War.


Mother. Accomplished knitter and seamstress.


Father's younger brother. Muggle-born wizard. Works at the Ministry of Magic in the Office of Misinformation.


Saul, Asher and Miriam Bronne
Saul, Asher and Miriam are three German Jewish refugees, staying with the Evans family as part of the Kindertransport effort. Saul is 10, Asher is 7, and Miriam is 5.


Madeline's first cousin, David 'Dai' Evans is a Pilot Officer in RAF's 812.


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