New Journal Entry

To create a new journal entry page:

  • Fill out the fields as shown below.
  • Add a tag for the character writing the journal. (If you want to tag characters that are mentioned, use the format: "re:name". So, a journal entry that talks about Bobbyjoe could be tagged "re:bobbyjoe")
  • To have your journal appear on your character page, include the following code (inserting your character's name in place of "NAME":

+ Journal
[[include JournalList name=NAME]]

Journal titles should start with the IC date, in the form: (1940-02-22) Journal Title

Example Journal Format

[[include JournalInfoBox
|title=Shrimp is Amazing!
|summary=Bob and Sheila have a really nice shrimp dinner.

I had the most amazing shrimp dinner with Sheila last night…

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