New Character Page

To create a new character page:

  • Enter the character's name (exactly as it appears in game) into the box below and click 'create character page'.
  • Fill in your character's information into the template.
    • The +wiki command in-game will fill out some of it for you automatically. Just copy the code generated in game and paste it directly into your character page, overwriting what is already there.
  • Click 'preview' to make sure it looks right.
  • Click 'save' when finished.
  • To upload images to your page, use the "Files" link the bottom of the page.
    • Images should be in .jpg or .gif format (not .png), no larger than 500 pixels high, and under 200 kb.
    • Please do not link to off-site images, as they can break and make our wiki look ugly (and an ugly wiki makes SeanCee a sad Muppet).
  • Add appropriate tags (the +wiki/tags command will generate most of the tags needed).


  • Always use your MUSH character's @name as the page name to avoid confusion.
  • Look at other character pages to get ideas for content and formatting.
  • You can copy code from other pages by clicking Options at the bottom of the page, and then Page Source.
  • When creating relationships, use the following format:
   [[include RelationshipsTop]]

   [[include RelationshipBox
    | name=Their MUSH @name
    | relationship=Describe relationship.

   [[include RelationshipNoImageBox
    | name=Any name, even if they're not a MUSH character
    | relationship=Describe relationship.
   You can have as many of the RelationshipBox items as you want - one per character

   [[include RelationshipsBottom]]
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