Magical Sports

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Mostly to keep pages tidy and concise there are a few different pages put together on Quidditch.

  • Quidditch Leagues - Information on the who's who and what's where of Qudditch as it is in our setting.
  • Quidditch Rules - The hard tacks crunchy system and rules for playing the usual tournament style games.
  • Practice Quidditch - Rules for the fun throw together out-of-tournament games and team practices.

Other Games

While by far Quidditch is the most popular of Wizarding Sports it doesn't mean it's the only sport. A list of other sports is found below. The rules for each sport found within the sport's name link.

Knock'M — Made up game by Linc Palancher. Full on Bludger mania! Last one left on their broom conscious wins. Wizarding Dodgeball.

Quodpot — More popular than Quidditch in America, this game hasn't caught on as much in all the other countries. Similar to a Quaffle the only ball in this game is called a Quod. It will explode if it's not gotten into a large cauldron aka pot, hence Quodpot, filled with a solution that neutralizes the ball on the far side of the pitch from the starting area. Magical Hot Potato on Brooms.

Stichstock — Originating in Germany and consisting of a single wizard acting as a guardian or goalkeeper, trying to protect an inflated dragon bladder. A number of other players mounted on broomsticks would attempt to pierce the bladder, with the first who successfully did so being declared the winner; the goalkeeper could attempt to hex the other players; if nobody was able to pierce the bladder, the goalkeeper won. Wizarding King of the Hill.

Aingingein — An Irish game which required broomstick-mounted players to fly through a number of burning barrels set in the air, whilst all the time clutching a ball with one hand. At the end of this fiery course was a goal into which the ball had to be hurled. The wizard who completed the course and scored a goal in the shortest time, without catching fire along the way, was the winner. Wizarding American Ninja.

Creaothceann — An exceptionally violent and often fatal game originating in Scotland. A large number of boulders were charmed to hover in the air and each player had a cauldron strapped to the back of his/her head. A horn was sounded, the rocks were released, and the players would fly around on their broomsticks trying to catch as many rocks in their cauldron as possible. The winner was the player who caught the most rocks.

Shuntbumps — A very simple form of broomstick-jousting where one flyer attempted to knock the other off his broom. Wizarding Jousting.

Swivenhodge — A two player game. One person on either side of a tall hedge sitting backwards on their brooms. Originally an inflated pig's bladder was hit back and forth over the hedge using the bristled end of the broom. More modernly the bladder has been replaced by a quaffle. Wizarding Tennis.

Rothdoan — Not a sport played by wizards, but rather by centaurs. This fast-paced competition is something like a cross between dodgeball and field hockey.

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