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Character Information
Portrayed by Anna Popplewell
Name: Miranda Goshawk
Aliases: Mir
Birthday: March 17th, 1922
Position: M.A.C. - Accidental Magic Reversal Squad
Lineage: Pure-blood


Dark of hair and pale of skin, Miranda is the type to blend into the crowd in the nicest of ways. She is petite in build, likely no great athlete, and she seems to have stopped growing at a height just shy of average. Aside from that, her skin has a healthy glow to it, and when she smiles, her full lips give her otherwise plain face a cheerful roundness, making her downward tilted eyes of pale blue twinkle.


Miranda is of pure-blooded heritage, born into the Goshawk family and related to the Browns via her mother. She grew up in Wales, the youngest daughter out of nine, with many of the benefits and trials that come with having so many older siblings. There were hand-me-downs and sisterly spats, but also warm holidays and familial connections galore. As Miranda's sisters grew older and attended Hogwarts, eventually striking out on their own, Miranda had more and more of her parents to herself, with all the benefits and trials that come with that, too. Through it all, she's come out stronger, determined to make something of herself and become independent herself someday, provided her impatience doesn't get the best of her first.

Like much of her family, Miranda was sorted into Hufflepuff, and she has blossomed under the care and attention of Hogwarts' many advantages. The past six years of magical study have helped her find a niche that not even her eight sisters can take away. Far from the best all-around student, one would be hard-pressed to find one who's taken to the study of Charms quite so well as Miranda, and it hasn't been uncommon to see her tutoring other students the last couple years. She's also been part of the Book Club since her first year, which has helped immensely with her quietly social side.

Since completing her O.W.L.s, Miranda has been taking only three N.E.W.T. level courses: Charms, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures. Able to focus only on those courses to which she's best-suited, her marks have seen an upswing in the latter two courses, while she continues to excel at Charms, even showing off her very own charm thus far, the Bat-Bogey Hex, which she first developed for the purpose of being heard once in a while in her large family. She has since found more uses for it, though she's had to be careful to hit her mark, as the hex can only be used on humans. She has also developed something of a treasure trove of charms notations, some real, some merely rumoured. She has not yet said what she intends to do with all this information, though it's usually a fair bet she can be found in the library collecting more.


Ten inches, holly, reasonably supple, with a unicorn hair core.



Braith, a rather clever little feline Miranda has had since her first year at Hogwarts.


RP Hooks

  • Excels in Charms. Need a tutor?
  • Speaks Welsh
  • Inventor of the Bat-Bogey Hex. Want to learn it?
  • Will ever so kindly offer help with essay editing. Prices determined on a case-by-case basis.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Determined
  • Impatient
  • Frail


Logs featuring Miranda Logs that refer to Miranda



Father: (b. May 16th, 1893) Pure-Blood. Virgil Goshawk VI is the Healer-In-Charge of the Magical Bugs and Diseases branch at St. Mungo's he also has a second specialty in Artefact Accidents. This has affected his family life only in so much as he was taken away from family events every now and then. However it was minimally done. Soon after, he always makes up for the absences. He is fast man, he has a lot to do and a family to get home to, and so he speaks and does everything with quickness. This does not diminish his amicable nature however; he's fast, but friendly too.

A good man, one whom Miranda looks up to, if distantly. By the time Miranda was the only one still home, her father was an old man. Ancient, by Miranda's perspective, but at least he's fair.


Gwen Goshawk nee Brown
Mother: (b. June 9th, 1894) Pure-Blood. The glue that holds the Goshawk family together. A former nurse at St. Mungo's Hospital it is where she met Virgil and prodded her parents to approach his for a match. The match was made and Gwen was a very happy girl. When Unetta was conceived she left the Hospital to focus on her family. 9 girls later, Gwen is the only one that can seemingly cut the shenanigans to a quick halt with a particular loud *ahem*. She is not overbearing with the use of it, fully letting her girls have their fun and work it out amongst themselves. This manner of parenting has made her girls have quite the tight knit if chaotic bond of sisterhood.

With nine children, how much could she really have done about her youngest? Still, Miranda knows on many levels that he mother did her very best, and she's tried very hard not to disappoint her, or become more of a burden.


First Born Sister: (b. November 23, 1914) Pure-Blood. Unetta is the first born of the Goshawks Sisters. Quite often she has a sweet disposition when around company, but said disposition always has a tinge of rambunctiousness hiding immediately under the surface, waiting to boil over. And boil over it did, especially when it came to her sisters. Not only was she a trickster, but she liked to play pranks on her own siblings. As she gained more sisters, she would start to bring one or more of them into her ploys amongst their other siblings. She graduated after NEWTS in 1932 from Hufflepuff House. Age has only slightly tempered her rambunctiousness of her youth. Not one to be good with authority, especially Goblin authority, Unetta became a free-lance Curse-Breaker Relic Hunter. Unetta married Coakley Prewett May 1st, 1933. Her job and personal wishes has a future family on the back burner a bit. She wants a family, just in a few years at least.

At an age difference of about seven and a half years, Miranda's views of her oldest sister come largely from Unetta's breaks from school while Miranda was very young, and those breaks often heralded pranks, with Miranda the butt of many of them. Now she's off and married, and Miranda is fine with that.


Second Born Sister: (b. October 29th 1915) Pure-Blood. “Daffy” has always had an affinity for creatures great and small. While her parents pushed her towards a position in the Ministry within the R.C.M.C., Dauphne chose a simpler path for herself. She graduated after O.W.L.s in 1931 and went to work at the Magical Menagerie in the Mysticked District as a shop girl. Since she began working there, complaints and returns have gone down and the percentage of creatures finding their forever homes is on the rise. Her hours have dwindled to part time since her marriage to Howard Yaxley on May 1st, 1940. They are expecting their first child sometime in February of 1940.


Third Born Sister: (b. September 13th, 1916) Pure-Blood. Trinity has followed in her parents footsteps and is a Journeyman Healer at St. Mungo's Hospital. Her goal is to become a midwife and eventually, hopefully become Healer-In-Charge like her father is of Magical Bugs and Diseases.


Fourth Born Sister: (b. August 23rd, 1917) Pure-Blood. Pedwara is a very talented Jeweler. It's quite the usual affair to receive hand-crafted jewelry from Pedwara for gifting occasions. Bit by bit she'll bestow whole sets of glittering artwork on friends and family. Giving someone a bracelet on their birthday, then a necklace for Christmas and then earrings on Valentine's Day, etc.


Fifth Born Sister: (b. July 10th, 1918) Pure-Blood. Sioned otherwise known as ‘Ned’ to the sisters works at the Ministry of Magic in the Department of International Magical Cooperation (I.M.C.) as a Clerk. Sioned is very particular about things and is the most serious of the girls. This of course made her quite the target of her sister’s pranks and shenanigans. There truly is not ‘black sheep’ in the Goshawk sisters, but if one was forced to be selected it would be Sioned. Despite her mild stammer, Sioned has quite the gift for languages. In fact she created an original language just for her and her sisters to speak.

Four years ahead of Miranda, she was a much stronger presence in Miranda's childhood. Her stutter made her a far quieter sister, which was a welcome respite for young Miranda. Growing up, she tended to leave Sioned to her own devices, though as they both progressed through Hogwarts, there was a renewed connection in their heightened abilities in their Charms courses.


Sixth Born Sister: (b. June 10th, 1919) Pure-Blood. 'Whistler' is an example of irony that the second most serious of the Goshawk Girls (Sioned earning first place) would end up working at a Joke Shop. If and when she's asked why, her answer usually is, "Because laughter is my favorite sound." She graduated after her O.W.L.s from Hufflepuff House in 1935. Immediately she went to work for Gambol and Japes Joke Shop in the Mysticked District as a Shop Girl.


Seventh Born Sister: (b. May 9th, 1920) Pure-Blood. “Milly the Mouth” is her affectionate nickname. She claims it gladly and uses it as her On-Air persona for the shows she has on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Romilda is never one to be afraid to tell someone what she thinks for good or for bad. Graduating after O.W.L.s in 1936 out of Hufflepuff House in Hogwarts she started at the Network as a gopher and assistant to Phineas Black. Eventually after she gave her boss an amazingly clever dressing down did she get her first show, an opinion piece hour. She also handles a set a day of being a music D.J.. There is a rumor around the WWN that Milly has feelings for her old boss and visa versa. But nothing has been confirmed nor denied that there’s anything romantic going on between her and Phineas.

She would invade what little privacy Miranda had at home, and gave her quite a few bogus incantations to try when Miranda first started at Hogwarts. Another frequent recipient of Miranda's hex, as Romilda remains unrepentant.


Eighth Born Sister: (b. April 1st, 1921) Pure-Blood. Diadema was always the one that wandered off. So it is no surprise to anyone that after the Gryffindor graduated after N.E.W.T.s in 1939 she went right into training to be a Placement Agent for the Department of Magical Transportation in the Portkey Office. Now she gets paid to wander off, so to speak.

Miranda didn't have a lot growing up, and what she did have, Diadema would borrow indefinitely without ever asking first. Miranda soon found out her invented hex had wonderfully coercive benefits, too.


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