Non-Human Families

Centaur Herds

There is a large clan of centaurs in the Forbidden Forest near Hogsmeade, called the Dark Forest Clan (so called for an alternative name for the forest). This clan is separated into eight different Herds. These Herds have different families within them however they all identify themselves by Herd.


All centaur player characters must be members of the herd known as the Starchasers. They have long been considered mavericks among the Dark Forest Clan, frequently questioning the old ways. Though they are perceived as rebellious, they aren't eager to throw away tradition. They simply believe that centaur culture must adapt, or be crushed under the weight of history.

Achaeron Achirus Aurelea Caitig Cyrene Ealisaid Fandral Oighrig Torrigan

Swift Arrows

The cunning Swift Arrows live in the deep forest, and wear forest green. This is one of the three founding herds.


Goblin Guilds

Goblins have no surnames, but they collect themselves into economic unions called guilds, which have contractually-obligated bonds tighter than family.

Guild Gulgrit


Guild Zugob


House-elf Households

House-elves breed infrequently, and only with their masters' permission. Offspring of house-elves are bound to the same family as their mothers. As a result of the elves' relationship with wizard families, the closest thing they have to family units of their own is to consider the fellow elves serving the same master to be family (and sometimes they truly are blood related).

The Black Household


The O'Shea Household


Giant Bloodlines

Giants interacting with humans is a rare occurrence. The likelihood of that occurrence leading to coupling is even slimmer, and a successfully pregnancy is almost impossible. But now and then it does happen. In giant society, such offspring are considered the child of the giant parent, while in human society the child bears the surname of the human parent.

Children of Fridwulfa

Fridwulfa is a giant that fell in love with a half-blood wizard. Trying to live in their world was too much, so she returned to life as a giant.


Vampire Sanguinars

While many vampires are loners, some keep track of their "bloodlines" the same way living beings do. Of course they don't truly procreate, but rather "turn" humans into the Living Dead. In such sanguinars, as they call the vampiric bloodlines, the rare part-vampire produced by a member is also considered a member. In most cases, only the head of the sanguinar (who is typically the oldest and most powerful) takes the sanguinar's name as a surname. Sometimes, a few favoured "children" may take it as well.

Vermilion Sanguinar

Cruentus Eutheria

Bludd Sanguinar

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