Character Information
Portrayed by Mackenzie Crook
Name: Norman Arthur Mulligan
Aliases: Norm
Birthday: June 1st, 1897
Position: Owner of Charing Cross Books
Lineage: Muggle


A skinny scarecrow of a man with narrow shoulders and a long neck. His gaunt face is dominated by a prominent nose with even more prominent nostrils. His sharp blue eyes are sunken in, with heavy lines under them. A mop of shaggy blond hair often hangs in his eyes when not swept haphazardly back from his face.


Always fascinated with legends, Norman Mulligan grew up reading the tales of King Arthur, the Gods of Olympus, and Beowulf. He dreamed of battling dragons and exploring crystal caves. But he understood the difference between fantasy and reality. His adventures were safely contained in the books his family sold in their shop, Charing Cross Books.

The thing was, no matter how often Norman told himself that the extraordinary was only in the realm of fiction, he always had this nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe there was more — like some faint memory or fading dream that he couldn't quite recall. He would often see odd people in strange clothing going in and out of the pub across the road…except there is no pub across the road. Once he swore he saw someone vanish through a wall at King's Cross Station…or did he?

What Norman did not realise is that he regularly bore witness to many magical people and events. Living and working across the road from the Leaky Cauldron exposed him to far more than the average Muggle. As a result, Norman and his family received more than their share of visits from the Obliviators. For the most part, it has been an effective way of maintaining the Mulligans' ignorance…until recently.

In the last few years, Norman has begun to notice things more, and old memories seem to be bubbling up; recollections of things he can't imagine how he'd forgotten. He finds that he is noticing strange people and places that others seem to take no notice of. When he tries to bring it up to others, he is dismissed as a crackpot or a liar. He knew he wasn't going crazy, but how could he be the only one to see that there was a secret world right under everyone's noses?

The stress took its toll on him. The bookstore suffered as he ignored the needs of the business to fixate on this conspiracy, or cult, or whatever it was. He began drinking and smoking more heavily. He slept little and his appetite was diminished. His wife left him, taking their son with her. But through it all, he knew he had to get the bottom of this. For some reason, he alone could see the truth, and he would find a way to prove it to the world.

RP Hooks

Charing Cross Books
Norman is the owner and operator of Charing Cross Books, a corner bookstore that sits right across the road from the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron. Are you in need of some Muggle literature? Charing Cross Books has been serving London for decades.
Though the Ministry of Magic has yet to realise it, Norman knows about the existence of the magical world, and can see through the usual glamers that shield parts of it from Muggle eyes. Are you the latest witch or wizard that he's spotted?


Wealth: Comfortable
Charing Cross Books brings in a modest income, though it isn't quite what it used to be under Norman's parents.
Norman lives and breathes books. They are his livelihood and his passion. An interesting book will always grab his attention.
Even before realising that the world isn't what it seems, Norman was a fairly fidgety fellow. The decades of Obliviation have also taken their toll, leaving Norman a bit of a wreck.
Light Sleeper
He will wake up at the slightest noise, and usually only gets about four hours of sleep in a night.
Cat Lover
Norman adores felines of all types, but especially house cats. He has three of his own: Munchausen, Quixote, and his youngest, Bilbo.
Mental Bulwark
Norman has been Obliviated so many times he's developed a unique immunity to the magic of the mind (magic with the Mind keyword has no effect on him).


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Arthur and Wanda Mulligan
Parents (Deceased): Norman was well-loved as a child, with parents that strongly encouraged his education. They were so proud that he shared the family love of books, and he was happy to take over the bookstore when they retired. Both have passed on, within a year of one another. It was difficult for Norman, and he still misses them dearly.


Theresa Walker
Ex-Wife: Sometimes it's hard to remember the good times with Tess. I feel like she isn't the same woman I married…or maybe I'm not the same man.


Oliver Mulligan
Son: (Born: 9 October, 1936) I miss my boy. Tess won't let me see him. The best thing I can do for him right now is to find out the truth, and make a safer world for him.


It was interesting to meet an elder among the Strangers; so many of those I've met are quite young. He reminded me a bit of my grandfather. I think he appreciated someone a little older and academic as well. He gifted to me a rather elegant fountain pen.


I've seen this girl many times, coming or going from that pub, the "Leaky Cauldron". Apparently she works there. She seems nice, but there is no telling with these people.


She's charming, if a little odd. What am I saying? They're all odd. She's just odder, and more charming, than most of them.




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