Character Information
Portrayed by Zachary Gordon
Name: Mateo Ezrus Lovegood
Aliases: -
Birthday: 14 November, 1924
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-Blood

It is the stars, The stars above us, govern our conditions.
William Shakespeare, King Lear (1606)


Mateo is a young boy of sixteen. He stands a few inches shy of six feet, and is of a thin build. His dark brown hair is worn in a messy style, though kept relatively short. Dark brows sit atop his hazel colored eyes, giving way to a straight nose and pink lips. His firm jawline is kept smooth and combined with his small chin gives his face a somewhat angular appearance.


Mateo Ezrus Lovegood was born the son to an eclectic wizard by the name of Perseus Lovegood and his lover of Spanish descent Margareta Vasquez on November 14th, 1924. Perseus had been on a particularly adventurous jaunt across the country. The two lovers met in a simple pub, Margareta the serving girl, and Perseus the charming drunkard. Oh, it was a match made in Heaven, if Heaven were a seedy tavern covered in a thick cloud of smoke and alcohol flowing in rivers to the loud intoxicated patrons on that particularly evening. Nonetheless, the two had a passionate, albeit brief time together. It was a loveless affair, however, Perseus only finding out months later that Margareta was pregnant with their child. Sadly, Mateo's mother passed during childbirth, and Mateo was raised solely by his father in London.

Mateo and Perseus' relationship was more that of friends, than father and son. Perseus was an inventor, crafting many strange items that /sometimes/ did what they were intended to do, that he then tried to market to the wizarding world. This meant that Mateo was around magic and the wizarding world from a very young age. Mateo had a pretty laid back childhood experience, in result. He pretty much got to do whatever he wanted to do, whenever he wanted to do it. Life was never boring in the least. Mateo got good enough marks with the private tutor his father hired so he would not have to bother watching him during the day, but he did seem to have his head in the clouds, so to speak. He would frequently get in trouble for daydreaming when he should have been doing his school work like the other students. Their home was just down the street from a pretty nice record store, and this started Mateo's love of music and consequently, his desire to learn to play the guitar. Perseus' gladly paid for lessons for Mateo from the time he was a young child. What, combined with the hours Mateo was off at school, and then the added time at music lessons, Perseus' projects rarely had to take a back burner for the boy.

It was when he was seven that the visions began. At first he thought they were simply daydreams that seemed too real. Infrequent things that seemed to suck him from himself and sometimes placed him in places he had never been, talking and listening to people he didn't know. Sometimes it was far less tangible, just indistinct feelings about things that he eventually realized would come to pass. He attempted to tell his father about his dreams, but like much of what Mateo attempted to tell Perseus any time his mind was on his work, all he got was an uninterested grunt in reply. He could never quite place when a vision would come upon him, though in time he learned to anticipate it by feelings that would begin to creep into his mind and body, moments before his consciousness was wrested away from him.

It was no huge surprise when Mateo received his letter to attend to Hogwarts, and Perseus didn't even go with him to Diagon Alley to retrieve his things for the start of term. Mateo had been there tons of times already, so he was not even worried about it. His time at Hogwarts has been quite lovely, in comparison to his time at home. He was sorted into Hufflepuff, which suited him just fine. He knew that most of his family had been sorted into Ravenclaw, but it didn't bother him one bit. He is well liked, and is shown a bit more attention here. It is a world of excitement, rather than one of dullness and being ignored. He did well in his first few years, and then decided to pick up Divination and Care of Magical Creatures. He even became a teacher's aide for Professor Mopsus to try and better understand his more unique abilities. It was kind of a shock, however, when Hogwarts sent the owl telling him that he would be a Prefect. Do they even know him?

RP Hooks

  • Divination Aide: Mateo is the Teacher's Aide for Professor Mopsus, and can frequently be found in the warm haze that fills the Divination classroom. Are you having trouble remembering a particular Omen? Maybe you need a bit of help deciphering the leaves in the bottom of your tea cup?
  • Musician: Mateo is quite the talented guitar player and singer. Depending on his mood he can be found out on the grounds or sitting in a quiet corridor playing his guitar and singing soft songs. Care to rock out?
  • Seer: Mateo is a Seer. If you have a plot you wish to move forward, or just something particularly interesting that this might be able to come in handy progressing your story arc, please key him.


  • Devil May Care Attitude
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Fierce Loyalty
  • Flirt
  • Seer


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Perseus Lovegood
Father: Mateo and Perseus' relationship was that of acquaintances or casual friends, rather than that of father and son. Perseus was always far more concerned with his inventions than with Mateo, so they each just kind of did their own thing. Mateo knows that his father will provide for him when needed, but he doesn't count on him for much more than that.


Margareta Vasquez
Mother: Mateo never knew his mother. She died while giving birth to him and thus left him to be raised by his uninterested father. He wonders sometimes what it would be like if he had been raised by her instead. He knows she was a muggle, but sometimes he still finds himself longing for what he couldn't have, an actual loving parent.


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