Character Information
Portrayed by Alina Kovalenko
Name: Nymera Lestrange
Aliases: -
Birthday: December 4th, 1921
Position: Holyhead Harpies
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Nymera Lestrange draws attention despite herself. Delicate and tall for her age the redheaded girl sports a long, flowing mane of hair, a fair skin that has some freckles on it and big, expressive eyes. Not the best at hiding how she feels or thinks, most of her emotions are obvious on the woman's face, from a wide, toothy smile of victory when playing sports to a frown at spotting something gross or failing to understand a problem.


Nymera was born of Malissa Greengrass and Forbos Lestrange, wizards known for their great skill in the Arts and passion for each other, and also for interfering with Muggle affairs of war for their own gain. Although once-celebrated by their respective families for their renown and larger-than-life posture everywhere they went, Forbos and Malissa ended up having Nymera in hiding, away from the Aurors who quickly found them no more than a few years after Nymera's birth. She had slowed them down.

Taken in by the Lestranges, determined that their name would not be drawn through the mud any further, the young woman learned to carry her own weight, despite some pretty strange learning disabilities. Eventually Nymera learned to study thrice as hard to keep up with others, earning her some semblance of respect amongst other wizards of her family.

When Nymera was sent to Hogwarts it was almost a relief she even made it so far, and in there she quickly faced bullying from the other kids, which paired with her learning disabilities made the woman somewhat of a shut in. Eventually, however, this led Nymera to classes that took out the human element out of them, and in Care of Magical Creatures she found a lot of succor, displaying an uncanny ability to relate and deal with these beasts.

RP Hooks

  • Creature Person: Although not her best in one-on-one interactions, Nymera shines when it comes to dealing with creatures and beasts. Maybe, some whisper, it's because they are more akin to her in intelligence.
  • Artistic Soul: Nymera loves to sing, dance and play her harp. She does most of those alone, but she is still glad to have some company.
  • Muggle Obsessed: For a pure-blood, Nymera has a strange obsession with Muggle Studies. She even did one of her N.E.W.T.s on it! What gives?!
  • Loves Quidditch: Nymera really enjoys the sport, but has never officially played, given her nature of keeping things mostly to herself. She kind of loves flying, and the practice she did by herself made Nymera pretty good at the game.
  • Broom Ace: There are few people who are as good as Nymera on a broom. She is not the best by any means, but what she lacks in academic prowess, she definitely makes up in skill up in the skies.


  • Wealth: Comfortable: Although her parents were rich and her family is wealthy not much money is given to Nymera. It is a mix of resentment and just… a general feeling this one will never amount to anything in her life.
  • Animal Lover: Nymera has an uncanny ability to feel and communicate with many magical creatures. She doesn't actually talk to them, but she has the inherent feel for their moods and what they might be needing, or what they might be wanting to do.
  • Dyslexia: Learning is hard, and it seems something holds Nymera back, so much so the woman forces herself to study in Hogwarts in secrecy, so that no one sees how much she tries, and how hard she fails. Nymera fears she won't manage her N.E.W.T.s, but the more she tries, the more obvious it is there is something wrong with her.
  • Idiotic: Oh, Nymera. Sometimes she is just… stupid. Be it her trusting nature that often gets her in trouble in her House, or her willingness to speak up when she -clearly- shouldn't, Nymera isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Spend one evening with her and she might raise some alarms, but befriend her and it becomes sorely obvious she needs some serious help.
  • Infamy: Her parents dabbled in the Dark Arts and tries to shape the Muggle War to their advantage. It is said they experimented on people, and even on their own daughter, and that they made contact to things that shouldn't be. As it is, Forbos Lestrange and Malissa Greengrass are now in Azkaban, but the miasma of their deeds, and the fury from the people they've hurt, now sometimes shifts towards Nymera.


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A close friend and confidant. The younger girl brings out a side that Nymera didn't know she had, which sometimes scares her, afraid she'll end up like her father. The two seem to be inseparable.


A good friend. Super tough. Kind of… too super tough. It's okay, though. I don't really mind. I think she pretends not to see some of the stuff I do, some books I read… and in return I pretend she isn't totally power-mad. We work, that's our thing!


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