New Log

To create a new log page:

  • Choose whether your log is an RP log (IC scenes) or an OOC log (non-RP amusement to share with the community).
  • Fill out the fields as shown below.
  • The new log will automatically be linked to the log page and have a "log" tag (and an "ooc" tag if an OOC Log).
  • Add tags for the characters involved.
    • If you want to tag characters that are mentioned, or might be in the background, use the format: "re:name". So, a scene in which two characters talk a lot about Bobbyjoe could be tagged "re:bobbyjoe"

Optional Tools

  • Faraday designed a nifty Log Cleaner that automatically formats log files, removing most of the OOC, pages, etc.
  • Here's another handy tool to properly capitalize your log titles automatically. Be sure you don't have a space at the end of the title, or it won't properly capitalize the final word.

Create Your Log

Log titles should start with the IC date, in the form: (1942-02-22) Log Title

Example Log Format

[[include LogInfoBox
| title=Shrimp Dinner
| summary=Bob and Sheila have a really nice shrimp dinner.
| date=2/22/1937
| location=Farin Braw, Diagon Alley
| related=[ Another Dinner]
[[include LogPlayerTop]]
[[include LogIcon name=Bob]]
[[include LogIcon name=Sheila]]
[[include LogPlayerBottom]]

It was the best of shrimp, it was the worst of shrimp…

How Do I Get an Icon?

Generally, once you've created a character page here on the wiki and put up a portrait image, an icon will be created for you (usually within a day at most). See Icons for more details.

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