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Character Information
Portrayed by Jonothan Rhys Meyers
Name: Marcus Agrippa
Aliases: Marc
Birthday: Jan 08 1915
Position: Owner/Operator of a Tattoo Parlor
Lineage: Pure-blood


Lean, this man is of average height, but there the generics end. His features are fine-boned and sharp, angular, his nose so narrow as to be more a blade than a beak. Thin lips are framed by a scruff of moustache and beard, less cultivated than allowed to appear. His eyes are a piercing green, narrow and set beneath thin, hooked, brows. The sharp angle of his jaw is only barely softened by the scruff, just another razor-keen point. His hair is jet-black, swept back off his forehead untidily, held in place perhaps with a light smear of pomade. A few clumps of hair have been braided and beaded, hanging loosely against the side of his neck, incongruous against the carelessness. He has the spare musculature of an aesthete, veins bulging against pale musculature, hard as planed oak. Strange tattoos creep into view over his clothing, implying a far more extensive network beneath. If one looks closely, and for some time, they might see the swirling lines shift on occasion. He wears a heavy black pea-coat, its collar raised, over a gray knit shirt. Loose-fitting slacks are worn over heavy boots, the sort one might expect to see on a steel-worker.


Marcus was born on January 15th, an absolutely frigid winter's night, in Helsinki, Finland to Yevgeny Agrippa and Esther Agrippa nee von Glockenspiel. Four minutes later, his twin brother Antony was born. Yevgeny was a powerful Pureblooded Wizard in European circles, and a close associate of Gellert Grindelwald. Esther was a Pureblood witch who taught Arithmancy at Durmstrang for several years, before retiring to bear children. They were hard parents to Marcus and Antony, and childhood for them was a series of challenges and tests, as they were trained from a young age to serve the Cause. Since the family was well-to-do, they had access to decent schools and activities. Marcus wasn't really allowed the leisure of hobbies, but he loved tales of ancient wizards, and spent a lot of his spare time studying legends about various artefacts and ancient treasures. The Agrippas and von Glockenspiels are both Purebloods and actively political, and Marcus's relationship with all of them is perfectly approving, particularly as he's grown older and proven himself to be a devotee of Grindelwald and a close friend of Ove Helstrom.

When at Durmstrang, he and Antony were both popular with their fellow students due to their good looks and confident, competent, nature. Marcus began at Durmstrang in 1925 and graduated in 1932. Dueling and Independent Studies in Dark Arts were some of Marcus's extra-curriculars. While attending Durmstrang, Antony and Marcus fell under the tutelage of Ove Helstrom. Ove and Marcus connected in a way that, for some reason, Antony did not manage, and Marcus's studies in the Dark Arts were guided by Durmstrang's Headmaster. He graduated with high honors, as did Antony.

After graduating he and Antony became soldiers for the Army of Truth, working for Helstrom's shadier connections, learning the trade of the Dark Arts on the front lines. Antony was assigned to a particular team, and detached to eliminate the wife of a recently-deceased Grindelwald supporter. Something went horribly awry, and Antony was killed in a burst of wild magic. Marcus tried to learn the details of what happened, but Ove kept him from the truth for some time. All he knew for sure was that the woman's daughter, one Elysia, had been responsible for the killing. And so it was with great surprise that Ove ordered him to *marry* this same Elysia, whose memory of the event had been wiped, and move to England. For several years, Elysia and Marcus have lived in England, growing more and more rooted in the Underworld portions of it. As a cover business, Marcus has purchased a seedy tattoo parlor. He's found, somewhat to his own surprise, that he's quite good as a tattoo artist — and it gives him a form of expression that he was never allowed as a child.



13 inches, Ebony, very rigid, with a Dragon Heartstring core.

  • Fanatical
  • Foreigner
  • His Word is His Bond
  • Ruthless
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Criminal A member of the Underworld? Come and visit Marcus's tattoo parlor sometime. An Auror investigating the rising violence in the Underworld? Well, well. You might have heard of me.
  • Pure Blood Fanatic Marcus doesn't compromise on this. You're either Pure Blood, or you're a problem to be dealt with. Grindelwald will sort you all out.


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Ove Helstrom took me under his wing. He taught me to fight. He taught me to think. I owe him. He is the brother that I lost.


Sister: Thyri is married to my closest friend, my sworn brother. And she left him. But she's also my sister, and blood runs thicker than any other bond. I love her. But I wish she hadn't asked me to choose a side.


Wife: Every time I look at you, I see Antony, dead again. I want to hate you so terribly that the need consumes me. And I feel like the worst sort of traitor that I don't.


Yevgeny Agrippa
Father: I know Antony died a hero for the Cause, Father, but I'm still alive. Thyri's still alive. Remember us?


Esther Agrippa
Mother: You were always frail, Mother. But are you proud of me?


Tool A Pure-blooded child of interesting heritage. A useful bridge to further contacts.


Interesting Stranger I've never met the Ambassador, but I did leave a card with his younger sister. And Elysia tells me he's a fascinating man. I hope to hear from him.

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