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Daft Dreamer
Portrayed by Hannah Murray
Name: Melodia Grace Abernathy
Aliases: Melody, Mel
Birthday: April 1, 1923
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-blood


Melody is a slight girl, willowy and graceful, standing around 5'3". Honey blond hair has a natural curl, typically worn loose and flowing. As often as not she's woven flowers into it, or has fashioned colourful clips out of whatever she's found laying around. Her eyes are fawn-like, warm brown and wide, as if she's trying to take in everything there is to see all at once. They are, perhaps, her most noticeable feature, spaced evenly to her button nose, and she has a perpetually dreamy look about her, as if she's living in a world all her own. Her teeth are a bit bucked, the two front seeming just a wee bit large for her mouth, and her pale lips are almost always parted because of them.

She seems almost too thin for her age and height, but her clothes are well-fitted, if sometimes a bit odd in style. She loves color and flowing fabrics, and can often be spotted just by virtue of her habit of wearing bright things. When in school she wears traditional robes, marked with the identifying colours of her house, wool stockings, and flat, black maryjanes on her feet.


Melodia Grace Abernathy is the middle child of Morgan (nee Prewett) and Rowan Abernathy, born on April 1, 1923. The Prewetts and Abernathys couldn't have been more fundamentally different, from blood (Pure-blood and Half-blood), to lifestyle, to family fortune. The Abernathy family lived on a plot of land in Shropshire, near to the Welsh border, out in the middle of nowhere. The whole clan lives generally in the area, communing with nature and celebrating their Pagan roots. Melody, as she's most commonly called, has two older brothers, and a younger brother and sister. Her youngest brother has just started at Hogwarts, her older siblings are both already out and getting on with their lives, and the youngest girl is eagerly awaiting her chance to attend the heralded wizarding school. The children had a close life when they were all home, romping through meadows and marshes together, playing games with imaginary friends, and coming home muddied up to the eyeballs on a regular basis. Melody was most prone to wander off from the others, playing with imaginary friends that she claimed were faeries.

Going off to school only mildly effected the closeness of the siblings, with at least two Abernathy youngsters in attendance at the same time. Melody started her first year fairly well prepared for what was to come at school. Her personality, seeming to have her head in the clouds more often than not, resulted in her being somewhat quiet and easily overlooked. She knows more about others through gossip than most know about her, and since she never actually seems to be listening, it's hard for anyone to know exactly what she knows. Her first year grades were fair, putting her just about in the center of her year as far as achievements. Middle child, middle student, she seemed not very inclined to excel in anything until her second year. Then she found her footing, and her talent for charms, transfiguration and astronomy, things of a more 'mystical' nature. She kept up in her classes, but these three set her mind alight. The only other thing she had such a natural talent for was flying, although she steadfastly avoided any involvement in competitive sports. In her sixth year, she has decided to put all her energy into that core, reluctantly dropping out of Care of Magical Creatures. But she never felt that was truly where her future lies, she just likes animals. She goes through the days seemingly lost in her own world, with few ever really knowing what lies beneath that gossamer exterior.


10 and one half inches inches, Chestnut, Swishy, with a Unicorn Hair core.

Melody's Flute

Carved by her grandfather, this is Melody's most prized possession. It is almost always on her person, as much a part of her as her wand.



  • Clever: Many people never guess that Melody is actually a rather intelligent and quick-witted young woman. She chooses to typically drift along, but when she actually tries she's surprising.
  • Dreamer: The outward Melody that everyone sees always seems to have her head in the clouds. She spends quite a lot of time in her own little world, and seems very happy there.
  • Graceful: She doesn't consciously try, this is just something that is. She's willowy, bending with the whims of the wind, truly in sync with nature.
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Able to speak and understand spoken Welsh, not entirely proficient in reading and writing it. What do they have against vowels?

RP Hooks

  • Musical: Although the source may not always be easily detected, it's not uncommon for Melody's flute to be heard, especially outside in the gardens. Her choice of tune very much reflects her mood, usually bright and upbeat, but sometimes very melancholy and thoughtful
  • Tutoring: In her sixth year, Melody continues to get high marks in charms, transfiguration and astronomy, and is always willing to help students that need it and can tolerate her ways.


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The Abernathy family home is located in Betton, North Shropshire.



Yearmate but not housemate, Brody and Melody have had the typical relationship of knowing each other for years without ever really knowing each other. Being handy with a knife and having admired her grandfather's handiwork on the flute Melody carries, Brody had a go at making Melody a flute himself. It turned out beautifully and is often carried along with her original instrument.


Never the best of friends, or the most familiar, they're at least not in the midst of a spat anymore.

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