Character Information
Portrayed by Heather Matarazzo
Name: Myrtle Elizabeth Warren
Aliases: -
Birthday: March 15th, 1929
Position: Student: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Muggle-Born


Myrtle is a young girl at roughly eleven years of age. Her muggle-born, English heritage shows in her fair pimpled skin tone and the tortoise shell, thick lens reading glasses on her small nose. Standing at 4'6" she weighs around 80 pounds. Shoulder-length dark brown hair is currently tied up in a high ponytail, highlighting her oblong shaped face. Big, deep set dark brown eyes can be seen on either side of her button nose, which props up her spectacles. Below that nose is a thick set of naturally plush, red lips. The rest of her face is accented with thin cheeks, an oval-shaped jaw and comes to a barely there chin. Smelling of oak-wood soap, when she speaks it's done with an English accent.


Myrtle Elizabeth Warren was born on a rainy spring evening in Worthing, England on the 15th of March, 1929 to a very nice muggle couple. Her father, Joseph, made a living tuning pianos and her mother, Elizabeth, made a living as a seamstress in a small muggle dress shop. Joseph and Elizabeth had a modest, but quite charming cottage on the shore of the English Channel. Their home was often filled with the smell of fresh herbs and home cooking, and filled with the music from a small antique piano tucked away in the corner, as Joseph was quite a gifted musician and singer. A small garden dominated the small backyard, but there was quite a bit of room for Myrtle to play, and the shore was just a short walk away.

Myrtle led quite the happy life in her early childhood. She got very good marks in school, and had quite a few friends that often came to visit her, or she them. At home, her mother and father were both the model of loving parents. She would help her mother cook dinner each night when she got home, and after dinner when her father would sit to tickle the ivories of their small piano, Myrtle would come sing with him, despite the fact that she was blissfully unaware of how terribly tone deaf she was. Quite the contrary, her loving mother would sit and listen to the father and daughter as she sewed and comment often on how lovely Myrtles voice was.

When Myrtle received her letter for Hogwarts, she was quite overjoyed. A Muggle Liaison was very good in the care they took revealing the truth of her new world and the secrecy that the Warren family must maintain. Her parents were such fine folk and they were sanctioned in rather record time. It was an amazing experience for all of them visiting the Mysticked District for the first time together to her supplies. It was a tearful goodbye on Platform 9 3/4 with promises of many presents when she came home for the Holidays.

Hogwarts was not exactly what she expected, the school itself was amazing and so were the classes, a few of the Professors are pretty intimidating, but the classes proved to be fantastic. Living in a castle and not the picturesque shore cottage proved very challenging for Myrtle and she often finds herself homesick. Particularly on the days the purist students make their ire clearly known to her. Not to mention that other students find her thick glasses and spotty skin tease worthy as well. She tries to focus on the good, she has found a quiet place on campus where she can vent and cry and get it all out of her system. After these cathartic releases it grows harder and harder to put on a brave face. The sheltered upbringing has made it hard for her to socially adjust.


Myrtle is a Canon Character and will be returned to +Roster when she idles out.
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RP Hooks

  • Loves to Sing: Myrtle absolutely loves to sing. Sadly, she is blissfully unaware of how terrible she is at it.
  • Loves Herbology: Myrtle loves herbology and is often out in the greenhouses tending the plants. Do you also have a green thumb?
  • Bullied: If she is not being bullied for her "Mud Blood" by Purists, others find her spotty skin and thick glasses fodder enough. This character is an easy target and should receive a hard time.


  • Tone Deaf
  • Homesick
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Unlucky


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Tormentor - (b. May 25 1929) Half-Blood. Myrtle doesn't know what she's done to make Olive dislike her so much.


Joseph Warren
Father - (b. ) Muggle. Myrtle adores her father. A common muggle piano tuner, gifted musician, and loving father, Myrtle loves spending any time that she can with him and misses him terribly. She sang with him while he plays the piano every night before coming to Hogwarts.


Elizabeth Warren
Mother - (b. ) Muggle. Myrtle misses her mother most of all. Elizabeth was the constant touch of encouragement that she is needing now since her life at Hogwarts has turned out to have it's hardships. But she doesn't want her already concerned Mother being troubled any further and do something rash like try to bring Myrtle home again. So it's only the good that she writes home about. Keeping her troubles with the other students to herself.


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