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Wizarding Publications

There are many periodicals available to the magical world. The most prominent among them is The Daily Prophet. Others include:

  • The Daily Owl: A lightweight tabloid newspaper, focused mainly on outlandish celebrity gossip, similar to the Daily Mail or Star.
  • JINX: A tabloid magazine known for wild, unbelievable stories, similar to the Weekly World News.
  • Transfiguration Today: A specialty magazine, focusing on the magic of transfiguration.
  • Witch Weekly: A women's magazine, similar to Women's Weekly or Cosmopolitan.

The Daily Prophet

The number one wizarding newspaper is the Daily Prophet, a trusted source for the truth about the latest news in the magical world. It covers everything from current events, to business, to fashion, to gossip, and even advice columns. The Prophet's main office is on Diagon Alley.


Article titles should start with the IC date of publication, in the form: (1937-02-22) Title


Wizarding Wireless Network

The Wizarding Wireless Network (usually abbreviated to WWN), is a popular generalist wizarding wireless station. It features music programmes, interactive programmes, and news bulletins like The Wizarding Wireless Network News. The radio station itself is based in Hogsmeade Village.

Cauldron Talk

A morning talk programme hosted by Brad Moody. While it started as a light entertainment show, it has morphed into a platform for Moody's political views.

Cauldron Talk Logs

David's Time

David's Time is a music programme hosted by David Thomas Smith Jr., a man noted for his distinctly American Southern accent. Though most of the programme is wizarding music, Smith has become known for his commentary (often political) between song blocks.

David's Time Commentary Logs


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