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Character Information
Portrayed by Jo Brand
Name: Wilma Tripe
Aliases: Minnie
Birthday: July 23rd, 1882
Position: Owner/Server at Minnie's Tea of Magic
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Minnie's rotund features, while they won't be winning any beauty pageants, are good-natured and full of humor. Bulging eyes of blue, set as they are beneath brows that have been painstakingly and over dramatically penciled on, give the portly woman an air of constant surprise and delight, regardless of what her actual expression desires to be. Jowly cheeks are adorned with a little too much rouge, making her seem ever-breathless and over-exerted.. which, in truth, she may well be, seeing as she's certainly 'well-fed' and ample-bosomed. Generally she keeps her hair out of the way beneath a knotted floral headscarf, though enough eventually escapes to imply a short style of dark grey.

She is wearing what is considered stereotypical 'Lunch Lady' attire. Simple pristine white robes are over a blouse of checkered purples, greens and oranges. Over it all is an apron of vibrant purple, cyan and blue flowers.


Born to Oliver Brown and Gladys Brown nee Flint on July 23rd 1882. Gladys worked at the Leaky Cauldron and her father worked at the Ministry in the Central Office as a Maintenance Man. Sometimes her mother would take her to the Ministry to visit her father and they would all have lunch together. This is when she first discovered what a cafeteria was. It became her dream at a very young age to some day take over the cafeteria at the Ministry of Magic.

She was sorted into House Hufflepuff as many a Brown is and charms and domestics was her focus. She graduated after O.W.L.s and became a server at what was then just known as the Cafeteria at the Ministry. She worked there for thirty years before she finally had the chance to become the Owner and Manager and she made a few changes to the cafeteria and called it Minnie's Tea of Magic as she loves a good pun! She also loves tea and has quite the variety available.

In the span of those 30 years she married Reginald Tripe and had several children. The eldest boy being, Bertram Tripe who was the first to provide Minnie grandchildren, one of whom was named Jack and ended up to be a Squib, poor thing, who've now started to give her great-grandchildren!


  • Snarky If Scorned
  • Dry Sarcastic Humor
  • Frugal Gourmet
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Owner of the Cafeteria in the Ministry of Magic.
  • Minnie is quiet the sort of Cafeteria Lady that runs a tip top ship shape business. She doesn't suffer fools but she handles them with a very dry sarcastic humor.


Logs featuring Minnie Logs that refer to Minnie



Oliver Brown
Father: Worked for the Central Office as a Maintenance Man at the Ministry of Magic. He passed away recently.


Gladys Brown nee Dippet
Mother: Worked as a Wench at the Leaky Cauldron. She passed away several years ago.


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