This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Musidora leaves Hogwarts after Sixth Year to go onto the world as an adult and fades into the background.

Character Information
Portrayed by Kat Dennings
Name: Musidora Lovegood
Aliases: "Muse"
Birthday: July 04, 1922
Position: Student: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood


10 1/2" inches, Ebony, Sturdy, with a Dragon Heartstring core.





Her parents were married right out of Hogwarts, her father Adelphus a Slytherin alum, good enough at Potions to eventually make a lucrative business out of selling "Potions For Practically Everything" via post and merchant travel, while her mother, a former Ravenclaw named Vesta is an extremely skilled herbologist and charm-smith. She had always wanted to travel but got pregnant with Musidora barely a year after marrying Adelphus, so her fanciful stories of far off lands and mysterious artifacts were always part of Muse's story time before bed.

As an only child, she was the one tagging along after either parent at any given time, even if they were a little wrapped up in each other, and those times alone would be spent daydreaming of magic, swashbuckling adventures, romance and Hogwarts. She was prepared for her letter as soon as her ninth birthday rolled around, anxiously asking each year, "When, mummy?" so, when it was time, it felt like a dream… her first wand and barn-owl companion, Goodfellow.

To her un-surprise, Musidora was sorted into Ravenclaw. Her first year was spent as a wallflower, nose always positioned in a book whether it was for class or for pleasure reading, making sure she could make the grade and make her parents proud… but she was always aware if her surroundings, watching the school year and her fellow students go by. Second and third year continued fairly similar, but at the beginning of her fifth year at Hogwarts, Muse sort of blossomed into the sort of girl you either like or loathe, or else loathe and get to know and then like. She's still a pretty good student, her best courses Herbology and Potions, despite her tendency to zone out into reverie, and her scores in testing are almost always high.

RP Hooks

  • Her father, Adelphus, is the purveyor/proprietor of "Potions for Practically Everything"
  • Need tutoring in Herbology or Potions? She's your girl!


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