This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Quidditch Warrior
Portrayed by Michelle Rodriguez
Name: Nova Tiva
Aliases: -
Birthday: April 9th, 1917
Position: Appleby Arrows Chaser
Lineage: Half-Blood


Standing at her full height of 5’ , Nova is still an impressive sight. Her body is well trained and she is still young enough that she’s reached the balance of muscle vs. curves. Her long, dark hair is not visible during quidditch games, but outside the pitch she’s been known to dress rather almost scandalously. Her dark skin should draw enough attention, but she also tends to accent it with something to leave no question about her Native American ancestry. Sometimes it is beaded jewelry, other times it's simply feathers in her hair.


Hurit doesn't know her parents as a unit very well. She knows they obviously had /some/ kind of relationship, and it was never talked about again. Infact as far as Hurit knows, they only meet the once.Being a half-breed was hard, both in terms of wizarding blood and heritage, but her mother and mother’s family accepted her as much as they could. Things were difficult, to say the least. She was not fully accepted on the reservation, and not daring to venture out to face prejudices beyond the fences. Her mother died from what she now believes was pneumonia when Hurit was 8. After that, things got weird.

Hurit was bit by a rattlesnake soon after her mother passed and had a vision of herself flying and battling in the sky. Not sure what to make of it, the Elders dismissed the vision, along with the other strange and unusual things that seemed to happen around the child. By the time she was 10, most of the tribe believed she was cursed, and she was nearly ostracized. And then one day, a white man came saying he could help and offering to take Hurit away to be trained in her newfound abilities. The tribe, not knowing what else to do and not terribly sorry to see the half-breed go, accepted. Off she went with this strange white man who could do things like she could.

Back in CA at The Winchester School of Mystery and Magic, she was introduced to her new, non-tribal life. This was not the way of the Shaman, which she believed she would become.It was scary, and different and not anything she enjoyed. While not welcome at the reservation, she still felt the outcast at the school.

The only study Hurit took to with any kind of real interest was Transfiguration. Something about it clicked, and when studying the Animagus, her experience with the rattlesnake seemed to change her life more than she thought. It stayed with her, changed her and was now part of her. She quickly learned Transfiguration. The art of assuming the form of a rattlesnake shocked not only her, but her Transfiguration Professor as well. Both had assumed she’d take the form of something winged, as her affinity for flight was already apparent. Much like Rattlesnake, Hurit has learned that sometimes giving warning is just as important as striking. Healing can come in all forms, even disease and poison, and to survive, one must sometimes shed ther skin and start anew.



The wand that chose Nova is 10 inches in length and made of Red Wood. The core is a phoenix feather. The outside of the wand has simple design on the handle, and the shaft is straight.



Nova has a pet Raven, which she’s named Octopode . It’s some sort of inside joke, that she doesn’t let anyone in on, except her and Octo. Octo is a very jealous bird, and has been known to yell obsenities at anyone he deems a “threat” to Nova

The one other thing in all of this that made perfect sense to Hurit was flying. The moment that broom was in her hand, she knew her vision was a true one. She would battle in the sky. And it did not take her long to find her battle call: Quidditch.

She trained with anyone she could find, however they treated her. And so Nova Tiva was born, her alias for the game. At 16, she left school and tried out for a Quidditch team in the Americas. She’s a bencher for 2 years ,and is traded to the the Wimourne Wasp at 18 and was regularly playing by 19. Just in the past week or so, her contract was sold to the Appleby Arrows. Her size keeps her from being a beater, but it also allows for her to sneak in as a chaser and score.

Inside the pitch, Nova’s a warrior. Outside, in the public eye, she is as well. Sensationalism sells tickets, as she was once told, and tickets provide not only the battle she desires - no, needs - but it also ensures that she has money to send back to her roots. The reservation recieves an anonymous check four times a year, with the stipulation that it is to be used strictly for schools. Nova returned 2 years ago, after word there was issues and hasn't been heard from, besides occasional rumors.

While only 20 years old, Nova has a reputation for being a wild child. She’s been seen at many a party, with many a different escort.


  • Alcohol Intolerant
  • Animagus:Rattlesnake
  • Double Jointed
  • Famous
  • Wealth: Well-to-do

RP Hooks

~Music and dance are the two things that are NOT Quidditch that Nova does well. She's always looking for a new dance partner(ah-hem) and new places to party.
~It's a known fact Nova LOVES honey.
~Nova's Quidditch record, while not long, isn't clean. She's had a few fouls called on her, some deserved, some not. Have issue with that? Respect it?
~Think you know who her Wizard father could be? She remind you of someone you meet in America once, 21 years ago?


Logs featuring Nova Logs that refer to Nova



An old Teammate. Things were intense for a while, but I'm sure he doesn't even think about me anymore. Probably for the best. I shared things with him.




Another Appleby. He was the Team Captain, I wonder if he's still the team flirt.


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