This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Future House-Witch
Portrayed by Michelle Trachtenberg
Name: Nicolette Claudine Rousseau
Aliases: Nicki, Circe, Puffskein
Birthday: May 05, 1923
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


Nicki, as she prefers to be called, is one of those fairly plain young girls that holds the promise of growing into a beautiful woman. One day. Her hair is a dark, walnut brown, naturally straight and falling well past her shoulders. It is usually parted in the middle and clipped back away from the oval of her face. Dark brown brows arch over blue eyes, there is a smattering of freckles on the fair skin of her nose and cheeks, and her lips are often turned up in a smile. Her frame is slight, only just starting to develop, and she has barely topped five feet tall.

During the school day she will, of course, be wearing her uniform. Her black robe is spotless, the Slytherin logo in place on the chest. Beneath the robe she wears a silver-grey sweater over a white shirt with a tie of silver and green stripes knotted at the throat. A grey skirt reaches to her knees, and grey socks hit just below her knees. On her feet are sensible, black mary janes.


It has long been a story passed through the Rousseau family that a however-many-greats grandfather was a wizard in the court of King Philip the Tall from 1316 until the King's death in 1322. Upon the good King's death, However-Many-Greats Grandfather thought it in his best interest, and indeed that of the family, to flee France among rumours that the King's accidental death was not so accidental. Oddly, actual family records from this period went strangely missing, which many took to be a sign of the vaildity of the claim. At any rate, the expatriot wizard, Randolph Experius deRousseau, took up his family and his considerable fortune and made his way across the channel, eventually settling just outside of Salisbury. Again, family legend says he was drawn there by the monoliths on Stonehenge, in a bid to use the power of the land to strengthen his own power. The stories were so tempered and expanded upon over the following centuries that no one really is positive in this day and age what is fact and what is rumour. The only known fact is that the land taken up then remains the homestead of the Rousseau family.

Having weathered revolutions and the execution of the 2nd Duke of Buckingham, the family prospered over the years, bringing us solidly to the year 1923 and the birth of Nicolette Claudine Rousseau. As births go, it was routine, and heralded the arrival of the third child in the line of Rousseau. Nicki, as she was dubbed by her older siblings, was a precocious and intelligent child. An affinity for animals was demonstrated as early as her first birthday, when her eldest brother thought it a clever idea to fashion a saddle for the girl and put her atop the back of the family dog, an Irish Wolfhound named Declan. Girl and dog formed a close bond, and the death of the brutish animal years later brought about a resolute desire in young Nicki to care for animals. The family was never lacking for all manner of pets, and Nicki was constantly at the heels of the caretakers, helping as she could, and learning bits and pieces of their care. Her first spark of magic, in fact, came directly as the result of the injury of a young pony while out in the fields when she was just 7 years old. And it was, quite literally, a spark that caught the attention of the estate's groomsman, who found the child and pony and saw the animal got the care it required.

From this small beginning came her letter from Hogwarts when she turned 11, and that year saw her on her way and sorted into the house of Slytherin. The sorting came as no surprise to the family, although all houses are rather fairly represented among their numbers. But there is a certain determination about Nicki when she is caring for animals, and her desire to excel in this field is undeniable. However, that isn't to say she is set on becoming a career-witch when she graduates the school. No, her destiny is more simple. There have already been talks between her parents and the head of another moderately prominant Pureblood family with the intent of marrying their children and taking mutual advantage of the benefits for both families. While this may seem archaic in the modern age, it is a long standing family practice, and Nicki has no qualms about the arrangement or illusions of 'true love'. She's quite happy to do what has always been done, since animals remain her love above all else. Her time in school has seen her efforts going toward the end of being an animal caretaker, if only for the animals in her family's command. She concentrates her efforts on whatever will make her more adept an animal healer, from potions to charms to herbology. Care of Magical Creatures is her favorite class, and she enjoys her time spent in the company of the creatures at Hogwarts more than most of the time in the company of her classmates.


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  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Direct
  • Curious
  • Compassionate
  • Organized



Housemate/Yearmate: Llewellyn and I have known each other since first year, but haven't talked that much . He kissed me at the New Year's Eve party, and a time or two since. It's nicer than it looked like with everyone else smushing their faces together. I don't think he's my boyfriend, since he never asked, and I'm not really allowed to have one anyway.


Housemate: Lucian has been a great help in clearing up Transfiguration for me. He's a patient tutor.


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