Character Information
Portrayed by Annalise Basso
Name: Moira Woodcroft
Aliases: Mo
Birthday: August 20th, 1930
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Half-blood


A young girl with long, coppery-red hair and slightly wide-set eyes of sea green. Her skin is pale and dotted with light freckles. Standing a scant four feet tall, she is a rather skinny girl, willowy and full of energy, flitting like a butterfly from one thing to the next. She faintly smells of heather, and when she speaks, it is with a thick Scottish brogue.


Ten inches, spruce, surprisingly swishy, with a troll whisker core.



Moira has a pet tawny owl named Flappy.



Moira was born to Alistair Woodcroft and Marian Prewett on a sunny August day in 1930. She was born in Hogsmeade, like all of her father's ancestors since they founded the village. She was a beloved child, doted upon by her relatives, always able to avoid getting into too much trouble with her sweet smile. She was always a favorite of her grandfather, Ryan Woodcroft, who entertained her with fanciful stories of impossible romances and adventures in the Forbidden Forest, and even taught her to speak the language of trolls!

Being the descendant of the very founders of the village and an unbroken line of village mayors, Moira is expected to present a good face for the village, and perhaps one day take part in administrating it. There is just one problem: Moira hates Hogsmeade Village. Is isn't that she hates the people, or even the way of life. Moira simply feels trapped, and yearns to escape and have adventures. Her life has been a sheltered one. While she may have the run of the village, its borders are where her world ends. Her few ventures beyond Hogsmeade have been heavily chaperoned, and never lasted long enough.


Moira isn't without joy in Hogsmeade. She has many friends there, and she enjoys playing, swimming in the lake, and having tea parties. She is also the Hogsmeade hide-and-seek champion (or so she claims). She has developed a fascination with interesting stones, and has quite a collection, separated by category: pretty stones, stones that look like other things, and skipping stones.

RP Hooks

Hogsmeade Royalty
Moira is a Woodcroft, the founding family of Hogsmeade, and she is quite well-known and beloved throughout the village.
Sucker for Suckers
Got candy or other sweet treats? Moira is your new best friend.
Half-Blood Slytherin
Moira is the first publicly known half-blood to be sorted into Slytherin. While the purity-obsessed snakes are normally at least tolerant of half-bloods, having one in their midst, wearing their colours, may not be so tolerable.
Class of 1948
Moira is entering Hogwarts as a First Year in the fall of 1941.


First Family of Hogsmeade
Hogsmeade was founded by Hengist of Woodcroft. His descendants adopted Woodcroft as their surname in his honour.
Dangerously Curious
Living such a sheltered life means there are a great many things Moira has never experienced or seen. She wants to see and do it all, and doesn't have a great sense for what might be better left alone.
Weakness for Sweets
Moira has an insatiable sweet tooth.
Wealth: Well-To-Do
The Woodcrofts are an institution in Hogsmeade, and have benefited greatly from their position.


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Grandfather: Granddad is mayor of Hogsmeade, so he takes care of all of us. But to me, he's my Granddad. He still let's me come into his office to sit on his knee and hear his crazy stories. Da says none of them actually happened, but Granddad taught me to speak Troll! How could he know how to speak Troll if he'd never had any adventures in the Forbidden Forest?


Father: My Da is an important man in Hogsmeade. He helps Granddad run the village, and someday he'll be mayor.


Mother: I love my Ma. She taught me how to sew and cook. I'm not very good yet, but she says she has loads of recipes and patterns for me to learn from.


Cousin: Audra is a cousin somewhere on my mother's side. Everyone says that we look a lot alike.




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