This character is retired, and is no longer in play. With growing strife for the Denholm family in the UK, they pull up stakes and move to the US.

The Amiable Lion
Portrayed by Landon Liboiron
Name: Nikolas Jacob Denholm
Aliases: Niko
Birthday: May 05, 1922
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-blood


Nikolas Jacob Denholm, stands striking at about five feet seven inches tall. He has a athletic and muscular build for someone his size. He appears to be in his mid teens and of Caucasian ethnicity. His amber hair cascades wildly down his face, making it appear he just crawled out of bed. His eyes are light bluish green, though warm and inviting, a air of seriousness seems to lurk inside of them. His skin is smooth and has a slight tan tint to it. His face is cleanly shaven with attractive features, a strong brow and chin with a small cleft.


Ten and three fourths inches, English oak, solid, with a dragon heartstring core.


Nikolas has a black short haired domestic cat as a pet, his name is Joffery. Nikolas and Joffery have spent a good deal of time together and have grown rather fond of each other.

At the moment Niko is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the scarlet and gold colouring he must have sorted into House Gryffindor. A grey vest edged in gold and scarlet covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt-line to the collar and accented with a scarlet tie with narrow gold stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching grey trousers that fall to the tops of black shoes. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Gryffindor Scarlet fabric, unadorned except for a scarlet maned golden lion standing rampant over a scarlet background with gold fret sewn over the heart.

Additionally he has a fine silver chain can be seen running from the button hole of Niko's vest to his left pocket. The watch is silver and simplistic in design, with the initials J.A.W. engraved on the front. Around his right wrist is a bracelet, many colorful threads are wind together creating the bracelet itself, in the middle is a large grey stone with a rune engraved in it.



Nikolas Jacob Denholm was born May 5, 1921 to Elizabeth and Joseph Denholm. Elizabeth, being a muggle married to a wizard, knew the potential her son had to become a great wizard. She made it her goal to be certain he never forgot the other half of his heritage by instilling in him a great sense of pride for his non-magical roots. This is not to say that Niko, as he was called, was denied magic in any way. Joseph, an official at the Ministry of Magic, made sure of that. All in all, he was brought up with a fairly balanced sense of who he is, from childhood boxing training to riding a training broom.


Upon being accepted to Hogwarts, he was given his muggle grandfather's pocket watch as a gift and a reminder of where he came from. He has kept this watch with him every day since entering the school. After being sorted to Gryffindor, Niko seemed to retreat into himself a bit, remaining reserved and focusing on his studies. For his first two years, the only friend he seemed to have was his cat Joffery. However, this all changed as he started allowing himself to open up and the awkwardness of going to school with a bunch of different types of people wore off. Eventually, he became a well liked student and his personality began to grow.


Niko's pride in his half-blood heritage has not waned in the least in his 5 years at Hogwarts. Additionally, his high marks in his classes have not gone to his head. He continues to get muggle gifts from his mother, including science fiction novels, as her attempt to keep him grounded in 'reality'. He is a respected member of the Gryffindor house, member of the Quidditch Team, Mud Club, Dueling Club and Broom Club. He is currently doing pretty well in his NEWT classes but is having a rough time in potions, but he refuses to give up.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do: Niko family make enough money, that normally things are just fine. They have always lived within their means.
  • Afraid of: Snakes: Niko is serious super afraid of snakes, if you see a snake, expect to see Niko running as far and fast from it as possible.
  • Moxie: Niko is a very determined individual, while it takes a lot to set off his fuse, once he has made up his mind about something, nothing can stop his determination.
  • Humble: Niko is a modest person, he will and never boast about how good he has done or how great he is, the most you might get out of him a few friendly jabs about Quidditch.

RP Hooks

  • Dueling Club, Broom Club & Mud Club: He is a member of both, chances are we might know each other from one of these clubs.
  • Gryffindor: If you got sorted here, we will probably bump into each other at one point in time or another.
  • Half-Blood : Love him or hate him, he knows and care deeply about his roots, in both the Wizarding World and the Muggle one.
  • Science Fiction: Niko might be slowly becoming the subject matter expert of Muggle Sci-Fi books at Hogwarts.
  • Photography: Niko loves to take pictures, often times he can be seen around Hogwarts taking a few pictures. If you ask nicely he may even take a few of you.
  • Quidditch: Niko is a Beater on the Gryffindor Team, chances are if you play Quidditch on one of the house teams, you know him. His broom is a Cleansweep Two.
  • Class of 1940: Niko Will Graduate from Hogwarts in 1940
    • Electives: Muggle Studies and Ancient Runes
    • NEWT Classes: Defence Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Charms, and Potions.
    • Clubs: Dueling Club, The Mud Club, Broom Club



Joseph Denholm
Father -


Elizabeth Denholm
Mother -


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