Character Information
Portrayed by Shannon Williams
Name: Nia Pritchard
Aliases: -
Birthday: May 12th, 1926
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-Blood


Nia Pritchard is a little thing. Reedy and weedy at around 5 foot 5, she seems bandied together out of a few small sticks and a swarthy south-Wales brogue. Overall unassuming, pale and plain with straight brown hair and a fringe, she blends easily into any crowd you might find her in at first glance, then standing out as the owner of that deep voice. On a hard study she's pretty enough, with large eyes, a pert nose, and full lips that seem fit to spring into a smile at a moment's notice. That smile might be the one thing one would remember about her- there seems to be a simple sweetness tucked there in the corner of her mouth. That and she seems to have a slightly swollen appearance at some times - a sign of oversleeping. Her Hogwarts uniform is a little loose on a spindly thing like her, but everything is studiously tucked and tied and buttoned appropriately. She wears a badger black jumper beneath her robes and yellow-striped tie.


Rhys Pritchard, the owner of Pritchards Potions in Tredegar, South Wales, was in London picking up ingredients on the cheap from Muggles. Walking by a muggle bakery, he was enchanted by the smell, as well as the smile on the woman behind the counter. Meeting Eloise Williams-Park, a half-Korean patissier, was the beginning of quite a journey down the road of parenthood, which they travelled 4 times (in the form of Rhys Jr, Maddox, Bryson, and Idris) before it led them, much later, to Nia Luned Pritchard in 1926. Her mother gave up the bakery to be a full-time mother to wizarding children in a wizarding world, so both parents being cooks in a way, were keen on process and details, which Nia picked up at an early age. As the precious youngest daughter, she nonetheless inherited hand-me downs from her brothers, though she worked closely with her mother in the kitchen and grew up able to bake her way out of most problems at home. Easygoing and simple, and makes up for what she lacks in general ambition with motivation to obtain the finer things in life. With their meager upbringing and the majority of her brothers being street tough type youths, she realized that money, something her family lacks, was the key to escaping the crowding and to be alone at last.

Nia found a home away from home in the warm, blessedly female privacy of the Hufflepuff dormitories, where she keeps mostly to herself, as well as in classes. Her systematic nature and her affinity for numbers drew her to Arithmancy, and her fascination with the ingredients of potions and their origins pushed her to Care of Magical Creatures. She does well enough in most of her classes, but cant seem to nail down nonlinear nebulousness of Astronomy and struggles with the finer subtleties of Transfiguration. Being basically raised in a potions shop resulted in more of an Herbology interest for her, but she isnt a slouch with the subject, either. The Pritchards are largely a brooms people, but Nia is not, finding her brothers too busy and too rowdy to teach her, as old as they already were. Thus, Nia is largely shy of brooms in general, simply never finding the time or motivation to practice. This is the same with dueling, as Nia seems to prefer non violence in all things.

RP Hooks

  • Baker Girl: Nia is a girl who gets things done in domestics club. She's kept the Hufflepuff common room pretty well loaded with galettes, pies, scones, muffins and cookies, and has never been shy about sharing them among friends in other houses.
  • Fussy: She doesn't seem to be able to sit still. Nia is always busying herself with this, that, or the other in a lifelong quest to keep things just so.
  • Potionmaster's Daughter: Nia's father owns and runs a potions shop so she's pretty good with them and their ingredients.
  • What Is Gross: Nia grew up with four older brothers. Not a lot of the rude or the gross really affects her anymore.


  • Finicky
  • Greedy
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Pacifist


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Rhys Pritchard
Father: Half-Blood The busy owner of Pritchards Potions always finds a moment for his little bird, Nia. Light of his life, apple of his eye, there is simply nothing he won't do for his little princess.


Eloise Pritchard nee Williams-Park
Mother: Muggle. A confidante and a teammate, being the only two girls in a house full of rowdy boys was hard, at times. Luckily, they had each other. Eloise loves, in particular, cooking with her daughter, and has conscripted her help in the kitchen since the girl could hold a spoon.


Rhys Pritchard Jr.
Eldest Brother: He's an adult and was already on the way out of Hogwarts when Nia was born. He's a stranger, but sends money on occasion. He moved to France and married a French girl 2 years ago.


Maddox Pritchard
Second-Eldest Brother: He's also an adult and graduated from Hogwarts shortly after Nia was born. He's the black-sheep of the family, and goes missing occasionally, which drives ma wild. Da thinks it's funny, and it's always worth the story he comes up with when he returns.


Bryson Pritchard
Brother: He graduated from Hogwarts around a decade ago and is now working in the shop back home. He excelled at potions and was in the Slug Club while he was at Hogwarts, and is the clear inheritor of Pritchard's Potions.


Idris Pritchard
Brother: He graduated from Hogwarts four years ago and is now playing Quidditch, trying to make it onto a team. He would help Nia with her homework occasionally.


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