Character Information
Portrayed by Abigail Breslin
Name: Medea Summerbee
Aliases: Dee, Dea
Birthday: December 31, 1924
Position: Prefect: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood


Medea is a generously-curved young woman of rather unimpressive height (perhaps a touch over five feet in flat shoes if she's standing as perfectly straight as possible). Though she was more slender in her earlier years, she's gained a luxurious, Rubenesque profile now that she's well on her way to proper adulthood. She has long tresses of burnished blonde hair that fall in cascades from either side of her face; her locks frame a bright, easy smile, thanks in part to a slightly broad nose and rosy dimpled cheeks with full lips set into a rounded face. A few stray hairs fall about her bright blue eyes once in a while, though normally she's impeccably put together. All-in-all, there's no denying that she's a pretty and vivacious young woman.


Medea was born on December 31st, 1924 in Bedford, Bedfordshire to Cassius Archibald Summerbee and Nora Summerbee (née Merrythought). The first of three children, Medea has the uncomfortable distinction of being close to a decade older than her siblings: 8-year-old Connor Dermot Summerbee — named for his grandfathers — and 6-year-old Persephone Summerbee. For whatever reason, her mother and father waited ages to try for more children and are quite happy with those they have now, though it makes Medea feel that she's rather something of a secondary mother when home on the holidays and helping mind them! Her immediate family is tight-knit and she enjoys a warm relationship with both sets of grandparents; she takes regular trips to Ireland to see the Merrythoughts when she's not in London back with the Summerbees. She does sometimes feel a bit isolated from her parents, as it occasionally seems as though they are entirely consumed with raising and managing her younger siblings. Her family is quite well-to-do; her mother works as a local healer and midwife, and her father is a celebrated scholar of magical history and runic translation — a field she has followed him into, in some respects. Though she is not spoiled, she is used to having material wants and needs satisfied; privation is a foreign concept to her.

Encouraged in her academic pursuits, Medea took after her father and ended up in Ravenclaw when she was sorted at Hogwarts. She began her schooling in 1935 and progressed quickly, doing Outstanding or Excellent in all her O.W.L.s before following her father into the advanced study of Ancient Runes. For her second elective, she took Arithmancy, finding herself to have an excellent head for number magic. No one can have everything, however; her Herbology and Magical Creatures studies were only middling compared to the rest of her marks. For her N.E.W.T. classes to start this school year, Medea has elected to pursue Arithmancy, Charms, and the Study of Ancient Runes. Despite being an avid Quidditch fan, actually playing seems beyond the girl and she hasn't ventured onto the pitch except as part of pick-up games or for fun. She is an avid participant in the Art, Books, and Domestics clubs and is a keen amateur photographer who enjoys pestering friends for photographs and experimenting with new angles and lighting.

Entering her sixth year, Medea has gained a reputation for her friendly, vivacious manner in a house often (rightly or wrongly) viewed as a den of detached arrogance. The witch is a young woman of apparent contradictions: she's an incorrigible flirt with both sexes, but she prefers the company of a book to a social function; she's eager to set out on her own with her OWLs behind her, but she's a protective den mother to the younger students of her house; she's inquisitive and hyperactive until she finds an interesting puzzle and becomes hyperfocused instead. Medea's plans for the future are a little uncertain, but she still has some time to sort out whether she'll take a sensible academic career in the History of Magic or Study of Ancient Runes, or instead pursue the risky, glamorous life of a Curse-Breaker like in her favorite adventure stories.



Nine inches, maple, quite stiff, with a unicorn hair core.



Unlike other students who keep an owl, Medea prefers a cat as she can use the school's owls to send messages whenever she likes. Her cat, an Arabian Mau named Aphrodite, is a bratty, affectionate little thing who shows all the usual catty habits such as sleeping in subeams, roaming around at odd hours, and finding her way into places where he shouldn't be. When not with her mistress, she's usually begging for food or knocking student's scrolls off their desks or something else equally aggravating. She also has the habit of staring and there are rumors that she reports what she hears to Medea, but that's just silly talk.


Unlike some other students, Medea has never really struggled. She has a keen mind and loves school and her academics reflect that. She is an excellent student, though she's worse off in some subjects than others, probably more due to a lack of interest in the subject than any deficiency in knowledge or ability. She's consistently scored Es and Os in almost all her subjects through her years at Hogwarts, the except being Herbology, which rather bores her, and so her effort is low, resulting in a string of As in sharp contrast to her other grades.

In extra-curricular activities, she happily cheers on the house quidditch team and is an active member of Art club, where she attempts some poetry but mostly focuses on her camera, the Books club, which is where she met one of her best friends, and the Domestics club. Entering her sixth year, she's eager and ready to get her NEWTs in Ancient Runes, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and Charms done and get out in the real world. Of course, it's a heavy workload but she's determined that she'll meet the requirements for Curse-Breaker if she needs to.

Report Card

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy E E O O O
Charms E O E O E IP
Defence Against the Dark Arts A E O O O IP
Herbology A P A A A
History of Magic O O O E O
Potions A O E O O IP
Transfiguration A E E O O
Flying P
Study of Ancient Runes O O O IP
Arithmancy O O O
Official Clubs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Unofficial Clubs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7

RP Hooks

  • Shutterbug: Medea is absolutely in LOVE with her camera and adores taking pictures of her classmates, friends, professors, interesting views from the castle—you name it, she'll photograph it. Do you want to have a candid shot taken? A portrait? Find someplace you think she'd want to take a picture of? Let her know!
  • Books, God I love books: Medea is an avowed bookworm and can be found at the library or at Books club meetings quite often. If you have a suggestion for a book or a want some recommendations, let her know.
  • Tutoring time: Medea is always happy to help her fellow students. If you need help studying something (especially Arithmancy or Ancient Runes) she's just the girl to ask.
  • How about a nice game of chess?: Medea is fond of a nice game of chess now and again and will happily sit down to play with someone if they ask.
  • Always be flirting: Medea is a natural flirt and is likely to preen and primp and bat her eyelashes at you, regardless of who you are.



  • Wealth: Comfortable: With her parents both working steady jobs, they manage to pay their bills and make sure that their children lack for nothing, though it would be nice to take a fancy overseas holiday or buy a bigger house…
  • Flirt: An incorrigible flirt, no matter the sex. She loves to wink, smile, preen and flatter.
  • Single-minded: If she gets focused on a puzzle, riddle, or other problem, good luck trying to get her to think of anything else.
  • Habit: Quill-chewing: She has the bad habit of chewing or sucking on the end of her quill, especially when thinking or trying to figure out a tough homework problem.
  • Shutterbug: She's almost never without her camera and is constantly pestering people to let her take their photo.


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Books club buddy: Phee is a lovely girl that Medea knows both from some of her classes over the years and from the Books club. Medea counts her as one of her closer friends, a relationship that got its spark a couple of years ago when they found they both shared a love for the same sort of trashy pulp adventure novels.


Baby cousin: Aiden is Medea's younger cousin on her mother's side. She doesn't know all that well, though she did spend some time minding him and so-forth the few times she's gone to visit her mum's side of the family over the summer holiday. She wants to try and keep an eye out for him now that he's started at Hogwarts.


Cassius Archibald Summerbee
Father: (1899 - ?) Pureblood Medea admires and looks up to her father, who has always been a bit doting and inclined to indulge his oldest child. This is especially true because she shares his interest in runes, arithmancy, and magical history! She is very close to him and tries to write at least once a week. ((Open for Creation.))


Nora Summerbee nee Merrythought
Mother: (1902 - ?) Pureblood As with her father, Medea has a close, loving relationship with her mother. Though she hasn't followed her mother in terms of interests, they are close and Medea stays in touch as much as she can. ((Open for Creation.))


Connor Summerbee
Younger brother: (1933 - ?) Pureblood Medea loves her younger brother and sister, really. She just has a hard time relating to them since they're so much younger than her! Still, when she's home she happily minds them and keeps them company to help out her mum and keep things running smoothly. ((Open for Creation.))


Persephone Summerbee
Younger sister: (1935 - ?) Pureblood As with her younger brother Connor, Medea has some difficulty really connecting with her younger sister, especially since she's gone most of the year at school. She has an easier time with Persephone, who she's already trying to get interested in some of her favorite books from when she was younger. ((Open for Creation.))


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