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Character Information
Portrayed by Seth Adkins
Name: Niles Avery
Aliases: -
Birthday: May 7, 1926
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


Niles Avery is about 15 years old. His hair is a dark brown, as are his eyes. He has combed his hair, parting it at the side and then drawing it across the top of his head so that it reveals his forehead. His black school robes, like his hair, are neat, fitting him well. But his eyes are volatile. They are cold and distant when he feels displeasure or disdain, they smolder with restrained fury when he is angry, and they even at times brighten with hope or delight.


Niles Avery was born in London on 7 May 1926. He was the youngest of three brothers, though the eldest, Tad, died under mysterious circumstances of which Niles wasn't told the details. His remaining brother was named Norris. His father, Neil Avery, and his mother, Esta Avery nee Goyle, both came from wealthy, pure-blooded families, and they were quite strict with their children, making sure they knew the importance of blood purity and maintaining relationships with those who shared their views.

Niles began attending Hogwarts in 1937. He was sorted into Slytherin like his brother and his parents. His best subject was Potions, but his favorite was Defence Against the Dark Arts, as he had always been fascinated by and drawn towards power. He also enjoyed Astronomy, though he kept this to himself, and had a knack for playing Chess. He found History of Magic dreadfully boring, and was disappointed by his lack of talent for flying, though he tried his best to improve on it during his first year.

Whether it was because he excelled at Potions or because his parents are well connected, Niles received an invitation from Professor Slughorn to join the Slug Club in his first year at Hogwarts. Niles attended every meeting he was invited to, though he was always jealous of the reasons the other students were there. He tended to behave obsequiously towards the other members, however, and he held his membership in the club over those who weren't lucky enough to be picked.


  • Envious
  • Intolerant
  • Sycophantic
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Part of the Avery family
  • Member of the Slug Club


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Best friend
Tom's my best friend. He understands me, and I understand him. At least… I think I do.


Ob is pretty intense, but he stood up for me when nobody else would. So he's a good chap.


Widowed Sister-In-Law


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