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Professor of Divination
Portrayed by Peter Dinklage
Name: Manto Mopsus
Aliases: ('Mahn-toh' 'Mop-sus')
Birthday: January 1, 1898
Position: Professor
Lineage: Half-Blood


A very short man, somewhere in the neighborhood of 4 and a half feet. He has a craggy face, with a nose that's flattened at the bridge and slightly upturned at the tip, and a strong jaw that's usually covered in a 5 o'clock shadow. His bright blue eyes are set deep under heavy brows. His mop of brown hair is tousled falling across his forehead carelessly, and laugh lines crinkle the corners of his eyes.

Crisply pressed black scholarly robes are worn over a navy blue oxford shirt and neatly belted, pleated trousers. Polished black wingtips shod his feet and single band of gold marked with several intricate runes is worn on his right index finger. Ever present in his right hand is a staff of spiraling wood, from the top of the staff dangle some small pouches, talismans and vials that jingle and clink with any movement. If it weren't for this noise his movement would be quite silent.


Born blind and a dwarf and abandoned at St. Mungo's, Manto Mopsus has never had it easy. But he never let that deter him, not even when his gift for prophecy complicated his life further.

RP Hooks

  • Ravenclaw Head of House - Are you a member of House Ravenclaw requiring assistance from your Head of House. Are you someone with a concern about a Ravenclaw Student? This is the man to see!
  • Seer of Hogwarts - Professor Mopsus is an incredibly talented seer. Perhaps you are desperate to know something. Perhaps he can help. But at what cost?


  • Answers Questions with Questions — Student: "Professor, what is the Chamber of Secrets?", Manto: "What is the definition of a 'secret'?"
  • Blind
  • Seer


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Professor Mopsus has great esteem for Dumbledore's intellect. They get along well, and regard each other with the utmost professional respect.


Manto and Horace are fine friends, frequently seen chatting in the halls.


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