This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Wanderlust caught up with her. Last seen returning to Ireland.

Now You See Me…
Portrayed by Noomi Rapace
Name: Nadya Sinead O'Hara
Birthday: Dec 05, 1910
Position: Dancer/Acrobat
Lineage: Half-blood


A diminutive woman, at a mere 5'4" tall, Nadya is easily overlooked when she isn't drawing attention to herself. Sharp eyebrows come to points over almond-shaped brown eyes, a narrow nose, and a pixie-like mouth. Her high cheekbones complete the fey picture, framed by curly chestnut locks spilling over her shoulders.

Her slight form is typically adorned in dark fabrics, accentuated by gold thread and embroidery. She favors loose skirts, and plenty of jewelry to complete the gypsy image.


The Quinnland Clan of Irish Travellers is known to regularly interact (and interbreed) with the Romany people from the mainland. So it was no surprise to anyone when, during a grand celebration in Spain, Mickey O'Hara danced with, fell in love with, and married the Transylvanian beauty Zatalya in the course of a single evening. The storytellers say that their first daughter was conceived that very night.

Her knives are sharper than her tongue
Her knives are sharper than her tongue

It's true that nine months later, to the day, Nadya O'Hara was born in Quinnland, Ireland. She was always a daring child, and fortune seemed to favor her from the start. She would regularly venture out on her own adventures in the countryside — exploring ruined buildings, climbing cliffs, swimming over waterfalls. It seemed that no matter what dangerous predicament she got herself into, she would come out the other side unharmed (though not necessarily clean and tidy).

From her mother, Nadya learned the Zapaderin — the hypnotic dance used to distract onlookers while her kin fleeced the crowd. From her father and his brothers, she learned tumbling and acrobatics, to amaze and entertain with remarkable agility.

The first manifestation of Nadya's magic came in Wales when she was seven years old, while the clan entertained an audience of locals around a bonfire. Nadya came out with the other young girls to perform a dance, meant to be endearing to the crowd. It worked, and they loved it. The tip pot was filling up quickly, and the audience clapped along to the beat of the music. Nadya's excitement grew, and at the final pose of the dance, the bonfire behind her exploded in a column of flame, thirty feet high.

The crowd went wild. They couldn't believe the special effects, and for years, it was spoken of as the most spectacular thing many of them had ever seen. Once again, Lady Luck stood by Nadya's side.

Nadya in travelling garb
Nadya in travelling garb

Her family, however, knew exactly what had happened. For Zatalya was a witch, and though Mickey was a Muggle, the Quinnland Clan was full of wizards. They had fully expected that their child would likely have magic as well. After that, it just became a matter of waiting for the letter to arrive. Surely enough, in the summer months of Nadya's eleventh year, an owl flew into the camp, carrying a letter marked with the seal of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


9 inches, pine, very flexible, with a dragon heartstring core.


Nadya keeps a Little Owl named Flit as a companion and post carrier.

Shadow Knives

A leather sheathe that produces a limitless supply of throwing knives, which vanish into nothing a few moments after leaving her hand. It was a graduation gift from her mother.

Nadya's time at Hogwarts was a bit jarring for her. Despite being surrounded with hundreds of other students, she often felt alone. She'd never been away from her family, and now she was in a culture she didn't truly understand. So much of her time was spent on her own, exploring the castle the grounds. On more than one occasion, she was caught (and given detention for) climbing the outer walls. Of course, in time, she learned better how to avoid getting caught. Hogwarts became not merely a place for learning magic, but a place where she learned how to hone the skills she learned among her people.

It wasn't until her Third Year, on her first Hogsmeade Weekend, that Nadya learned about Olmara. She knew the older woman from the camp, but had been unaware that she had followed her to Scotland, and was living in Hogsmeade, watching over her from afar. That was when Nadya learned that it was tradition for the Quinnland Clan to sent a watcher to look after their young witches and wizards. It was Olmara that first taught Nadya the tricks for bypassing wards and magical protections, and some of the secret paths in and out of the Hogwarts grounds. By the end of that year, there was no question in Nadya's mind that, one day, she would take up the mantle of a watcher, and do her duty to her clan.

After graduation, Nadya spent a few years traveling with the Tinkers again. As before, she brought in money through dance and acrobatics, as well as the occasional less-than-legal acquisitions. But at last, the time came for her to fulfil her role as a watcher, following the young Tinkers to Scotland to keep an eye out, and should it become necessary, to intervene…no matter what stands in her way.

RP Hooks

  • Rumour has it that a kiss from Nadya brings good luck.
  • Want to pick on a Tinker?
  • Frequently has items of questionable origin for sale in her caravan.
  • Resident of Hogsmeade during school months.


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Fortune's Pet Luck seems to follow her wherever she goes, or so the stories go.
Outcast: Gypsy Being of both Shelta and Romany blood, she is a gypsy through and through, and makes no effort to conceal it.
Wealth: Poor Wealth moves in and out of Nadya's hands easily.



My little cousin is as much trouble as I was at Hogwarts. Though he seems less concerned about getting caught. I think he enjoys the attention.


My youngest sibling takes after both Kenyon and Simza — he's a fair hand at potions, and a bit of a scrapper. I suppose that might be why I feel closest to him out of all of my siblings. He's more balanced between those extremes.


Alright, you've got my attention. Let us see where the game leads us.


Mickey O'Hara
Da is a dreamer, and does nothing small. That's what made Mama fall in love with him after one dance. He makes an art of being passionate. Sometimes I envy that about him.


Zatalya O'Hara
Everyone says that I am the spitting image of my mother. It's true, Mama and I have much in common. We are both dark haired, and both quiet as cats. She's a more talented witch than I am, though.


Kenyon O'Hara
Kenny is a fighter, through and through. My brother may not have been born with magic, but he's never let that slow him down. Anyone who imagines otherwise should just step into the ring with him. He's taken down men twice his size, and I'd gladly have him at my back any day.


Simza O'Hara
My little sister graduated from Hogwarts just last year. She's returned to the family for now, brewing potions to sell to the rubes. I love her, but we've never been close. We're just too different. She is a social butterfly, all bright smiles. That just isn't me.


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