Merrythought Family

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The Merrythought Family
Family Head: Conleth Merrythought
Galatea Merrythought
Home: Ireland
Wealth: Comfortable
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
This represents what is typical for the Merrythought family. It does not necessarily apply to every branch.

Family History

The Merrythoughts are a very old Irish Pure-bloodline. They can trace lineage back to the time of the Romans attempted invasions that failed. Though records may not be complete they rumor to have been part of the first movement of Celts in the Iron Age and were fundamental in instilling some of the mythology of the Tuatha de Danaan. They helped keep the Roman's from invading as well and continued to exist solely in Ireland for generations, mingling with some of the other families of similar abilities.

When the Christian movement came in the twelfth century and though they were part of those that resisted several Merrythoughts were lost in the clash of religious beliefs. They saw the decline of the old ways and clung to them in any way they could and in doing so drew the wrath of the English who sought to snub them out and subjugate them beneath English rule. It really all began when Merlin stole sacred stones from the lands under Merrythought protection and took them to England to become the place now known as Stonehenge.

It was not until the decline of their family came when Hamish Merrythought betrayed a good portion of the family and they were lost and branded heretics and were sought after for death. The family scattered throughout Ireland to try to conceal themselves and only after a century or so were they able to be a true part of Ireland once more. Claiming their place back amongst the locals they brought with them a fervent belief in nationalism and need to be separate from England.

That ancient sting of English oppression never faded in the family line. For centuries they thrived as supporters of Irish freedom, finding ways to try to achieve this. In the 18th century they even did their best to back the Muggle Irish Patriot Party without going so far as to break the Statute of Secrecy, in hopes to win back Irish autonomy from England, many were lost at this time including some Merrythoughts and notably an outspoken Squib of the family.

The Merrythoughts being so involved with the Irish Muggles have grown to appreciate them for their place and purpose and even see them as allies. An Irish Muggle is still an Irishman, or so they are want to say.

In recent years Merrythoughts have stayed mostly to their homes in Ireland save for those working for the Ministry or Hogwarts - which can be quite a number. But home always calls and is never far away.

Family Identity

Being as strongly tied to Ireland as the Merrythoughts generally are, their features tend to be what is considered classic Irish.

Crest: The Greenman center on a verdant background. Two purpure roses to each side of the Greenman's face. A mantle of Irish Clover woven within a square frame of celtic knotwork.

Motto: "Omnis lapis in memoria." Which means: "Every Stone Remembered."


The Merrythoughts are not rich or politically inclined in the general sense but they are seen as hardworking and steadfast in their loyalties. They are strong allies and consider to be of good blood and do not have many enemies. Those they do have may wish to be wary of this strong willed family. They are considered to be noble and forthright and are not kept from most wizarding circles as they are seen as the level-headed voice amongst the mix.

Family Members

Family members bearing the Merrythought name:

Aiden Conleth Galatea Solstice

Blood relatives without the Merrythought name:

Eibhlin Euphemia Gerald Medea Morrigan

Connections and Relationships

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Family Statistics

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