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Character Information
Portrayed by Aaron Johnson
Name: Marius (Black) Butcher
Aliases: Butch
Birthday: February 25th, 1918
Position: Borough Market Butcher
Lineage: Squib


Marius is a man, roughly 20 years old, of Squib and British heritage with fair skin tone, who stands at 5'11" and is around 160 pounds in an overall solid body type. Ear-length ash chestnut hair with very dark roots is done in a messy bed-head style framing an oblong shaped face. With almond-shaped and dark blue eyes, where there are rings of very dark navy blue on the outside of the iris that grows to a very pale blue the closer to the pupil it gets, that are set to either side of his slightly wavy and previously broken nose. Below that nose is thin set of lips. The rest of his oblong shaped face is accented in round cheeks, a soft inverted triangular jaw and comes to a pointed chin. He bears little scars and mars here and there revealing his hard knox adolescence and his life's trade of being a butcher. Marius smells of the Borough Market and raw meat. When he speaks the tones and accent of East London Cockney can be detected.
At the moment Marius is going for a simple style. He is wearing a button down green and black plaid cotton shirt. Underneath the plaid shirt is a white cotton undershirt that can be seen around the collar as the top few black buttons of the over shirt have been left undone. Below his shirt he wears dark grey corduroy trousers with grey scuffed up rubber wellingtons completing the look.


Born the third child out of the four Cygnus Black and Violetta Black nee Bulstrode created together Marius Black had certain instant obligations and expectations on him almost since conception. While his older brother Pollux had most of the weight being Cygnus' heir, Marius was still supposed to amount to a pinnacle of wizardry. There was only one problem, he couldn't do magic. For years and years he felt as if every (and there are numerous!) eye of the Black Family was on him since he was an infant. Expectedly waiting for him to show his first sign of any tiny display of magic. There were a few times where there were false starts and cut short celebrations when it was discovered it wasn't Marius that did the deed but one of his siblings, Pollux, Cassiopeia or even little Dorea.

After the age of nine it became hard for the Blacks to play it off. But they did their best, Dorea even began to do little shows of magic and gave credit for them to her big brother Marius. This charade came crashing down around them when the Letter to Hogwarts didn't come. His father became so furious that Marius threw a lamp between them and his bedroom caught on fire. He grabbed what he could and crawled out the bedroom window and ran. As far as the wizarding world is concerned, Marius Black died in that fire.

The truth of the matter is that he hooked up with a gang of juvenile delinquents and ran wild for several years. They begged, robbed, did anything to try to stay out of the Orphanages. Unfortunately when Marius displayed an uncharacteristic hero moment in order to save a younger boy named Jack from getting cornered he got himself cornered. Off to Wools Orphanage he went. He might have been cursed a Squib, but he had luck enough that he was only at the Orphanage for a month before a butcher came looking for an apprentice. The butcher took him under wing and taught him everything Marius needs to know to be one of the most well known artisanal butchers the famous Borough Market has to offer.

RP Hooks

  • Need a good thick pork chop or a fine thick juicy sausage? Marius is your Squib!
  • A former member of the Black family. He's left that life behind, but there are still some that could recognize him after all these years.


  • Uneducated
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Family Outcast


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Father - He was going to kill Marius. It was self defense throwing that lamp. If he got splattered and a bit burned then good! He can try to forget Marius exists all he likes, but any scars that fire left on him won't allow him to too soon forget.


Violetta Black nee Bulstrode
Mother - Marius thought that she would do as she promised she would do - Make everything okay. But instead she died when Marius was 7 and left him all alone to face his father's rage at his magical shortcomings. Marius often wonders if she committed suicide because of him. Because she knew they were just pretending and faking that he would go to Hogwarts. But she was his mother, she had to know he was a Squib, so she killed herself instead of live through the shame when everyone found out she birthed a Squib.


Big Brother - Marius has avoided his big brother since the day he ran away. Pollux and Marius were never close. There was jealousy over the attention Marius got when everyone was looking for signs of magic.


Big Sister - Much like Pollux, Cassiopeia resented Marius getting all of the attention and she just couldn't understand why he was getting more attention for being BAD at magic when she was wonderful and got brushed off. Marius doesn't blame her…okay, he does. She always was a bitter bitch towards him.


Little Sister - The only Black he keeps in contact with. She married a Potter and often comes to the market to visit and purchase some of Marius' latest cuts. Marius secretly went to the wedding as a member of the catering staff. No one but Dorea were the wiser. He'd never sentence her to the sort of stigmatization he faced, so Marius is very careful no one finds out they secretly meet.


Nephew - Alphard is Pollux's oldest son - only about seven years old when they last saw each other.


Niece - Walburga was a tiny little thing - only four years old - the day Marius was thrown violently out of the family. She saw the whole thing. With any luck, she doesn't remember it…

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