This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Niamh was tragically killed during the combustion gas attack on Diagon Alley.

Portrayed by Jewel Staite
Name: Niamh Keelin Gideon
Aliases: Nia
Birthday: Aug 13, 1905
Position: Apothecary
Lineage: Half-blood


Standing at a slightly taller than average height of 5'5", Niamh's slight figure carries her height well. Shoulder-length brown hair frames an Irish pixie-shaped face with soft brown eyes that gleam with inner humour.

Theme Song

"Under a Violet Moon" by Blackmore's Night

Dancing to the feel of the drum
Leave this world behind
We'll have a drink and toast to ourselves
Under a Violet Moon…


Niamh Keelin O'Shea was welcomed into the O'Shea clan as the first daughter born, a scant 17 months after her older brother, Keenan, in the summer of 1904. Daughter of a muggle father and a witch mother, the household was a mix of of magic and honest to goodness working by the craft of the hands.

Father was a talented carpenter, known in the county as 'the' man to go to for most everything that had to do with woodworking. Chairs, tables, chest of drawers.. all came out very much like a masterpiece, and he was paid well for his work. Not to say that he didn't accept bartering; never knew what mother might want, and he was far from a mind reader.

Childhood was easy for Niamh. With a homestead to look after, gardens, animals.. there was more than enough opportunity for getting into mischief. From the earliest times she could remember, Niamh learned plants and animals, even though it was almost certain (according to Mum and Da) that she wouldn't have to live a life of want. Still, never hurt to learn, thanks to the long memory of the Irish (the Famine was only 50 years ago, after all).

There were many, many muddy evenings, dancing lights dimly illuminating the extended play time. The ringleader, of course, was always her elder brother, but she was a more than willing footsoldier. There were more than a few times when Mum had to step in before the authorities did. *ahem*

When the owls came for school, the house was abuzz with anticipation. Keenan had gone the year prior, and from all accounts, was enjoying himself (though Da thought that perhaps he was enjoying himself a little too much, as per the letters home from the teachers), so Niamh was both looking forward to the school, and to seeing her brother again.

  • 1915 - First year. Chosen for Gryffindor. Easy to see where her strengths were going to lie potions and horticulture. Teased for being an 'Irish twin' to Keenan. (Showed a couple of the culprits exactly how quickly she learns her potions)
  • 1916 - Second year. Still doing well in classes (in her words. In reality, no one wanted to copy from her or ask her to lead study groups other than in potions!), and still teased. The year Da was injured in Eiri Amach na Casca, or the Easter Rising. This begins the change of the family's fortunes for the worse. Doesn't help that WWI is coming to its crashing climax.
  • 1917 - Third year. Family relocated to London, and same year, a new addition to the family. Sorcha. Rough year for Niamh. For all those times that Keenan ran interference for her, she's now trying to make sure no one rides her brother too hard.. and as a result, isn't the most popular, even in the House.
  • 1918 - Fourth year. Potions are still going well, and perhaps a little too well. She's beginning to experiment, and as a result, a few more antidote potions had to be made as well
  • 1919 - Fifth year. Peace within the House, finally. Understandings reached, and thankfully for Niamh, friends and acquaintances understand that blood is thicker than water, as it were. From there, she moves on.
  • 1920 - Sixth year. Bittersweet for Niamh. Keenan finishing this year, and she's 'left behind', even though not for long. Given the responsibility to help maintain the greenhouses now, by her request. Small plots put aside for potions. Caught growing <insert plant here>, and is now expected to make it less dangerous and more potent by hybridizing.
  • 1921 - Seventh year. Did well on exams, and upon graduation, went home again, falling into something of a routine. Plant care, and now, she could officially make potions!

Returning home after graduating school, Niamh was given an envelope, a rather large and somewhat official looking envelope, with a well-known solicitor's address affixed to the front. Opening it, a squeal came from the young graduate. An apothecary, run by her maternal great grandparents, had been left to her in their will. The rest of the family had been mentioned, certainly, but there was no question that the shop was officially hers.

Of course, that also meant that she had to bring her brother. That was a welcome stipulation by her parents; that way the two could keep an eye on each other. A small flat is above the shop, so there is no question as to whether she'll have a place to 'call her own', and above hers, a flat for Keenan. Couldn't be better!

RP Hooks

  • Owner of MacDiarmarda Apothecary shop which has been around for near 2 centuries. Know her gran?
  • Owner of the Apothecary shop- Regular customer?
  • Ever buy a potion and have it ill used?
  • Patient of Keenan (her brother) and things didn't work out well?
  • Now dating a not-very-popular ex Hit Wizard. Friend? Foe?
  • Irish, who doesn't care overmuch (as a whole) for the English.


Logs featuring Niamh Logs that refer to Niamh


  • Mischievious
  • Fan of Quidditch
  • Devoted to family
  • Wealth: Comfortable



Da. Things are a bit strained, t'say the least.


Husband. *sigh* A ruggedly handsome Hit Wizard. Took him out herb picking, and we've had the chance to chat. I'm delighting in learning more of him, and look forward to every smile that comes my way. Even more special, the sound of his laughter. I've got him smiling an' laughing while in London now. I call that a victory on my part, how the worry lines seem t'fade. Now, though, I see something else deep in those blue eyes of his when he looks at me, an' I hope it never departs. Now, two different bumps have come.. Keen an.. Elly. He's professed his love, an' it'll ne'er fail.. an' I believe him. I do. But can we survive a third? We're stubborn, we two. An' when the third came, we're still t'gether, he an' I.


Older Brother. Partner in crime, as it were. He looks after me in ma and da's stead, and there are times when I wonder if I'll ever date, much less marry! Still, he helps in the shop when he's not out somewhere. There's bad stuff comin' our way, I can feel it.. and with him just there, it tells me that things will be okay. It's what big brothers do, aye? Not sure now what's what with Adamantus and him, an' I'm nae willin' to broach the subject yet as I have a feeling it'll be a lively … debate.


Younger brother. Has a fair wife and lovely family. Makes mum happy to have grans running around.


Younger brother. He too has a lovely fair wife an' family. Love to see 'em on Sundays at Mum and da's.


Baby sister. Apple of da's eye. Just startin' her life out after Hogwart's, an' is stayin' with me while she helps out in the shop. Talk about a proper Irish hurricane! Order an' Chaos, all in one. Just the way an O'Shea should be.


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