Character Information
Portrayed by Katie Holmes
Name: Magenta Comstock
Aliases: Maggie
Birthday: December 18th, 1894
Position: Artist
Lineage: Half-Blood


Tall at 5'9 and lithe in build, with piercing hazel-blue eyes and a sharply angular bob of gleaming ebon hair, Magenta clearly enjoys the fact that she stands out in a crowd as something of a beauty. While there's a telling, pixie-esque mischief to her finely-boned features, the young woman carries herself with a contrastingly unassuming poise, her movement vague and unhurried, with an elegance inherent in her every gesture.

A woman of fashion and taste, she is several steps ahead of Wizarding fashion and far beyond those of the muggle. Often adopting simple black items to show off the slight frame and long legs. Her shoes are pumps, high heels that shine slightly in their satin fabric.


  • Father is a Lupin, no occupation or first name decided. Mother was a Quirrell before marrying father, no first name or occupation decided. Marriage happened some time before 1890.
  • Possible older and younger siblings. Or could be only child.
  • Comfortable family wealth growing up.
  • House Ravenclaw from 1906 to 1913.
  • Electives undecided.
  • NEWTS: Charms & Transfiguration.
  • Arts Club at Hogwarts.
  • Got her first art show in 1915, where she met her future husband. They married 1918.
  • Husband is open for creation. Only notes - Surname: Comstock. He's an art lover.

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RP Hooks

  • Artist - Would you like your portrait done? Magenta is famous for doing eyes so realistic they not only follow you, they follow you home!


  • Artsy
  • A Bit Eccentric
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Mr. Lupin
Father - ((First name needed.))


Mrs. Lupin nee Quirrell
Mother - ((First name needed.))


Mr. Comstock
Husband - ((First name needed.)) ((Open for Creation.)) Married in 1918. They met at her first showing and he seemed to be the only person there that truly understood the artistic meaning of the eyes of her paintings following the viewers home.


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