Character Information
Portrayed by Sierra McCormick
Name: Matilda Toke
Aliases: Tildy
Birthday: July 3rd, 1930
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-Blood


Thick, lush blonde hair falls around the shoulders of Matilda Toke. Slate-blue eyes flick about, eager to take in everything around her. She is short for her age and a bit chunky, as if she hasn't outgrown all of her baby fat yet, with pudgy cheeks and thick lips. Her skin is pale and smooth, evidence of her youth and inexperience. She tends to stomp around as she walks, always moving fast, rushing to get to her next destination.

When not in her school robes, Matilda prefers to wear skirts and, when it's not too hot, sweaters. She owns quite a few in varying jewel tones and more placid pastels. Her current favorite shoes are a pair of black mary janes. She wears no jewelry except for a set of gold studs in her ears.


In 1932 the family went for holiday to Ilfracombe, a seaside resort and civil parish in North Devon, England. While enjoying the sunny shores a Common Welsh Green dragon attacked a group of sunbathing Muggles. In the largest group of Memory Charms performed in the 20th century, his family removed the memories of the incident from almost all Muggles involved. Matilda was about two years old at the time and though she doesn't remember any of it now that she's older she still has nightmares, often centering on a dragon attack, or that she's swimming and gets pulled under. These nightmares are a secret she keeps at all costs from her family.

RP Hooks


  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Father: (b. October 26th, 1902) Half-Blood. Murray Toke is a Obliviator for the Ministry of Magic. Tildy loves her father, they have so much fun together, she loves it when he turns into a Squirrel and climbs all over her and leaps about the house. Mother would be cross so it's their little secret.


Mother: (b. June 20th, 1903) Pure-Blood. Tilly Toke nee Summerbee.


Eldest Brother: (b. May 12th, 1924) Half-Blood.


Big Brother: (b. June 6th, 1928) Half-Blood.


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