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The Diplomat
Portrayed by Adrien Brody
Name: Magnus Julius Troy
Aliases: Mags
Birthday: Jul 28, 1899
Position: DIMC
Lineage: Pure-blood


This individual is remarkably tall, and appears the more so because he has the kind of long, lanky body that seems to have been stretched slightly too far to be proportionate. He has thick, lustrous brown hair that falls well past his shoulders - it's the kind of hair that could make many women jealous. He has small ears, a thin, sharp nose, and a long and pointed chin. His pale grey eyes are deep-set and perpetually half-lidded.

A double-breasted suit that matches the stormy color of his eyes adorns his gaunt frame. It is snug enough to accent his semi-skeletal build further, this in spite of padded shoulders and a slightly loose waist; perhaps the black vertical pinstripes add to the effect. He wears black cap-toe Oxfords polished to a fine sheen.

Black leather gloves cling to his hands, their glossy surface calling attention to his long, talon-like fingers.

Hanging down from his shoulders is a black silk cape with crimson lining. It is fastened across his chest with a heavy silver clasp.

He holds a long mahogany cane with the head of a bird - crow or raven, it looks like - for its handle. The handle is silver, and is set with two sparkling white gems that serve as the eyes.


Magnus Julius Troy was born July 28th, 1899, the last scion of a long line of Troys who could trace their heritage back to the days of the Founders. The fortunes of the family had, however, been in a decline for at least the last few centuries, and neither his parents nor his grandparents had succeeded in restoring any of the power or wealth to which they felt entitled by name. His father (one Longinus Aurelius) failed to rise above his position as a lowly clerk at the Ministry; his mother inherited a small potions shop off of Diagon Alley, from which the family drew most of its income. Of course the Troy name still held a considerable inheritance, and Magnus could never remember a time when his family wasn't considered quite well off by the standards of most of Wizarding society.

That didn't prevent Longinus Troy from carrying a perpetual chip on his shoulder - a chip that induced him to teach his son that the Troys had been cheated of their position by those of lesser blood, and that as the inheritor of the Troy name, it was Magnus's job to regain what had been lost. Magnus, a skinny dark-haired boy with dreamy eyes and an oddly perceptive presence, took all of this in with the guileless belief that can only be managed by the very young and the very senile. As he grew, that slightly unsettling elegance grew with him. He was impeccably polite, well-spoken beyond his years, and unusually frail.


Magnus going about his typical morning routine.

Upon his arrival at Hogwarts, he was promptly sorted into Gryffindor. While his mother (a Ravenclaw) didn't seem too bothered, his father was openly disappointed. "Troys," he began, as he had on numerous occasions before. "have a long tradition of belonging to House Slytherin." And, after a slight pause, he added what was to become a permanent addition to this oft-repeated phrase: "Gryffindor… hmph."



Magnus's wand is walnut with a phoenix feather core, 15". Up until recently he used a different wand, but for some reason, it's been replaced by this newer one.


Currently Magnus doesn't have any pets - he's not an animal person.

Coincidentally, that neatly summed up his father's thoughts on Magnus for the next seven years; as far as Longinus was concerned, his son's designation as a Gryffindor was the final blow to his family, the sign that the Troy name was all but extinct. Oh, the boy did well enough in school, made friends easily, and seemed mentally sound (though physically he remained scrawny), but a Gryffindor? He may as well have had a son with eleven fingers, or two heads. No sane Wizard of ambition could interpret it as anything but an ill omen. At least it wasn't a Hufflepuff - Longinus couldn't imagine how much worse the break-room snickering would have been, in that case.

Magnus went on to graduate with honors anyhow, in spite of the paternal shunning. He joined the Ministry, though he avoided his father's Department (M.A.C.) and instead went into International Magical Cooperation. His knack for eloquent speech had only sharpened throughout his school years, and the Department was in desperate need of the diplomatically gifted. The Muggle world was in the midst of a terrible war, and the Wizarding world was full of its own strained ties on the verge of breaking. Magnus was sent off to France, ostensibly to maintain relations with the French Wizarding government, but also to infiltrate them and report their activities to the Ministry.

After the end of the war, he remained in France for several years in an official capacity. His skill as a statesman and wordsmith enabled him to catch the attention of his superiors and rise through the ranks quite quickly. In his late twenties he was considered the top diplomat in the country; unbeknownst to the Ministry, however, he wasn't as reliable as they believed. He had grown rich on the information black market, and Troy was once again a name that meant power and wealth - but the vast majority of that wealth remained hidden, tucked away under nonexistent identities and convoluted paper trails that would make it all but impossible to trace back to Magnus.

When the German government began to show increasing signs of hostility and nationalism, Magnus was transferred there from his post in France. He once again had double assignments: first, to appease the increasingly nationalist German Wizarding government and public; second, to infiltrate it and to form a network capable of exercising some degree of control over its machinations, should any such action become necessary.

Unfortunately, the paranoia in the German leadership has necessitated his return to Britain much earlier than expected. In the last few years remaining in the country had become more and more dangerous for him, and although Magnus protested the decision (for reasons both personal and professional), the Ministry pulled him back and made him a public spokesman and ranking official within the IMC, responsible primarily for preparing up-and-coming diplomats for foreign work. Technically this position brought a great deal of prestige, but he feels he is being under-utilized, and consequently has grown rather sour and malcontent in the year since he has returned to his home country.


  • Magnus has recently joined the Goblin Rights Group, and has been starting to strongly promote their agenda. The reasons for his sudden crusade on their behalf aren't very clear; perhaps he's secretly got a bleeding heart for oppressed non-human sentients?

RP Hooks

  • Need bodies to appear at a social event? Magnus has ears and eyes in a lot of places, and may just drift in uninvited.
  • Connected to the Ministry?
  • Are you a political radical? Good - Magnus loves debate.


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  • Callous - While Magnus may seem warm and easygoing, there's a strong possibility that his feel-good demeanor is only skin deep.
  • Friends in Low Places - Lofty company is easy to come by for an ambassador. But when you need to get things done, it pays to know people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.
  • Honeyed Tongue - In Paris, there were rumors afloat that Magnus was secretly a Frenchman by birth.
  • Disloyal - Loyalty might be a Gryffindor thing, and it's not a bad quality in moderation, but… one has to have their priorities straight, after all.
  • Wealth: Rich



Longinus Troy
The old man. I try to avoid him whenever possible, and as far as I can tell, we're both quite happy with this arrangement.


Mercia Troy (née la Barre)
Mother. I can't imagine why she stays with the old goat. She's as strong-willed as she ever was, and I still see her fairly often at the family shop.


My dearest cousin (by marriage, anyhow) - she has my love and respect, but I'm disappointed in her lack of spirit. I thought she could be so much more, but she's made it clear that she doesn't have the backbone for it.


Jocunda is a smart girl, and ambitious; I get the feeling she doesn't quite know what to do with herself, though. Perhaps I can help her with that…


My favorite niece. I'm quite proud of the trig little thing; she's going places.


My dear nephew. Not quite as sharp as his sister, but one can hardly blame him for that. He's a good lad.


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