Character Information
Portrayed by David Dorfman
Name: Michael Elwood Harker
Aliases: -
Birthday: December 13th, 1927
Position: Student: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-Blood


Michael is a short young man standing at about five-and-a-half feet. He has a slender build that is only apparent in the line of his neck and the delicate lines of his wrists and long fingers. His hair is wavy and possesses the color of wet sand. It is swept back from his forehead as if by hand and the large, broad curls reach the nape of his neck. His wide, deep-set eyes are a similar color to his hair, though a few shades deeper. In sunlight, flecks of orange and gray stand out against the rich brown of his irises. Above his eyes are thin, dark eyebrows that form straight, level lines along his brow. His nose is average, though curved at the tip with delicately-flared nostrils. Below this lies his mouth, average and unremarkable in every sense of the word. When he speaks, one can see small, white teeth with minimal crookedness.


Born to a hatter and a Witch, Michael Elwood Harker was sent rolling and squealing into this world on December 13th, 1927 in Whipp's Cross, London. His family then relocated to the town of Godalming in Surrey. It was here that Michael's father, L. Quincey Harker established his hatmaking business on in town proper. Michael's mother, Nellwyn Harker, was a pure-blood witch from the Abbott family and worked as a correspondant for a Muggle studies publication. Though Quincey himself was a half-blood, he did not pursue a career in Wizardry after his time at Hogwarts, preferring to make his way in the world by using his hands(and a negligible amount of magic) to make clothing; eventually, he settled on keeping people's heads covered. While most of the population of the town was unaware as to the magical nature of the Harker family, those that did know were receptive to the young witch and her hatter husband making their home in the up-and-coming town. That same generosity and openness would be extended to their son upon his emergence into the harsh light of a hospital suite. Michael would come up in a world of understanding, love and trust. His mother and father rarely didn't have time to indulge their son's ideas and requests for attention. And, for the first ten years of his life, it would continue that way. At approximately eleven on the night of May 3rd, 1937, Nellwyn Harker was found in three separate pieces in a pasture outside of town. She'd turned 35 just a week before.

Police investigators spoke first with Quincey Harker before officials from the Ministry of Magic came by that night to offer their condolences. The official cause of death was "animal attack," though Ministry investigators found evidence at the scene of the crime to suggest the involvement of a lycanthrope; a werewolf. Already numbed with shock from the news itself, both Quincey and son were shocked further by this news. Nellwyn's work as a Muggle studies reporter and correspondant didn't often take her to the countryside but for one or two days out of the year. For her to be found in such a state and such a location was an oddity wrapped cold horror. Michael himself never quite knew the cause of his mother's death or even her killer or killers. He continued his life in Godalming with an ever-distancing father and a home that seemed more like temporary lodging. When the letter from Hogwarts came, both father and son were eager to answer it. For the first time in months, Quincey would actually speak to his son rather than just in his general direction. While the Harker family lived comfortably, they were by no means opulent or wealthy. Because of this, everything but Michael's clothes, cauldron and wand were purchased second-hand. Then, on the first of September 1938, Quincey walked his son onto Platform 9¾ at King's Cross Station. The last words he said to his boy before he departed were to "find and use metaphors to help you understand the world around you" and to "find the strength to do away with them when it's apparent that they no longer work." He also gave his son a hand-made wizard's hat crafted from his own shop. With that, Michael boarded the train, falling asleep minutes after it began moving.

Michael Harker would later be sorted into Ravenclaw after a quiet discussion with a magical piece of frayed felt. He had originally wanted to be sorted into his mother's original house of Hufflepuff(and he wouldn't have thumbed his nose at Slytherin either), but the magical hat had decided his fate. Regardless, he joined his housemates in Ravenclaw tower with the first genuine hope and happiness in his heart for nearly a year. True respite from his broken home life was found in his studies and school activities. He relished the magic that he could create with his wand, he thrilled at the challenge of his lessons and loved coming up with the answers. At first, the enthusiasm was lauded and encouraged by his teachers and peers. When the prefects began finding him in the early hours of the morning asleep and drooling into his textbooks, an intervention was sought. It was suggested quite strongly to the young man that he devote a little less time to his studies and more to actually enjoying the days of his youth. Even The Grey Lady herself warned the boy against burying his life in books, citing that if he died any time soon, he'd make a very tedious ghost. Though no harm was meant by the joke, the simple thought of death and coming back sent the trauma of losing his mother rocketing back into his waking thoughts. He retreated into his own head for a few days after that before finally allowing the meaning of what The Gray Lady had said, rather than her words, sink in. He had a life to live, not just for himself, but for the memory of the woman whose smile and embrace could heal all but broken bones. And, for her, he would begin living his life… once this next assignment is done, that is.

Report Card

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy O O IP
Charms O O IP
Defence Against the Dark Arts O O IP
Herbology E O IP
History of Magic E E IP
Potions A A IP
Transfiguration E E IP
Flying O
Arithmancy IP
Muggle Studies IP
Clubs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7

RP Hooks

  • Duelling Club: Stemming from a strong interest in charms and glamers, Michael joined up with the Duelling Club the very second he became eligible. He may not be a top gun in terms of duelling successes, but he'll definitely be one of the few students actively taking notes during.
  • Book Club: He is a consummate book-worm and would delight in discussing novels, short stories or even school texts with other students.
  • Lycanthrope attacks: Michael has a hatred of lycanthropes, so if made aware of one, he would be more than willing to help investigate the killing in whatever way he can.
  • Study Groups: Unmoderated learning is best done in groups, of course.


  • Bookworm: Michael has a habit of losing himself in books, even studies from time to time. It's his favorite method of escapism.
  • Phobia (Water): One too many bad experiences with water caused the young man to nearly swear off bathing entirely until his mother convinced him of the difficulties of drowning in a washbasin.
  • Hatred (Lycanthropes): One of the very few ways to cause the mild-mannered young wizard to see red is to confront him with a werewolf. He finds them bestial, distrustful and inhuman to the core.
  • Synesthesia: Specifically chromesthesia. Certain sounds and even words cause Michael's brain to experience color changes. The sound of water, for instance, is solid black. The sound of butter sizzling in a pan is a bright green noise with flecks of gold.
  • Wealth: Comfortable


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Linnell Quincey Harker
Father: (1899 - ?) Half-Blood - After the death of his mother, Michael's relationship with his father is a cold and distant one. Discussions between the two of them often seem to be conducted in a thick and impenetrable fog. The two correspond often via post, but little of substance is said.


Nellwyn Harker neé Abbott
Mother: (1902 - 1938) Pure-Blood - Every sound that came from her lips carried colors of orange, yellow and red. Her laughter was the color of fried eggs or pie crust. She was the wonderful bow holding the Harker family together. When she left, the family began to drift apart. She will forever be missed.


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