Quinn Family Patriarch
Portrayed by Robert Redford
Name: Naill Quinn
Birthday: August 18th, 1865
Position: Director of the Floo Network Authority
Lineage: Pure-Blood, Irish


One of those seemingly eternal keepers of youth, in true Celtic fashion, Naill Quinn is average only in height. A thick mop of dark blonde remains lustrous and oddly windswept atop his head, despite the silvered sideburns drawing downward from his temples, a striking and not unpleasant contrast against alabaster skin and piercing blue eyes. This was evidently a fine looking man, in his youth and that confident, unthinking charisma lives on still within his craggy features. Though his mouth can often be grimly set, the lines etched upon his face suggest a propensity for laughter and mischief, too.

Set slightly apart from the suit and tie brigade, Naill's clothing is perhaps considered a little plain or casual for a Ministry employee, but his carriage and presence pulls it off, all the same. An overcoat of navy wool falls to mid calf, only partially obscuring the grey slacks, ebon sweater and, oddly enough, a knitted scarf of simple gold and brown. The hues, of course, pick out his hair and eyes. If one were particular about such things.



  • Wanderlust - Since the ancient times when the gypsy put a spell on the young Quinn Prince the other Quinns that looked down their noses at the couple found themselves prone to wandering and never really settling down some place. It's why the Quinns are all over Ireland.
  • Stir Crazy - Niall has yet to fully adjust to the more behind a desk job.
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Patriarch - Naill is what could be considered the head of the Quinn Family though truly since the dissolving of the family branch long ago the power of any patriarch of this family is really just he or she is the oldest living member of the family.
  • Ministry - Naill is the Director of the Floo Network Authority. It is a desk job now, which he is getting used to. But at least it still has to do with one of his greatest loves in life, travel.


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Teigue Quinn
Father: (1842 - 1938)


Bree Quinn nee Quinn
Mother: (1842 - 1930)


Saoirse Quinn nee Quinn
Wife: (b. 1865)


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