Character Information
Portrayed by Liz Gillies
Name: Morrow Selwyn
Aliases: none
Birthday: January 3rd, 1925 (16)
Position: Student: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood

'I have always paid attention to the merits of my enemies, and found it an advantage.'
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


First Year Gryffindor: Morrow Selwyn is flawless.
Third Year Ravenclaw: She has two dragon-skin purses and a pet Abraxan.
Hufflepuff Quidditch Jock: I hear her hair's insured for £1000.
Shopgirl: Her favorite band is Elegant Doormats.
Short Girl: One time she met Linc Palancher…
Second Year Slytherin: - And he told her she was pretty!
Fourth Year Hufflepuff: One time she punched me in the face… It was awesome.

Morrow Selwyn strives to stand out in a crowd. As the baby-faced lines of adolescence have sharpened, they've revealed the fine-boned features that she will settle into as womanhood blossoms. Wide, sooty-lashed eyes, the shade of a stormy sea, are emphasised by subtle shadow and liner; expert forays into more mature appeal. Dark, arching brows lend a suitable frame, balancing out a strong, straight nose and high, rounded cheekbones within a delicate jawline. More often than not her full, rosy lips are to be found curved in a smile - though the apparent warmth never quite touches her gaze. Odd. Her hair is a pretty mahogany shade, nothing remarkable, and is usually left in a glossy, careless tumble about her shoulders; the subtle sunkiss highlighting the warmth in her peachy complexion. She's grown taller over the past year, and her figure has filled out into a curvaceous hourglass silhouette; something she carries with typical teenage pride and confidence.



12 inches, spruce, whippy, with a dragon heartstring core.



Morrow's part-kneazle cat, Raleigh, is spoiled, lazy and beautiful. Sound familiar? Generally he's quite good natured, finding few things interesting enough to warrant moving.



Details coming soon…

Morrow Ruby Artemisia Eugenie Selwyn-Rosier was born in Abergavenny, Wales, a few days after the New Year of 1925, just as people were finally getting over their hangovers. The sole daughter of the eccentric director, Boscom Selwyn, and his beautiful young model-turned-actress wife, Lottie Rosier, it seemed at first as though their little girl must be destined to lead a charmed life. She was bright and beautiful and showed promise from an early age when it came to magical ability. Morrow greatly admired her enchanting mother, the stunning clothes she possessed, the jewels, the fans. They were always wealthy, and the child wanted for nothing. Save, perhaps, attention. With such glamorous and driven parents, she risked being overlooked on a daily basis.. which is why she had to learn swiftly to keep herself in the spotlight; circumstances demanding the once pleasant child become manipulative, selfish and spoiled.

When it came time to depart for school, she made arrangements to travel with a friend of hers, Rosetta Bulstrode; joining in with the family's excursions in preparation and meeting the other girl to catch the Hogwarts Express together. Nobody seemed to question the absence of her parents - the little girl was so contentedly independent without them, even at the tender age of eleven. Similarly, she took to school like the proverbial duck to water; ironically the years of acting and coercing standing her in good stead amongst less mature or socially aware peers. Surprisingly to many, she turned out to be a perfectly decent student, too. Sorted into Ravenclaw, she enjoyed Transfiguration and Charms right from the start, though she struggled with the 'boring' History and Herbology. And she didn't have much talent on a broom - not that she cared, immediately enrolling herself in the Arts, Domestics and Duelling Clubs.

NEWT classes in Charms and Transfiguration, with summer apprenticeships at Twilfitt and Tattings to keep her occupied. Not that she needs to work, but her flair for fashion has drawn her to pursuing at least a casual career in that sphere. With an apartment in the Mysticked District on lease during the holidays Morrow is very much spreading her wings since she turned 16 and became an adult by law. Parties and networking (or her version of it) remain at the forefront of her mind and it's likely the next few years will see her establishing important connections rather than simply amusing herself at others expense.

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A A A A A
Charms O E O E E
Defence Against the Dark Arts E E E O E
Herbology A A A A A
History of Magic P A A P P
Potions A A A E E
Transfiguration O O O O O
Flying A
Ancient Runes A A A
Divination P A A
Clubs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7


  • Hedonistic: Morrow was brought up very spoiled. Being pampered without negative consequences for being selfish and hurtful created a social monster. “Brat-Supreme". The pursuit of pleasure is an ongoing quest for her.
  • Honeyed Tongue: She's attractive, and more importantly, she's socially intelligent. That's what gives her the power to manipulate others so well - she understands people's fears and insecurities. But she does find pleasure in her occasionally sociopathic tendencies…
  • Manipulative: She soon found that she could manipulate her parents and others by acting. With this foundation, she began wearing all kinds of disguises and masks in order to get anything she wanted, nowadays especially from persons who seek to please for her attention.
  • Stylish: Appearance is of the utmost importance to Morrow and she has ambitions toward a career in this sphere. Expect a veiled dig if you're wearing something she considers unfashionable!
  • Wealth: Rich: The Selwyns are a wealthy family, and notably the primary financial backers of the W.A.D.A. She's used to getting what she wants, when she wants, because she wants it.

RP Hooks

  • Queen Bee: Thanks to a combination of charm, manipulation and sheer ruthlessness, Morrow is now undeniably one of the most popular (or hated!) girls in her year. Do you get along with or despise her?
  • Artistic: She's keenly involved in the Arts Club. Mostly because she loves being the centre of attention and has her mother's flair for theatrics. She's a bloody awful singer, though.
  • Sociable: Morrow actively makes time to get to know students outside of her house. Just be wary - there's almost always an ulterior motive.
  • Bully: Do you have some history with Morrow? Old enemies or someone new to pick on, if you've a bully-bait character, or worse if she sees you as competition, she'll happily single you out.


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The Romantic Hero: They dated, briefly. But he's just so arrogant. It amused her more to dump him and watch him fail miserably to handle it. Trouble is.. she doesn't actually dislike him. And he's not going to give up as easily as she'd assumed.


Cast as the Villain: He has a rather 'colorful' reputation. People are probably just making it all up. Besides.. she's in complete control. Yes she is. Yes she is!


Pretty Lil Thing: Much more intelligent than she lets on. She and Morrow are in the Arts Club together and seem to understand one another quite well. There's potential here.


Blues Muse: Poor sweet Oscar. She doesn't quite have the heart to pick on him, even if he is a ladies man and probably deserves it. Must be those puppy-dog eyes.


The Innocent: Violet's brilliant. Just the right balance of smart and useful to naive and innocent. But she's a housemate and likeable, so Morrow probably won't let anything bad happen to her.


Respected Viper: Walburga Black. In a word — entertaining. Morrow appreciates anyone who calls a spade a spade - or a Mudblood a Mudblood - in such unabashedly brilliant fashion. She could do to loosen up a little, though.


Mouthy Mudblood: He's likely going to learn the hard way to lose that attitude with his elders, whether they're Purists or not. Cheeky little git, in Morrow's opinion.


If in doubt, snark: Real chip on his shoulder, this one! Still, he's fun to banter with, if he doesn't start sulking.


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