Character Information
Portrayed by Claire Corlett
Name: Megan Alexandra Eibon
Aliases: May
Birthday: June 21, 1926
Position: Student
Lineage: Pureblood


Megan is about half a head taller than average for a 14-year-old girl; consequently, one may assume she's older than she actually is. Her hair is straight, brown, shoulder-length, and parted to one side; her eyes are grey; her chin is pointed. When she smiles, cute dimples form on her cheeks.


Megan was born June 21, 1926 to pure-blood parents in the Scottish highlands. Her father, Noalan II, is notorious for criminal business practices which he was sentenced to Azkaban for. Her mother, Angeline nee Solomon, has returned to working at a preserve for magical creatures. Megan has two older brothers, Noalan (the elder) and Angelus (the latter). Once an affluent, high-society family, recent events have torn it apart; after her father's sentencing, the family manor and most of its assets were confiscated by the Ministry. She now resides with her mother in Hogsmeade, and rarely gets to see either of her brothers. Previously, she was very close to Angelus but since everything went bad he was sent to long-term care at St. Mungo's for psychological therapy.

Megan received her Hogwarts letter in the summer of in 1937, where she was sorted into Gryffindor, class of 1944. The Sorting Hat had wanted to put her in Hufflepuff, but she had a strong preference for Gryffindor because that's where her brother Angelus was sorted. As an overachieving student, in her third year, she elected to take Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, and Care of Magical Creatures—this last class owing to her mother's occupation. Her best subjects are Charms and Potions. Angelus had a particular talent for Potions, and that's how she became interested in it. Her worst is History of Magic. While she enjoys flying on her broom, she does not play Quidditch, owing to focusing on her studies and being a general overachiever.

Megan aspires to either start her own business, or go into law or politics, though she realizes she will have to overcome the notoriety of her family name. In light of the fallout from her father's business activities, and the fact that her family has been labeled blood-traitors, she has to be extra careful about not provoking potential adversaries at school.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Animal Lover: Megan has an affinity for animals owing to her mother's former involvement with magical creatures.
  • Notorious Family: Her father is in Azkaban for business and smuggling crimes. The Eibons are also considered Blood Traitors.
  • Graceful: Megan is also notably well-spoken and charismatic.
  • Overachiever: Megan is known as an overachiever. She spends most of her free time trying to delve deeper in subjects she enjoys.

RP Hooks

  • Megan's father is notorious, and was recently tried and incarcerated in Azkaban for illegal business practices. For more information on the family, see Noalan's profile.
  • Megan doesn't seem to mind associating with muggleborns and half-bloods. She was always arguing with her brother Angelus because of this.
  • Due to the seizure of Eibon manor and most of the family's assets, Megan and her mother currently reside in a small cottage in Hogsmeade, which lets them meet up on Hogsmeade weekends, though her mother is reclusive as she's actively trying to avoid drawing attention to herself.


  • Megan is interested in going into law or politics, though the notoriety of her family name will be a challenge to overcome.
  • Megan is interested in investing what money she's saved up, possibly in a business venture of her own, in an attempt to regain some of the wealth that her family lost.
  • Megan wants to become an animagus someday, partly for the obvious advantages, partly for the challenge this will bring, and partly so that she can understand herself better.


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Megan's wand is made of rosewood and has a dragon heartstring core. It is 10-1/7 inches long and slightly pliant.





Megan and Angelus used to be very close. They would play together, confide in each other, and even dance together. Their only point of contention was that Megan associated with muggleborns, and Angelus didn't approve of this. They rarely see each other anymore due to Angelus receiving long-term treatment for psychological issues.


Megan and Noalan are 'distant', to the point that she barely knows him anymore. He's reclusive and off doing his own thing.


Megan's mother has been reclusive ever since Megan's father was sentenced to Azkaban. There are a number of wizards who would like to do terrible things to her because of her husband's criminal involvement and the family's newfound status as blood-traitors.


Slytherin. Megan was the apple in her father's eye. He doted on her, and she loved him. He's now rotting in Azkaban for criminal business practices, possible murder, etc. She hasn't gotten over how her family was torn up. She might never get over it.










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