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The Potions Mistress
Portrayed by Lana Parrilla
Name: Melania Black
Aliases: Mrs. Black, Mel
Birthday: April 30, 1901
Position: Apothecary
Lineage: Pure-blood


Melania Black is a woman in her mid thirties who is very impeccably put together. Somewhat short for her age at a little under five and a half feet tall, she possesses a thin build and a confident bearing that can make her seem taller than she truly is. Her skin is pale and perfectly smooth, a stark contrast to her long black hair. Her features are well-defined and accented by touches of dark makeup. Her eyelashes have been extended and touches of dark indigo painted at the corners of her eyelids. Most striking are her lips, which are painted the dark shade often seen on candied apples. Her hair is woven into an intricate and slightly off-center design formed of swirling locks balanced almost impossibly atop one another. The style adds a good six inches or more to her height.


Born in 1901, Melania Macmillan was the only daughter of Fiona and Drostan Macmillan. Raised a few miles west of Aberdeen, Scotland, she didn't have a very close relationship with her parents. As with many Pure-blood socialites, they spent more time making connections than connecting with their child, turning her over to a string of nannies and tutors. The girl spent most of her time engrossed in tales of famous witches and wizards, dreaming of one day being sorted into Gryffindor and being just like her heros.

Surprised at being sorted into Slytherin, she decided that all was not yet lost. She excelled in Potions and Herbology, received high marks in her other classes, and, in time, added Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures to her studies. But Potions was, far and away, her favourite class. She joined the dueling club and found she had a talent for it, and spent hours learning about the latest trends and fashions, all to impress a boy. She sat for NEWTs in Herbology, Potions and Care of Magical Creatures.

After school she was apprenticed at an Apothecary, and eventually opened a shop of her own where she met Arcturus, who became her husband. It wasn't until her first child was born, however, that Melania discovered true love for another. Her children became her greatest joy, and she vowed that they would have the love she lacked as a child and would never doubt that they were the most precious things in her life.


Eleven and a half inches, walnut, flexible, with a dragon heartstring core.



Melania has Barn Owl named Aurora.



  • Wealth: Well-To-Do - Thanks to marrying well to the wealthiest (thanks to an windfall of an artefact discovery) of the Black Family, Melania has no need to worry about money, gives her children everything they could ever possibly need, and has no real need for the income from her Apothecary. But its always nice to have a little extra.
  • Overprotective: Children - Melania would do anything for her children. Even if it meant dying.
  • Perfectionist - Melania cannot stand for anything to be less than her best. Or less than perfectly clean. This is the reason her shop is so unique.
  • Wicked - Melania is not evil. Yet. She's wicked, willing to do what it takes to protect her family and her own interests, no matter how dark (or perhaps to give someone who annoys her a little more than they ask for in their potion). All she needs is someone to help her along, someone she can support, and possibly someone to manipulate her into true evil…

RP Hooks

  • Pureblood Society: Are you a pure-blood? You probably know Melania. In fact, you're probably related to her.
  • Hogwarts: Are you a student? So is Melania's daughter.
  • Grindelwald: Are you a supporter? We should be friends!
  • Perfectionist: There is nothing under good quality in her shop, this leads to less stock and higher prices however.


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Fellow Pureblood Melania has always found Cassius intensely interesting. Though she cares little for politics, she has joined as a supporter of his movement, and eagerly awaits his next move. She's always supposed that he must have the best of secrets hidden away. For a time they played a game of trying to learn one another's secrets, but when Cassius learned about Melania's darkest one, it caused their relationship to fray apart. Whether it can be repaired remains to be seen.


Fellow Pureblood In a way, though Cassius' sister is older than she, Melania regards the woman as a sort of daughter. Like the other Malfoys, she finds the woman's chosen nickname to be a horrible thing that she would prefer not to mention, and she hopes very much that Edwarlinda will someday change her strange ways and take her true place with the family. She also cares for the woman more than she does most people, and will gladly punish anyone who hurts her.


Fellow Pureblood Melania isn't entirely certain what to make of Cyril Malfoy. All in all, she doesn't think he offers her the level of respect that she considers herself entitled to. Which at the same time angers her and makes her want to find ways to make him more interested in her. Still, with his travels he is likely to have learned some useful things, and it might be worthwhile to stay on his good side until she can learn a few. And he is a Malfoy, after all.

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