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Character Information
Portrayed by Lilla Crawford
Name: Maeve O'Brian
Birthday: August 23rd, 1926
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Muggle-born


A slight girl, below average in height. Her round face and hazel eyes are framed by curly, shoulder length dark hair. She always seems to have a smile on her face, and is generally alert; looking around, taking in all the details of her surroundings. She's wearing a Hogwart's uniform and robes, the wool skirt coming down to just below her knees, and her sweater and robes over the starched white blouse. Her tie and scarf are in Gryffindor Gold and Red, as are the trim on her robe, sweater and socks, the latter disappearing into a pair of sensible, and very well polished Mary-Janes.


Maeve O'Brian is the only child of Michael O'Brian, a fairly well-off farmer and horse breeder in County Wicklow, Ireland, and his wife, Derval. Always a small child, Maeve learned to cook and knit from her mother, who also taught her to sing and play the traditional Celtic harp. Otherwise, she spent much of her free time either playing chess with her father or reading detective novels, such as Doyle, Hare, and Christie; a past-time that she still enjoys. Because of her size, she was often bullied in the Muggle primary school she attended, quickly developing quick reflexes and an ability to talk her way out of a sticky situation if at all possible. She was ten when she accidentally levitated her mother's dowry chest one afternoon when she was ten and not long afterward she and her parents were astounded when an owl emerged from the chimney of their house, delivering her acceptance letter to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Accompanied by her mother, she arrived in London a few days before the Hogwarts Express was due to depart. Despite Derval's non-magical heritage, she accepted her daughter's 'gifts' with surprising ease, always having had a love for the mystical. She enthusiastically helped Maeve to gather the required supplies in Diagon Alley and stayed with her for those last few nights, sharing in her nervous excitement. Michael was more reluctant, being a man of stern, no-nonsense upbringing… but his undeniable love for his only child would win out after the first few years of study. Wide-eyed and enthralled by the magical world she had entered into and all the same remaining grounded and proud of her - some might claim lesser - heritage, Maeve was sorted into Gryffindor and swiftly began to flourish, away from the bullies of her prior school. Surprising herself, she discovered a natural talent for Potions and Herbology, and she couldn't wait to begin studying Care of Magical Creatures and Divination as her electives. She also kept up the harp, and her singing, by joining the Arts Club, and absolutely loves being on a broom.

She has begun to think ahead to her future in the Wizarding world. Maybe she'll try out for the Quidditch Team? She's never made the cut before, but this could be her year! Her fondness for horses, due to her father's trade in them, has her interest leaning in the direction of the Winged breeds. Perhaps she'll find a career in that realm of study? Regardless, she's a likeable young lady; studious and with a lot to prove, but facing every challenge with good humour and determination.


Ten inches inches, English oak, resilient, with a dragon heartstring core.


Maeve has a small grey tabby cat with extra toes on her feet, named Anne.

RP Hooks

  • New to the Wizarding World Maeve is a Muggle Born who literally only discovered her abilities as a Witch shortly before she was enrolled. Everything in the wizarding world is a source of wonder to the girl.
  • Pick on someone yer own size. Maeve can't abide bullies of any sort, and will defend pretty much anyone who's being picked on.


  • Modest
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Mistreated Minority: Muggle-Born
  • Tenacious


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Michael O'Brian
Father: (b. ) Muggle. Maeve's always been close to her father, who inspired in her a love of horses, as well as the irish countryside. While she was a little nervous about his reaction when she first discovered her magic, he's supported her.


Derval O'Brian
(b. ) Muggle.Maeve is just as close to her mother as her father. It was Derval who inspired the girl's love of reading, and who gave her the love of both music and mystery novels.


(b. May 21st, 1926) Half-Blood. Maeve is helped Josie with her reading, and feels a bit protective of the other girl.


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