Party Girl
Portrayed by Kat Dennings
Name: Max Drumheller
Birthday: 2 November, 1925
Position: Hufflepuff Student
Lineage: Half-blood


This teenage girl stands at about 5'3" with a figure that is already strongly filling out the hourglass curves of womanhood. Her complexion is pale and creamy, but with rosy hues about her cheeks. Her long, dark brown hair falls in gently wavy locks to her mid-back, framing her oval face. Her heavily-lidded, deep blue eyes always seem to be hiding some playful bit of mischief. Her full, plush lips form a broad smile or a sultry pout, and from them comes a high voice in a Scouse accent. Though she bears a strong resemblance to when she was a boy, her feminine charms make it easy to forget.

Max when she was a boy


The Drumhellers are a small wizarding family with origins in Germany. Their greatest claim to fame was in 1740, when Selina Drumheller invented the short-lived Home-Maker Charm, which supposedly created an entire house, complete with furnishings. When it was discovered that the seemingly miraculous spell was actually stealing pieces of other people's homes and assembling them in a new location, the charm was quickly outlawed and Selina spent several years in prison. The family did eventually recover from Selina's blunder, and has perhaps been grateful never to have made significant waves again.

Reuben Drumheller was a man of business — specifically the negotiation of the sale of lumber, such as that used by the makers of magical wands and brooms. His work would take him all over the world in search of the finest woods at the best prices. Even when home in England, he was frequently away from his wife and son — Natalie and Max — for business meetings of one kind or another. At least that is how he represented the situation. The truth, which was no secret to Natalie or Max, was that he was usually carousing with friends, and often with other women. Natalie coped with her husband's infidelity primarily through excessive alcohol and the occasional use of illicit potions. Max was often the one taking care of his mother, rather than the other way around.


Twelve inches, apple, extremely flexible, with a dragon heartstring core.


In spite of Reuben's behavior, he could be a very loving father, doting upon his wife and son whenever present. Max worshipped the man, and as he reached his adolescent years he began to emulate him. At Hogwarts, and especially within Hufflepuff House, Max Drumheller garnered a reputation for making any party better by his presence. He was charming, funny, popular with the girls, and his musical and culinary abilities made certain that every gathering would not lack for entertainment or food.

There was just one big problem; Max took after his father in another way, as well. Max was a charmer with the ladies, but he was also a heartbreaker. His relationships were intense, and though he would make a girl feel like a queen, his attention would stray all too soon. During the summer of 1941, Max met a Greek witch named Nyssa, whose family had fled to England to escape the war. He was smitten with Nyssa, and she with him. But a month later, he met Nyssa's sister, Cosima, and fell head over heels for her. Needless to say, both girls were soon left in tears. Apparently, their grandmother Alethia did not take kindly to their hearts being toyed with. The old witch knew long-forgotten magic from her homeland, including many powerful curses. She told Max that he would pay for hurting her granddaughters, and though she certainly frightened him, by summer's end Max had forgotten all about the witch's promised vengeance.


Max returned to Hogwarts for his Fifth Year, continuing life as usual. He had OWLs to prepare for, and a new year of parties to enjoy. It was mid-December when a package was delivered during a meal in the Great Hall. Naturally, Max assumed it to be an early Christmas gift. He eagerly opened it to find a fairly simple locket inside. There was no note, and he couldn't get the locket to open. Thinking it likely one of his father's many gifts, he tucked it into his pocket to try to open later. What he didn't know was that the moment he touched the locket, the curse upon it took hold. The powerful magic had already begun to transform him into that which he had inflicted the most harm upon.

The following morning, the Fifth Year Hufflepuff boys received a shock to find a girl crawling out of Max's bed! Amid the girl's confusion, and then panic, it soon became evident that the girl herself was Max, transfigured into a female form. Only now did the mysterious locket open, and inside were pictures of Nyssa and Cosima.

Max first ran to Madam Spleen, who then called upon Professor Pettigrew, and then Headmaster Dumbledore himself. But even their combined expertise in transfiguration had no effect on the curse.

Having become a girl for Merlin-knows-how-long, Max had little choice but to press on, steadfast as a Hufflepuff should be. He…she simply had to trust that someone would find a way to reverse the curse. Until that time, Max would just have to do her best to adjust to a new body, new feelings, and a whole new perspective.


Life of the Party
Max is a party animal. She loves to be surrounded by people having a good time, and goes out of her way to keep the energy of any event or gathering high and lively.
Almost nobody is unwelcome in Max's company.
Unintentional Transsexual
Max used to be male, and was a real heartbreaker. After mishandling the emotions of the wrong girls, he was targeted with a curse that turned him female. Thus far, it has proven impossible to reverse.
Wealth: Well-To-Do
Reuben Drumheller does well in the magical lumber business, providing many extra comforts for his family.

RP Hooks

Party Animal
If there was a party attended by his/her age group, chances are Max was there. Max, herself, throws plenty of shindigs of various sizes.
Max's mother is a drunk and her father gives her considerable free reign (when he's even around). As a result, Max can go places and do many things without parental supervision.
When Max was a boy, he had a long history of dating girls, making them feel like queens, and then losing interest and moving on to another girl. He'd try to be nice about it, and has managed to remain friends with many of his old flames. Nevertheless, he's left a string of broken hearts behind him. Is yours one of them?
Club Life
Max is an amateur cook and a fair musician. As such, she is quite active in the Domestics and Arts Clubs.
The Drumhellers reside in Liverpool, though magical transportation allows Max and Reuben to visit distant parts of Britain without much difficulty.
The Twimble Method
Max is seeing Healer Twimble in an attempt to restore her natural sex. Are you also a patient of Healer Twimble?


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Reuben Drumheller
Father: So many of my friends' fathers are so strict and try to control everything they do. But not Dad. He's amazing. He understands that a kid needs freedom to grow.


Natalie Drumheller
Mother: Mum is…well, I love her. She's got problems, and…no, I don't want to talk about it.



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