Witch, Committee on Experimental Charms
Portrayed by Victoria Beckham
Name: Niobe Amelia Walker
Aliases: Obi
Birthday: February 4th, 1895
Position: Researcher
Lineage: Half-Blood


A delicate flower. A fragile gem. An apt description for the woman, in form and figure. Lush chocolate brown eyes, darkly lashed, accented by perfectly arched brows illuminate her face, set above a puckish nose, lightly dashed with childhood freckles never quite outgrown. Full, sweetly curved cupid's bow lips in a naturally rosey tone add a sensuality to her face, offsetting high cheekbones and a slender chin. Her skin is all peaches and cream, darkened only lightly by the rays of the sun. That same sun has kissed her dark brown hair with hints of gold and auburn, as it frames her face in the playful wisps of a long-banged feminine bob. Her makeup is understated, accenting only her eyes, with a light shimmer to her lips. Her only jewelry is a delicate platinum chain, from which depend a trio of diamonds set in a rectangular frame.


Niobe Amelia Walker, daughter of the proudly half-blood family Walker, was born on 4 February, 1895 to Amelia Joanne Walker (nee Bailey), a nurse at London General Hospital, and Patrick Seamus Walker, a successful potionmaker in Surrey, where her father was on a trip to meet a prospective client. The pair would go on to have three more children, another daughter, Lorraine, and two sons, Seamus and Patrick. Although Patrick was required to travel quite a bit, the family was based in London, close to Amelia's work. Because of her choice not to retire from the Muggle world, even though she had married a wizard, the Walker children often found themselves spending equal time with the wizarding Walkers as well as the muggle members of the Walker line. The choice proved to be for the best for the children, as they grew up not only well-loved, but well-adapted and understanding of different peoples, histories, and ways of life. This dual upbringing is probably what was responsible for leading most of the children to follow in their parents footsteps when it came to working, as adults, to better the lives and conditions of beings and people very often disenfranchised by normal wizarding society.

To her great delight, Niobe received her letter of acceptance to Hogwarts in her eleventh year, and boarded the train to Hogwarts in the fall of 1906. She was sorted, with no small amount of surprise on her part, not into Ravenclaw, her father's House, which she had been dreaming of since she had been old enough to listen to his stories, but into Gryffidor. Still, an amiable and friendly girl, she made quick friends and soon settled into classes. She found herself fairly uninterested in Quidditch, likely owing to the fact that she could not abide the feeling of flying and would only do so to the least degree required to pass the broomflying class. She did, however, do well in school, and found that she excelled in Charms and Transfiguration, as well as History of Magic. She also showed a knack for Defense Against the Dark Arts, though she had no desire to actually fight dark wizards. Most of her interest was in learning how to best defend against the charms and curses they most often utilized, as well as how to defend against dark creatures. For her electives, she chose Arithmancy and Ancient Runes, arguing that knowledge of both of those could potentially inform her knowledge of magical history and her Charms work. After passing all of her O.W.Ls, Niobe elected to remain in school, in order to pursue her dream of eventually working at the Ministry of Magic. She loved her father, but wanted the sort of stability that his chosen lifestyle simply couldn't afford her. She would go on to complete four N.E.W.T.s in History of Magic, Charms, Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. She finally graduated in 1913, and began an apprenticeship in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

She did two complete internships, first in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad, and then, at her supervisory wizard's recommendation, working with the Obliviators, before she was finally hired by the Committee on Experimental Charms, where she has worked every since. She does, on occasion, when the department is particularly strapped, fill in as needed, but she's never worked for any other department at the Ministry. Single, with no children, she's lived a happy and comfortable life, all things considered. She lives frugally, her only indulgence the fact that she does like a nice set of robes. On occasion she's even been known to gallivant around in her Muggle togs. The age of the flappers was a good look for her. When she's not working, she's busing reading and researching. She hopes to eventually write the definitive work on the history of the Unforgivable Curses. And when she's not in the wizarding world, she's happily working with her mother in her family garden. She's terrible at it, but her mother appreciates the effort she makes to do things the 'old-fashioned' way.

RP Hooks

  • Bleeding Heart: Being raised a Half-Blood has given Niobe a unique sense of compassion for those who are often under-served and undervalued by the wizarding community. If it's a good cause, she'll probably join it.
  • Literary Spelunker: Niobe can't get enough of historical texts, journals, real world account, pretty much anything and everything related to the history of magic and to charms, especially glamers.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Memory for Spells
  • Moxie


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Patrick Seamus Walker
Father: (1831 - ) Half-Blood. Niobe absolutely adores her father, and the pair get on extremely well, even if, magically speaking, they could not be more different. Patrick has been a pillar of support and a great sounding board for her regardless.


Amelia Joanne Walker nee Bailey
Mother: (1871 - ) Muggle. Niobe and her mother get on aces. They are extremely close, and even though Amelia often finds herself wishing she could be a bigger part of her eldest daughter's world, she's never regretted losing her to the wizarding world. She's just grateful for the time she does have with her daughter when she returns to Muggle London.


Lorraine Chloe Walker
Younger Sister: (1897 - ) Muggle. Although Lorraine did not inherit her father's magical ability, Niobe remains close to her sister, and she often does what she can to bring Lorraine into her world when the pair go on traveling holidays together.


Seamus Oliver Walker
Oldest brother: (1899 - ) Half-Blood. Seamus and Niobe are thick as thieves. Seamus also attended Hogwarts, and he works as a mediwizard at St. Mungo's. He has repaired more than a few of his sister's 'not so successful' charms.


Patrick Morton Walker
Youngest Brother: (1906 - ) Muggle. Niobe dotes on Patrick, who, like Lorraine, was born without magical ability. He was also born with developmental delays. He's a bright, happy, joyful young man and Niobe does everything that she can to make his life happy and content. It is Seamus and Niobe's eternal regret that not even their magic can heal their baby brother's mind.


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