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Character Information
Portrayed by Sean Patrick Flanery
Name: Neal O'Malley
Aliases: -
Birthday: July 04, 1917
Position: Sergeant Aircrew
Lineage: Muggle


Neal is a fairly average sized gentleman, standing at five feet ten inches tall. His body is on the athletic side, though from the looks of it he did not lack a nice amount of muscle. Some might describe him as a handsome man. He has short, light brown hair that was well kept, which always seems to be kept a bit messy. His eyes were a soft welcoming blue, offering a light shine in the right conditions. His lips, often curled in a large grin, are a soft pale pink and were surrounded by light stubble.

Currently Neal is dressed in his civilian clothes. He has on a crisp white button up dress shirt, the top two buttons left undone. The sleeves of the shirt are rolled up, showing off his toned forearms. On the inside of his right forearm was a small black tattoo of a pair of pilot's wings. His shirt was tucked neatly into a pair of khaki trousers, which seemed to be fitted to him. At his feet, he wore a pair of dark brown dress shoes which finished off his ensemble.


Neal O'Malley was born in Belfast, Ireland on July 4th of 1917. He was welcomed by his father, Kevan, and his mother, Fiona. Both Kevan and Fiona were only children to their parents, and when Neal was born they decided they had all they ever wanted. Kevan, was a banker, which offered the O'Conner family a fair amount of wealth and prestige among the town. Because of this, Neal's parents were able to able offer him all he ever wanted. They provided him with the top line education, and Fiona was afforded the opportunity to stay at home to raise him. This allowed Neal to learn from a loving family, yet still have enough guidance to not fall into trouble with the local kids. But, this protection came at a cost, as Neal soon developed an arrogant personality, seeing the O'Connors as better than the rest.

This attitude did not sit well with Neal's parents though, and when he turned the ripe age of eleven, Neal was sent to Duke of York's Military School. Here he was raised with other young boys his age. They slept together, ate together and learned together. This helped teach him the value of brotherhood, as the boys learned of Military tradition and Strategy. Then, once the boys reached fourteen, they were given further training. this training included weapons-handling and combat maneuvers. But, this training and the close proximity to other young boys also lead Neal into many school yard fights, which usually resulted in the combatants becoming good friends. The result of these fights, his training and the military lifestyle eventually helped shape Neal's ambition, which was to follow his classmates, and serve in the Royal Military.

Following his education, Neal did end up pursuing a career with the Royal Military. Shortly after enlisting with the service he learned of the air corps. The idea of being free to fly through the sky like a bird had always intrigued him, and so he started his study of flight. He learned all he could of the planes that the Royal Airforce employed. This knowledge proved useful as he soon found himself joining the ranks of the RAF, offering him a comfortable pay and lifestyle. The only thing left to living the fairytale lifestyle told in children's stories would be to find a nice woman to settle down with, and start a family of his own.

RP Hooks

RAF Pilot - Are you another pilot? Might you be in his squadron?

Drinker - Neal is often seen in a local pub. Are you his drinking partner?

Flirt - Neal is a bit of a lady chaser…might you have caught his eye? Or, might you be the next target?

Fighter - Neal is not one to back from a fight, but often ends up buddies with his opponent. Have you fought before? Or was it you that dropped the beer down his front?


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Arrogant
  • Flirt
  • Loyalty
  • Code of Honor


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Kevan O'Malley
Neal's father, who works as a banker. He holds a decent amount of respect, which he used to get Neal into the Duke of York's Military School.


Fiona O'Malley
Neal's mother, who stays at home. She raised Neal until she pointed out his arrogant attitude, which resulted in her pressuring Kevan to get him into Duke of York's Military School.


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