Unspeakably Young
Portrayed by Virginie Ledoyen
Name: Morgana Constance Rashley
Aliases: Ana, Anya
Birthday: Feb 25, 1921
Position: Unspeakable
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Morgana is tall and slender young lady with pale skin and striking blue eyes. Her hair is long and dark, nearly black in color and is as straight as a pin. She is still growing into herself, and while she has filled out in some areas, others are still thin and gangly. Around her neck is a long silver chain that is tucked under her clothing. Occasionally a sapphire colored charm peeks out when the necklace falls out of its hiding spot. She is wearing a fine set of violet robes, with clean lines and accents of black on the lapels. On the inside of the cloak there are several runes embroidered into the the lining.


Because she was raised by her grandparents from a very young age, Morgana had a very sheltered upbringing. Her mother, Alexandra Rashley, was an only child and raised in a similar sheltered environment, and once she was out on her own after finishing Hogwarts she let loose. She said she was traveling to find herself. Instead she ended up in Russia without any money, but she was too stubborn to run home with her tail between her legs. She ended up staying with with a gentleman named Sevastyan Petrov. They had a whirlwind romance that ended abruptly when Alexandra found out that Sevastyan was married. Finally, without anywhere else to go, Alexandra returned home to her parents with her tail between her legs.

Of course, Alexandra did not leave Russia without a souvenir. Several months after she returned, Morgana was born. Even if it was a bit of a scandal, Seth and Glynis, Alexandra's parents, had hope that this would calm their wayward daughter down. For a while, it worked. Alexandra got a job in a local potions shop near her parents home on the Isle of Wight and seemed to be a very devoted mother. However, after a few years her wanderlust started up again and try as she wanted to, she could not ignore it. She left Morgana behind, promising to come back for her when she was old enough to travel. That was twelve years ago.

Despite her mothers reluctance to be in her life, Morgana had a happy childhood. Her grandparents were loving, and, even though they were not rich, they had more than enough to provide for her. Her Grandmother was insistent on her learning proper etiquette and had very particular ideas about how a proper young lady should act. Every few months or so, Morgana would receive an owl from her mother telling her where she had been, detailing the fantastic places she had traveled, and occasionally sent little trinkets for her to keep. Always, there was the promise of coming to pick her up and take her traveling, but as the years went on, Morgana began to realize that this was an empty promise.



Thirteen and Three Quarter inches, Ebony, Slightly Springy, with a Dragon Heartstring core.


The broom that she uses is a Cleansweep Two



While the instrument is a hand me down from her grandfather, he has recently got it fixed and refinished for her so it's more of her instrument now than his.


Sebastian is the family cat, though if you asked him, he is more of their butler. He lives with her grandparents and enjoys visiting him when she can get a chance.

By the time she was old enough to begin Hogwarts, she knew that she would not be joining her mother on her free-spirited traveling life. While she enjoyed being away from home in the Ravenclaw tower and learning, every summer she had the hope that her mother would at least take her for a short trip while she was on her school breaks. Finally, when she was thirteen, her mother made actual plans to bring her somewhere, going as far as to arrange for port keys for them to meet up just a few days after she returned from school.

Beyond excited, Morgana was counting the days until school ended, and her mothers letters increased, telling her where they were going to go and what they were going to see. However, around Easter Break, the owls stopped. When she sent questioning letters to her Grandparents, they did not have answers. However, she figured her mother was just busy getting their holiday planned and shoved that worry aside. Just a few days before her third year ended she finally heard from her mother, but it was not the news that she wanted. The trip was canceled, but there was good news! She met a lovely Italian man, and they were to be married! However, it was to be a private affair and, as much as she wanted her daughter to be there, Morgana was unable to attend. Again, her mother promised that after the wedding, she would at least visit and bring her new husband along.

Morgana was devastated to have her summer plans canceled, but the news of her mother marrying unsettled her, and she wasn't sure why. The summer before her fourth year flew by and Morgana noticed that her Grandparents were acting a little odd, like they were keeping some important information from her. After weeks of pestering her Grandfather, he finally gave in and told her the whole story. Her mother had met a pure blood Italian Wizard, who was known to be a bit of a play boy. When she found out she was pregnant, she went to him in an effort to extort money for the child. His mother had a better idea: they were to be married, so that the child would not be born a bastard.

After learning the full story, Morgana began to withdraw from her friends and family. Her schoolwork suffered when she returned to school, and when Christmas rolled around, her family got an owl saying her mother gave birth to a baby girl and how excited they were to have her in their lives. There were pictures included of an excited looking Alexandra, in a very posh and expensive home, with the infant and a very bored and enthusiastic man in the background who must be her new husband. She felt replaced, even though her grandparents did their best to spoil her for that one Christmas and bought her a shiny new broom. Though shes never had the desire to join the Quidditch team, she does enjoy to fly.

After that Christmas, Morgana was determined to not allow her mothers actions affect her any further. So after slacking off for half the year, Morgana decided to take her studies seriously. By the time she finished her OWLs in her fifth year, she had high marks in Charms, Defense against the Dark Arts and Ancient Runes. When she was asked what she wanted to after Hogwarts, she had a few ideas in mind, but the one that is most appealing to her right now is the Department of Mysteries. Now she just hopes to repair those friendships shes neglected over the past two years.

While she thought she was on the right track to join the Department of Mysteries, she was misinformed about the way they operate. So now she's waiting for them to make their move, while silently fretting that she may have ruined her chances to have a proper career after Hogwarts. For now she is working in Black's Apothecary, and has gotten herself a small flat in Diagon Alley.

In December of 1939, she was greeted by St. Cloud, who after must persuasion, agreed to take her into the Department of Mysteries. She spent her first six months, working in the Love department, focusing on Soulbonds and their effects on Wizards. After her probation period was finished in May, she was brought in as a full Unspeakable.

RP Hooks

  • Musician: She does own a Violin and can occasionally be convinced to dust it off and play it.
  • Former Head Girl: Morgana was the head girl in her 7th year.
  • Unspeakable: Have a Mystery? Come down to the 9th floor, we have cookies!


Wealth: Well-To-Do Morgana secured her position in the Department of Mysteries, and the paycheck that comes with it.
Ambidextrous It's not uncommon for Morgana to take notes on more than one piece of parchment at a time.
Withdrawn Morgana prefers solitude to social activities, even if her friends are dragging her out more.
Practical Morgana attempts to approach things logically, even if it drives her friends a little crazy.
Soulbond Due to Morgana's exposure to the damaged Heart of Gold, a magical connection was forged with Lucian.






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