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Character Information
Portrayed by Cary Elwes
Name: Murray Toke
Aliases: Murr
Birthday: October 26th, 1902
Position: Ministry of Magic
Lineage: Half-Blood


Murray is a man, roughly 40 years old, of Half-Blood, British heritage with creamy skin tone. Standing at 5'11" he is around 170 pounds in an overall thickened some over the years body type. He still moves like he has the athletic form of his youth however. Short light dirty blonde hair is done in combed back manner atop an oblong shaped face. Hooded stormy blue eyes are set to either side of his hawk-like nose. Below that nose is a thin set of lips. The rest of his oblong shaped face is accented in full cheeks, an angular jaw that comes to a shallowly dimpled chin. Murray smells of woody cologne with a hint of walnuts. When he speaks the tones and accent of Southwestern English can be detected. Born and raised in Ottery St. Catchpole in Devonshire he does have some Londoner strongly in his inflections now that he's spent his adult life in the city.

At the moment Murray is going for a well put together style. He is wearing a double breasted grey suit above a black wool trousers with green leather oxfords completing the look.



Murray Toke was born on October 26th, 1902, a stormy autumn day in Ottery St. Catchpole, England to Leroy Toke and Sienna Toke nee Feathercut. Leroy is a Half-Blood who works for the Ministry of Magic as an Obliviator for a living. Sienna is also a Half-Blood Obliviator. They were great parents to Murray and childhood for him was an adventure. Every night around the dinner table and for bed time stories the family would take turns weaving stories together, excuses that they would use on muggles if they needed their memories wiped. Since the family was well-to-do he had access to good education and activities. A few of his favorite hobbies growing up were playing in the park with his siblings and friends and weaving the next great story and/or excuse into a masterpiece. The Toke and Feathercut families are adventurous and friendly, and Murray's relationship with all of them is extremely close.

When Murray started Hogwarts in 1914 and was sorted into Gryffindor House he fit right in and made a lot of fast friends. Athletics Club, Broom Club and being on the Quidditch Team as a Chaser were some of Murray's extra-curriculars. Third Year was the year that Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures were taken on along with the core classes. O.W.L.s in these classes were on the high side of passing, with a few Es and an O where they mattered the most. All good enough so that Murray could take the N.E.W.T.s required by the Ministry to become an Obliviator. After doing very well in these classes he graduated with the class of 1921.

After graduating he became an Obliviator for the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes (M.A.C.) at the Ministry of Magic. Murray loves his job. With the changes to the Statute of Secrecy in 1940 Murray is going with the flow and is happy to do so. He is rather glad that he still has a job, but the Muggles are now being given an easier time, especially the muggles that have close relationships to someone with magical abilities. Over the years it's been a heartbreaking part of his job to sometimes remove the existence of a loved one from someone else's mind. He could not fathom what it would be like to have the memory of his wife, Tilly and their three children, Slater, Hammel and Matilda removed. Since meeting his wife when they both went to Hogwarts they have had nothing but good memories together. That is however until the Ilfracombe Incident. But even that turned out to be something they could look back on and laugh and smile.

In 1932 when Murray and his young family went for holiday to Ilfracombe, a seaside resort and civil parish in North Devon, England. While enjoying the sunny shores a Common Welsh Green dragon attacked a group of sunbathing Muggles. In the largest group of Memory Charms performed in the 20th century, his family removed the memories of the incident from almost all Muggles involved. However, despite their mass memory charming, some individuals managed to escape with their memories intact, including a certain "Dodgy" Dirk who maintains to this day, much to the obvious confusion of Muggles, that a "dirty great flying lizard" punctured his lilo. Since that day, Dirk is on the top of Murray's list of Most Wanted.

RP Hooks

  • Animagus: Murray is an Obliviator assigned to keeping the muggles from discovering the magical areas of Hyde Park. Being a Squirrel Animagus allows Murray to keep an eye on things without bringing attention to himself. What's more normal than a Squirrel in a Park?
  • Obliviator: Murray removes memories for a living. Are you an unvetted muggle that's seen too much? Are you a wizard that did a magical thing in front of an unvetted muggle? While Murray is stationed at Hyde Park. There is capabilities of going outside this jurisdiction for the sake of RP.
  • Gryffindor: Murray was a Lion from 1914 - 1921. He was a Chaser for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team from 1916 - 1921.
  • Bayswater Resident: Murray lives at #1 Craven Hill Gardens, Bayswater, West End, London with his wife, Tilly, and his children, Slater, Harrel and Matilda.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Animagus: Sqiurrel
  • Adventurous
  • Playful


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Leroy Toke
Father: (b. 1878) Half-Blood. An Obliviator like his father before him and his father before him. Blowing Muggle's minds is in the Toke blood!


Sienna Toke nee Feathercut
Mother: (b. 1880) Half-Blood.


Wife: (b. June 20th, 1903) Pure-Blood. Tilly Toke nee Summerbee. His beautiful flaxen haired Pure-Blooded love. She gave up a lot to be with him. So he does everything in his power to make sure that their relationship is well worth the sacrifice.


Child: (b. May 12th, 1924) Half-Blood. Roster character.


Child: (b. June 6th, 1928) Half-Blood. Roster character.


Child: (b. July 3rd, 1930) Half-Blood. Roster character.


Dodgy Dirk
The One That Got Away: Dirk to this day is said to go talking about how a "dirty great flying lizard" punctured his lilo. Every time Murray thinks he's caught up with Dodgy Dirk, alas he discovers that he's just missed him, or that it's just someone telling a tale of the tale of the tale. At least him being out there keeps Murray on his toes.


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