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Living to the Fullest
Portrayed by Connor Jessup
Name: Marcus Aristedes Goyle
Aliases: MG
Birthday: December 21st, 1922
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


Though he stands a few inches shy yet of six feet tall, this young man has an unimpeachable confidence about him. His wheat brown hair has lighter highlights that draw out the glints of gold in his hazel eyes; eyes that lend an air of sardonic wit to his visage. The rest of his features are as bold as his gaze; lips half-quirked into a seemingly perpetual smirk, and a jawline only beginning to produce stubble that accentuates its squared shape. His frame is athletic without being overly so, the product of youth and good genes rather than any real physical effort; the body of a swimmer, or a runner perhaps.

Currently clad in his school uniform, he wears a white button-up shirt with a crisply starched collar, and a green and silver tie expertly knotted. A dark blazer is all but hidden by ink black Hogwarts robes, the Slytherin crest displayed prominently on the left side of his chest. Black trousers and matching black leather shoes can seen beneath the robe's hemline.


Parents Artimius Goyle III and Laila Elizabeth Goyle nee Dippet welcomed Marcus Aristedes Goyle into the world on December twenty-second of 1922, just a year before his younger brother, and to hear him tell it, he got the looks, charm, personality, and brains - his brother got the emotions & Marcus was more than happy to leave them to him. A pure-blood by birth and name, being a purist supremacy came easily to Marcus; to be fair most any sort of supremacy came easily to him. Denied little in youth, his upbringing afforded him the luxury of expectation, and he never learned to handle rejection well. What he wanted he got, and what he didn't get, he quickly learned to no longer want; assigning it negative codifiers until it no longer held the same appeal for himself, or anyone around.

That which he did enjoy, he enjoyed to the fullest - never one to remain on the sidelines, he would dance first at parties, flirt first with anything in a skirt, and dive headlong into debate on anything from magical theory to obscure wizarding laws. His zeal for life was also at times his undoing; with so much to do and so much to enjoy, the more mundane things like schoolwork were often neglected. His charismatic wiles were often put to good use in this regard, and it wasn't unusual for him to reduce a classmate to a rosy blush before absconding with her work. He had better things to do than write inches of essays, but they needed to be done if he was going to make it in magical law enforcement like his father and his grandfather before him.

Marcus was by no means unintelligent, even his hobbies required an exacting measure of wit, but he skated through his formative years with a dimpled smirk and plausible excuses. By not allowing himself to settle down and think about the future (save when too deep in the cups to avoid introspection) he avoided making hard decisions about the rest of his life until N.E.W.T.S were upon him, and though he still had a couple of years left at Hogwarts, it was time to see just what life had to offer a young man of his pedigree.


13.75 inches, Spruce, Rigid, with a Dragon Heartstring core.



Chester is an owl. He's little and not very helpful. He can't even do proper parcel-fetching. Maybe every now and then, he delivers a letter… if he feels like it and it's a small letter. So, not a great owl. But, he makes all sorts of ridiculous expressions that make Marcus genuinely smile. And making Marcus genuinely smile, is not very easy.


RP Hooks

  • Blood Purism
  • Duelling
  • Magical Law Enforcement
  • Girls


  • Arrogant
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Blunt


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He warned her that he wasn't good enough for her. He was right.


Marcus enjoys getting under Peyton's skin. And yet, there is something about her that manages to leave the usually overly confident young man unsure of where he's standing. For all his teasing, he does care about Peyton and while he's not sure he could ever be one of the knights in shining armor that she daydreams about, he will go through great lengths to protect the girl that he's grown to call his friend.


She's a bit absent minded, but harmless, really. She has some weird dreams that Marcus hopes are not contagious, yet makes up for it by knowing how to dance and apparently have blood purist views. Marcus is not entirely sure what to make of Esther, but at least she didn't step on his toes when they danced! And… she actually danced better than him. Not that he'll ever admit that.


A cousin of Peyton that enjoys playing the position of beater in Quidditch. Marcus gets along fine with Alphard and is amused by some of the other young man's antics, as long as they aren't directed at him, that is.


Niles was a little worried about an assignment that he felt was unfairly graded. It was fairly graded, but Marcus didn't tell him that. He took Niles' side and decided to give him (not so) great advice about how to properly survive at Hogwarts. Cunning, Ambition, Resourcefulness. That is the Slytherin way, and Marcus seemed to be able to convince Niles to uphold those, in the worst way possible. Still, the kid seems to be a blood purist, so he did win a few points with Marcus for that.


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