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Postmaster and Gun Enthusiast
Portrayed by Jack Fox
Name: Mumford Alexander Wells
Aliases: Mum, Mums, Postmaster Wells, Welly, Mumsy (Military Only)
Birthday: April 17th, 1909
Position: Postmaster
Lineage: Muggle-Born


A dusty mop of ruddy blond hair tops Mumford Wells' head. The light curls of his haircut are parted from the left to create a lopsided flop. His brow is lightly defined, with thin straight eyebrows making a stern line across his face. Eyes of hunter green are set deeply on either side of a strongly lined nose with narrow nostrils. His facial hair is a light scruff of dark blond around his jaw and lip that gives a hint of color to his otherwise pale features. Not traditionally handsome, his forehead is tall and his jaw is overly long, but it matches well with his build. While he stands an inch or so over six feet his frame is light, which gives him a long lanky look.

Mumford's clothing is more suited for the muggle world than anywhere else. He wears a dark blue sweater vest over a simple white button-down shirt. A plain black tie passes the distance between his collar and the top of his sweater vest. A pair of gray slacks cover his legs, and end in a pair of black penny loafers on his long narrow feet. Over it all he wears a worn wool overcoat with dull black buttons. The scent of birds, parchment, and black powder hang lightly on his body.

Mumford's Work Uniform

Mumford is presently wearing the garb of his office as Postmaster of Hogsmeade. His uniform jacket is a dark blue that tapers severely towards the waist and ends near his upper thigh. Brass buttons adorn its front which is matched by same color stitched bars that encircle the high starched collar. A simple brass clasped belt wraps about his waist over the jacket. A dark leather pouch hangs against his left hip. He wears matching pressed trousers and a pair of rough black leather boots. Over it all he wears an open Ministry issued robe in black. The scents of birds, parchment, and black powder hang lightly on his body.


Mumford Alexander Wells was born on April 17 th 1909 in Bakewell, England to Christien and Gail Wells. His father retired from the British Army and at the time of Mumford's birth worked as a gamekeeper for the Marquis of Hartington, Edward Cavendish of the Devonshire Cavendishes. His mother kept house and would wash clothes when extra funds were needed for the household. Mumford, named for a distant relation to the house of the same name, showed signs of his magical inclinations early in life. His mother took awhile to accept her son's oddity but eventually came around. His father was very supportive for someone unaware of the magical world, claiming he had already seen amazing things happen in the Africas when he was a young soldier. His father, once he learned of its existence, turned the family funds towards paying for Mumford's education at Hogwarts.

Mumford's first trip to the Wizarding world was to collect school supplies, books, and of course a stop to purchase a wand. The wand that chose Mumford, and he still carries today, is made of English oak, is supple, and measures 10 and 3/4 inches in length. Made by Gervaise Ollivander, the core of the wand is made of Unicorn Hair. Sorted as a Hufflepuff, Mumford began his schooling in 1920. Being his father's son he made great progress with classes involving animals, magical or not, and he showed deftness with charms. While Mumford excelled in those areas, he failed miserably in broom flying, and worse so in potions. In 1927 he graduated from Hogwarts and quickly returned to the Muggle world. Born to a long line of men that had been in the British Army, Mumford returned to England proper to carry on that tradition and enlist. One year later he was deployed to the Durand line that divided Afghanistan.

In 1928 the Afghan civil war officially kicked off, and Mumford was amongst those sent to protect His Majesty's interests in Afghanistan. Two months before the end of the Civil War in 1929 Mumford was shot in the leg in a small fire fight with some Pashtun tribesman. Far from the assistance of magic, and medicine being what it was, the wound became infected and the limb had to be amputated. Honors and a medical discharge soon followed. Feeling that magic would have saved his leg, Mumford chose to return to the Wizarding world and planned not to leave again. With his trained discipline from the Army and his natural affinity for animals that fly he was able to land a job working for the Ministry of Magic's Owl Postal Service as a caretaker and postman in 1930. Eight years of service to the OPS had led Mumford to a junior supervisory position at his home office with little room for further advancement there. Offering a willingness to move for the job is what earned him a Postmaster position, all be it at a miniscule office in the winter village of Hogsmeade.


  • Wealth: Comfortable - The Ministry pays well enough.
  • Disability: Missing Left Leg - If you going for a long walk, Mumford will probably need a cane.
  • Featherfriend - An animal-lover, but exclusive to feathered species.
  • Chivalrous - Certain things are just done a certain way.
  • Dense about love - Some people just don't get subtle hints.

RP Hooks

  • Muggle-born
  • Hogwarts Class of '27
  • Hufflepuff Alumni
  • Owl Post Office
  • Hogsmeade Postmaster
  • Ministry of Magic: Central Department
  • British Military: Infantry
  • Hunting
  • Owl Care & Feeding
  • Radio Programs - Wizard and Muggle


Egbert - The little ornery owl



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