This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Portrayed by Francois Arnaud
Name: Mikhale Abner Issilingor Carrow
Aliases: Mik
Birthday: March 15, 1908
Position: Acquisitions Specialist
Lineage: Pure-blood


Tall, dark and handsome are perhaps the best words to describe Mikhale. Six foot two with an athletic build and carried in such a way as to cut an imposing presence wherever he is. His chestnut brown hair curls to just above the shoulder with a single part down the middle. Dark brown eyes stare penetratingly under arched brows. His nose is straight and well formed with a slight aristocratic turn. His jaw line is strong and covered in a perpetual five o'clock shadow.


The Carrow's family motto is: Through battle, perfection. Through victory, immortality. It's thus it surprises no one that the family has a bloody history, with many famous aurors, dark wizards, and duelists. The Gibbon family's history is rich as well… without the many historic deaths but then again they're wizarding line only goes back seven generations.

With a history like his families, Tiberius Carrow (the second) is everything you would expect of him. A reactionary, dogmatic, warrior who runs his family more like a military camp than a home. His first son (Tiberus the Third) is the deputy general of the home, with Ahmara nee Gibbon taking an administrative role. Mikhale being the second son was to be the sentinal, the Auror, a fellow warrior that made his father proud at the very mention of his name. After Mikhale in the ranks came Thomas, being the youngest Thomas fell through the cracks a bit, but recently he is making a name for himself in the Ministry.

Known for his silver tongue and skill with magic (as are all the Carrows). He was sorted into the Slytherin where he trained and excelled in the subjects required for becoming an Auror, after he graduated he was accepted into the Auror office and became an Initiate. When he was twenty in 1928 he became a full fledged Auror and from there things got real - Real strained between him and the M.L.E..

His exploits as an auror are well known among certain circles, he was known for his heavy hand and unconcern for muggles. In his third year, 1931, as an Auror he was officially reprimanded for his actions while attempting to capture the dark wizard, Salvius Thatcher. No one could quite prove that Mik was the one responsible for the deaths of over a dozen muggles in the fight that ensued, but he certainly didn't do anything to protect them.

His time in the ministry ended for good just a year later, 1932, over scandalous rumors of being caught in bed with a close family member of a highly placed ministry official. Although the official letter of termination listed the reason as "Conduct unbecoming of a ministry employee." After that he disappeared from the grid, traveling the world and creating a reputation as a man who could acquire anything, for the right price. News of his numerous affairs spread almost as quick. Nothing is ever concrete, but his reputation as a heartbreaker is sure none the less. He returned to London in 1938 on New Years Eve, with aim to establish himself in London once more as a man that can acquire things for the right price.


12.75 inches, Blackthorne, supple, with a Phoenix Feather core.



Precator is your typical Catahoula. A pretty smart hound, this one, and Mikhale's companion.


RP Hooks

  • Ex Auror - Mikhale used to be an Auror, and he didn't leave on good terms. If you've been there for awhile, or in the ministry you might have heard some of things he's rumored to have done.
  • Need Something? - Mik's your man. With a reputation for discretion and reliability. You give him the money and you'll have your item within a reasonable time frame.
  • Pure-Blood - His time abroad has changed his opinions somewhat, but Mik is still a pure-blood from a very anti-muggle family. (His aunt was disowned at 11 when she didn't get a letter)
  • Well Traveled - Mik has compiled quite a list of countries visited, which helps when you've started a traveling business. His clientele selection is rigorous and mostly involves attractive women, but he's been just about anywhere you'd care to go.


  • Handsome Mikhale's walks into a room and people notice. Women stare and dream about him.
  • Living on the Edge If the term Adrenaline junkie meant anything in this day and age, Mik would be on the list. If it's dangerous or risky he wants to do it.
  • Self Absorbed Rarely does he see outside his own wants or desires. That doesn't mean he can't be quite generous, just that he always has an ulterior motive for doing so.
  • Wealth: Comfortable The Carrow's aren't extravagantly wealthy, Mik's income on the other hand… isn't so secure. He fit's between the rules of life more than through them.


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Tiberius Carrow I
Paternal Grandfather -


Armanda Carrow nee Sykes
Paternal Grandmother -


Tiberius Carrow II
Father - Their relationship is now strained. Once he was the apple of his father's eye. After he was dishonorably discharged from the Auror office. Things turned for the worse.


Harald Gibbon
Maternal Grandfather -


Gavriila Gibbon nee Burke
Maternal Grandmother -


Ahmara Carrow nee Gibbon
Mother - He can tell she is hurt by the schism in her family and it's her shame in her son's downfall that hurts him the most.


Tiberius Carrow III
Older Brother - Now that Mikhale is no longer father's favorite the Third can do no wrong.


Little Brother - Thomas has seemingly risen from obscurity in the family when Mikhale was out of the lime light. Good for him. Mikhale has kept his distance from his baby brother so far out of desire to not harm his standing in the family. As it no doubt would if it was found out that he was socializing with the Disappointment of the family.


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